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I finished watching Dark Matter. First few episodes were kinda meh, then it got good though. Last episode was like WHOA WTF!

Problem with the pacing of the last two episodes though ...
Okay, the crew's search for an intruder went on way too long: The viewer already knows that the attack on the android did not come from an intruder but from someone the android knew and trusted. So showing the rest of the crew searching for an intruder for several minutes in a dramatic and thrilling way is a waste of the viewer's time. Seriously, it wouldn't have made any sense for them to find anyone. Sure, show them searching uncuccessfully. Don't make it that long though.

T-DSL hate

Oct. 1st, 2015 11:28 pm
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So once again I've been unable to watch for hours now. Even 480p doesn't work. I've been googling about that and it seems that this has been going on for years for some of my ISP's customers. The general gist (though unconfirmed my Telekom) seems to be that the routes Telekom uses to connect to the likes of Youtube, Twitch, and Vimeo are regularly overloaded, most often in the evening. Telekom won't change their peering though because those services produce a lot of bandwidth, yet refuse to share the cost of improving the connection.


Telekom, you're my service provider, I pay A LOT of money for your service and this is unacceptable. Am I supposed to pay yet more money to some VPN provider just to make my internet connection work properly?!
(Yes I'm venting here but do I intend to write a slightly more polite e-Mail to them as well).

Just to give you an idea, the trailer available here just stops after two seconds. I actually wanted to see that show, but now that I'm aware of the problems streaming vimeo I can't buy it. It's ON DEMAND but I won't be able to watch it whenever the hell I like.
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For the longest time we've had competitive board games, then came cooperative games (e.g. Pandemic). Now we've got cooperative games that include betrayers who secretly work against the common goal (e.g. Betrayal at House on the Hill, Resistance, Dead of Winter, Panic Station, Saboteur); some of which just might have a betrayer and nobody knows for certain.
So I was thinking, do we have this secret traitor mechanic in coop computer games yet? I can't think of any, except for trolls in team shooters killing their own guys.
Panic Station lends its setting for such a game IMO.

The Setting: Space station overrun by an unknown alien species. The station is a maze of small'ish rooms, the rooms being randomized for each new game. A team of maybe 4 players, with the task of searching the station for the source of the aliens ("The Egg") - and destroying it. You encounter alien critters that aren't particularly fast, but resilient: You need the firepower of several players at once to deal with them. One player caught out on his own will get eaten.

The Gameplay: One of the players randomly may or may not get exposed to alien bacteria, spreading quickly through his body to his mind, manifesting one central thought: Protect The Egg. This will probably happen during entry to the space station, or shortly thereafter.
To protect The Egg, the player can either outright kill his team members, or try to be sneaky and infect them. Bite them in the neck, something like that. Should be possible in the close confines of the space station. Killing them will be more risky, especially when he's outnumbered three to one.

Also have teamspeak to either talk to all other players, or just one selectively. Infected players can coordinate without the others knowing, and non-infected could voice their suspicions to their team mate. Which would be particularly hilarious if his suspicion was off and he was confiding to an infected player ...

You know, that sort of thing.

kraaaank ):

