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Well, news for today is that the SlySoft website has been shut down. They used to develop and sell AnyDVD among other things. Now AnyDVD was difficult from a legal point of view. For example, advertising it in Germany was illegal, and Heise got into trouble just for writing an article about it.
The reason this upsets me (other than the fact that I bought a lifetime license just last year) is that I need it to play the BluRays I purchased on Kodi.
So, consequences? I've still got the software running, I've got its installer, and the license I bought. As far as I know it's been able to decode all the BluRays I currently own, so it's very likely it'll continue to do so. As to new BluRay purchases? AnyDVD might not work on them, and I don't know any other way to get BluRays to play on Kodi. And I sure as fuck won't buy PowerDVD or any such bloatware just for BluRays.

So. I'm not going to get any more BluRays. Well done, Content Industry.
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