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Words are hard.
Keep in mind I'm just a guy who enjoys music.

10 Alcest - Kodama: It's a typical Alcest album. I guess I wish they'd done things a bit different, it sounds a lot like the previous album IMO.
09 Airbag - Disconnected: If you liked previous Airbag albums, you'll like this one. Slow, subtle, melancholic, awesome guitar solos by Bjørn Riis.
08 Metamorphosis - The Turning Point: This was tough to even get a hold of, same as that other album, Dark, a few years ago. It was released just a few days ago and I had to import from .. Switzerland, I think. Dark'ish Progressive Rock, lots of heavy guitars.
07 The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness: Bit of a pleasant surprise, since I haven't really listened to Pineapple Thief all that much. Progressive Rock, slightly leaning towards Pop. Accessible.
06 The Aurora Project - World of Grey: Progmetal band from the Netherlands. Hmm. Their website says Progmetal anyway, I don't entirely agree. Though there certainly are heavy passages, and I love those. Album deals with current issues. War, media, internet activism. Reminds me of Mr Robot. Also, their new guitar player is doing a pretty good job.
05 Karibow - Holophinium: A band I wasn't at all aware of before this album. I don't know how I found out about them, might've been through In this list one of the more mellow bands. Progressive Rock, yes, but as Pineapple Thief, accessible IMO. Very enjoyable melodies though, and subtleties you don't immediately notice.
04 Dante - When We Were Beautiful Whoo German Progmetal. I love when rhythms get confusing, and they certainly do in Beautiful Again. Also, Top 1 Hottest Album Cover of 2016.
03 Antimatter - Welcome to the Machine: Well and here's entry number one that made me think I should've called the list music releases instead of albums. You know what? I don't care, it's my list dammit! Anyway. This is a single. It's got the titular track and two live recordings of older Antimatter tracks. More often than not I dislike covers of songs I love. This one is an exception, it's dark and slightly melancholic, typically Antimatter. It just feels right. Also, some electronics involved which usually isn't my kind of music. Again, Antimatter being an exception to that rule, since I'm quite fond of those older tracks that had a lot of them.
02 Ayreon - The Theater Equation: And here's the other one. I love Human Equation, I love that people worked to get this on stage, and I love that most of the original cast participated, even though none of them are actually actors. Mikael Åkerfeldt is missing. Not exactly a disappointment as such, since Anneke van Giersbergen is brilliant and having Fear sound so different from the album was a surprise. But still, I would'be loved to see / hear him on stage. Also, Mike Mills is awesome ... I actually had a hard time deciding whether to put this in the top spot. In the end I decided to go in this order just because this isn't actually an album. Strictly speaking.
01 Opeth - Sorceress: It's just another great album by Opeth. It is, again, different from the others, but I love how they keep doing new stuff. Some people disagree. I don't care ... Another reason I decided to place Sorceress first, the Opeth show I went to was Top 1 for me this year. Ahh, memories.

Here's a preview of next year's Top Ten:

01 Ayreon - Whatever the new album's called
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