Aug. 9th, 2015 08:02 am
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Im Moment hab' ich echt alles mögliche. Seit über einer Woche quäle ich mich mit einer Entzündung am Po rum, die einfach nicht besser wird. Sitzen, stehen, gehen? Tut weh. Liegen, geht so.
Gestern kam dann noch was Neues dazu. Eigentlich war ein Spieleabend angedacht, aber da nicht gut sitzen kann hab ich abgesagt. Dann wollte ich stattdessen Tron auf Neu schauen. Aber gegen 20:00 fing ich an im Minutentakt zu gähnen, obwohl ich nicht so müde war. Und zittern, obwohl mir nicht kalt war. Also in's Bett, trotz warmer Temperaturen unter der Decke. Dann nach 2 Stunden war das Zittern plötzlich vorbei und ich hatte nur noch heiß. Das wurde erst gegen 3:00 etwas besser, und ab dann konnte ich etwas schlafen. Und heute bin ich kurz nach 7:00 aufgestanden, weil ich von so lange im Bett Liegen Rückenschmerzen bekomme.
Morgen glaub ich erst Mal Arzt.
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I guess that was a bit of a personal highlight for me in yesterday's Game Night. Dead of Winter is one of those games that comes with a lot of goals and variants to play. You either select a common goal from 20? 30? available ones, each lists an estimate of how long it'll take to play (we always take a lot longer though - our "short" game took like three of four hours). Each common goal also has an easy and hard mode for even more variation.
The idea of the game is each player controls 2 characters (can change to more / less during the game) in a winter world overrun by zombies. Each character has unique abilities, and some are better than others in fighting zombies or finding usefull stuff. You cooperatively try and organise a small colony of survivers, dealing with frequent crisis and trying to reach the common goal. To make matters worse, every player also has a secret personal goal, some of which can be traitorous. So you have to cooperate while not entirely trusting each other.
Yesterday's game was quite nasty - our common goal was to collect 2*num(players) medicine (so 8 in our case). We had 6 rounds to do that. One of the early crisis also required to collect medicine so we couldn't contribute at all to the common goal. We also needed medicine so that our characters wouldn't die (the morale sinks every time soneone dies, once it reaches 0 the game is lost - and it started at 5). To make matters even worse, after the game was over it turned out that two players' personal goals also required medicine. For my own goal I had to collect 3, another player 1. Despite all of that, we *almost* made it. Pretty much the very last dice roll in the game killed us in the end. Our morale was at one, and one location had one survivor, 3 sound markers, and 2 free slots for zombies. Now, the sound markers were neccessary in order to find the final medicine we needed. Each sound marker means a 50% chance of a zombie coming up to the location, and if all three triggered a zombie the location would be overrun and the local survivor killed, which meant reducing the morale to 0 and losing. And of course all three dice rolls for that location did trigger a zombie. If one of them hadn't we would've one the game. So. Very. Close.

I want to play more games!
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Another game we played is Race for the Galaxy. This game has been available to us for more than a year, and we played it for the second time yesterday. We need to meet more often for games.
Anyway, Race for the Galaxy is a card game in which you try to get the most victory points my settling and developing better and more efficiently than your opponents. There's really no direct interaction between players, everyone's doing their own thing.
Since we haven't played very often, none us knows all the cards in the game and what they do, so it's a bit trial and error for all of us. I got second in our game yesterday, in part because I got lucky with my card draws. I was up to 7 military strength and then towards the end got two military worlds that cost 6 and 7 respectively and had huge amounts of victory points.
Now the first few times I played this I was rather overwhelmed by all the symbols. There are plenty of basic ones that are described on your played sheet but you still have to keep all of them in mind in order to play right. There's also plenty of more uncommon symbols that are explicitly explained on the card they occur on. Another aspect that makes it more difficult to get into the game is that your hand cards are those developments and settlements you play, but at the same time they are your currency to pay for playing them. So you might think that all three cards in your hand are useful to you, but you will be able to play but one of them and use the other two as payment.
Anyway, I feel this is a game that we need to play a lot more often in order to get a more fluid game running and get more experienced in what all the cards do and how they synergise. 
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So we've had another Game Night yesterday, me and three friends. We played several rounds of Coup. Now, in german we have this wordly wisdom "Ehrlich währt am längsten" which basically suggests that honesty pays off in the long run. Now let me tell you this is the wrong strategy for Coup. The game is about bluffing, counterbluffing and potentially calling your opponents on their bluffs. It's a lot of fun, very stressful (in my opinion) and I'm terrible at it. We played four rounds and I actually won one of them too, mostly because my final opponent made a rare mistake in claiming that he had an assassin when all of them were already uncovered.
Anyway, I love this game, as I do Resistance (which is about trying to sabotage a team while trying to stay undercover). 
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My dreams last night. I wouldn't even call them nightmares they were so ridiculous.

First dream, I'd just moved into the new place, and it turns out that I'd totally forgot that this place was just temporary and my final new place was on another floor. So I had to figure out how to move the wardrobe to the final place, and remove the cupboards from the wall again, etc.

Second dream, finally settled into the new place, getting comfortable. I was just shampooing my hair when literally Godzilla walked past my bathroom window and him and a bunch of aliens started attacking the city. I ran out to see what was going on, but soon had to dodge the aliens in order to get back home and get the shampoo out of my hair ...
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Hab letztens einen Nachsendeauftrag bei der Deutschen Post beauftragt. Heute erhalte ich Post von der Ipsos GmbH, die "im Auftrag der Post" Qualitätssicherung betreibt. Drei Buchstaben stören mich aber an deren Web- und e-Mail-Adresse ...

Für wen prüfen die nochmal ob ich wirklich da wohne wo ich angegeben hab???
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Ich find's ja ein bißchen pervers, dass es eine Nachricht wert ist, dass ein Milliardenunternehmen neuerdings Steuern bezahlt. Meine Kritik an Amazon hält sich hier aber in Grenzen, genau wie bei den anderen Riesenkonzernen, die's ähnlich machen. Ich meine, mal ehrlich: Unternehmen sind auf Gewinn aus, und jedwede Ausgaben zu minimieren trägt zu diesem Ziel bei. Jetzt werden diese Steuerdeals zwar von der EU untersucht. Aber es wird "Wettbewerbsverzerrung" vermutet, da ist doch wohl eher die Frage ob Luxemburg einen legalen Steuerdeal angeboten hat, und nicht ob Amazon legal gehandelt hat, diesen Deal anzunehmen. Oder?
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So this arrived today.

Background story:

I've wanted a new phone for months, preferably a Nexus 6. I generally don't like getting a device laden with "extras" the manufacturers put in. With the Nexus devices I can be certain that I'm getting a vanilla android (though I do tend to upgrade to CM later). My first smartphone was a Nexus One, my current one is a Galaxy Nexus.
So when I started looking for a new device, I didn't want to spend the 600+€ the Nexus 6 cost at the time. Also I've had (and have) a few more important costly things on my plate. I'm moving to a new flat in a few weeks that has higher rent but is closer to work (close enough that I can take the bike to work instead of the car, thus saving on fuel). I'll have to pay a safety deposit for the new place, and I'll have to pay for two places for a month. Since my current ISP won't provide The Internet at the new place I had to sign up for a different one, but I still have to pay the current one for another three months (this may sound nasty but it's still better than the 2 year term internet contracts usually have). Oh, and my car needs Tüv and rust repairs.

So on Wednesday sent me one of their usual mails about current flash sales. I checked them out and found a Nexus 6. At that point the quota was already filled, but while I was visiting the page one freed up so I grabbed that. With those sales you only have 15 minutes to finish the purchase, otherwise the item becomes available for someone else to buy. That was enough time for me to compare prices. Not all the special sales on are all that good, so it's better the check. Prices for this particular model of Nexus 6 start at 499€ from a seller I've never heard of (and I don't pay hundreds of €€€ to places I don't know / trust). The cheapest serious seller I could find had it for 545€, amazon's own price was (and currently is) 559€. So, 427€ is actually quite a decent price so I decided to buy it. The reason is, now that I have it I can think about it for a few days. Sell it on eBay (it's new and unopened, so I'll probably get 500+€ for it)? Or keep it for myself?

In related news, I still haven't redeemed the AirDock perk from the indiegogo campaign I supported half a year ago. So if I decide to keep the phone I'll have a car dock available as well.



May. 20th, 2015 09:19 pm
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Autobahn Bargteheide bis Reinfeld so


Die Gegenrichtung so

aber egal,


May. 17th, 2015 11:56 am
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Gerade wieder 3 Kartons gefüllt, diesmal Bücher und Comics.
Außerdem hab ich einen Schrank im Flur ausgeräumt, in dem ich zum großen Teil Verpackungen gesammelt hatte, die ich vielleicht nochmal brauchen könnte (von Elektronik-Kram, den man, falls kaputt, mit der Verpackung zurücksenden könnte). Da hat sich tatsächlich noch was gefunden, was man nochmal brauchen könnte:

SATA auf eSATA Slotblech. Das werd' ich glaub' ich einbauen, wenn ich das nächste Mal am PC rumfummle (voraussichtlich wenn ich mir ein neues BluRay-Laufwerk gekauft habe).

Ein optisches Audiokabel hab ich auch aus irgendeinem Grund, ich glaube aber nicht dass das in absehbarer Zeit Anwendung finden wird. Und ein paar obligatorische USB-Kabel, die sich glaub' ich bei jedem Umzug anfinden.
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Plan for today

- bring glass to bottle bank (bottle bank? seriously brits?!) (done)
- return empty bottles to bottle deposit (done)
- Buy more boxes (done)
- Get stuff to fill holes in walls (done)
- wash dishes (done)
- remove dowels from walls
- pack some more stuff
- play Pillars of Eternity (in progress)


May. 15th, 2015 03:54 pm
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Whoooop I've finally got my in ears back. I'll probably spend the weekend properly listening to recent albums. Like

  • Hand. Cannot. Erase.

  • Into the Electric Castle

  • The Diary

  • Home

  • Known/Learned

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When I dream I don't normally question what I experience. In fact I recall only one dream ever where I thought "oh well I'm just dreaming". Like, yesterday for example I couldn't fall asleep because my feet were cold, even though they were covered in blankets. Thinking back now, I realise that I thought that all my 10 feet were cold (with two of them being slightly warmer than the others). So I'm pretty sure I was in fact dreaming that.

I also dreamed that I had my UE4's back from repairs ... They're probably in that delivery I need to pick up tomorrow.


May. 13th, 2015 11:53 pm
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A few days ago I started playing a new game of Pillars of Eternity. I wanted to try to do things a little differently this time around. First of all I cranked the difficulty all the way up to *cough*normal. My first playthrough had been on easiest because I wanted to focus on the storyline (I do this quite a lot for RPGs since I easily get frustrated with games and give up if they're too challenging).
Anyway, I also decided to go with a monk character because I hadn't had one in the first playthrough. The mechanic here is to collect wounds (i.e. literally get wounded in an encounter) to unlock special abilities. The more powerful the opponent the more wounds it provides per successful attack, and more powerful abilities cost more wounds. So far I've only got one ability though which looks a lot like a roundhouse kick. Interesting mechanic anyway, since you usually do anything to avoid damage. Coem to think about it, I might have to get rid of some protective gear that reduces the chance of getting hit. Maybe look for damage reducing stuff instead.
Anyway. Playing on normal means being a little more careful in combat (e.g. choosing the right abilites), and choosing equipment a little more carefully as well. In my first playthrough I'd pretty much just equipped whatever armor had the best damage reduction. This time around I actually replaced a higher DR with a lower for my monk because it's got better recovery time, so my monk attacks more frequently. The weapon focus I chose during a levelup is called peasant. It includes a bonus for unarmed (the monks' preferred style) and hunting bow, so my monk's secondary weapon of course is a hunting bow as well, and not a heavier ranged weapon.

It's the little things ...

Oh and the first few hours felt quite tough on normal, but I think I really just misinterpreted how the game "is meant to be played". You get two characters in your group during tutorial, but then you're on your own until you reach the first town. Thing is, none of the difficult encounters before you reach town are mandatory. You can just go back later with a larger group. Also I thought that the game gave you new characters to add to your group at the same pace it got more difficult. So I tried playing with just the characters the game gave me. Turns out the Eothasian temple, for example, is quite tough with just your own character plus the two you've met up to that point. I almost changed the difficulty back to easy because I was having such a hard time. And I thought I was just pretty bad at games, but now I think you're actually meant to make use of the tavern and the adventurers you can hire there (i.e. create extra custom characters). I'd thought that was just an option to try out different character classes, but really you create whatever's missing from your early group to complement it. Once you meet more "proper" characters (i.e. those with dialogue and quest) you just send your custom made ones off.

And that's that. Off to bed now ...


May. 10th, 2015 04:55 pm
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In other news, we finally got everyone together again yesterday to continue our SAGA adventure. The DM had planned to continue the story that we'd originally started about 4 years ago. But instead we all decided not to submit to local authorities and consequently got ourselves killed. Fun, I guess. The DM will try to salvage what he can of the plot and get us all on the right path again, but with new characters that might take a while. And the next time we can all make it is like two months away too, which is a pity. We try to make it more often, but with RL being in the way all the time it's difficult.


May. 10th, 2015 04:48 pm
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Well. The good news is I've boxed all my CDs and DVDs. The bad news is I've run out of boxes to pack the rest of my stuff. I might have to buy another few ones. (n.b. all the boxes are only half full with CDs / DVDs, since you can't lift them if you fill them to the top)

The wall looks empty now too ...

Oh well. Since I have a legit excuse for not continuing with packing, I guess I'll play a quick game of Pillars of Eternity.

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