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Amazon Prime ist irgendwie ein ähnliches Thema wie Netzneutralität. Die Internetprovider, die alle die Netzneutraliät loswerden wollen, stellen sich eine Zweiklassenkundschaft vor, in der Einige mehr bezahlen für ordentlichen Service. Der Rest zahlt auch, halt weniger, fällt aber hinten runter was Qualität angeht. Die können ja mehr bezahlen wenn sie unzufrieden sind.

Amazon macht's mit Prime genauso, ist ja kein Geheimnis (Notiz: Ich beziehe mich hier ausschließlich auf den kostenlosen Expressversand). Prime-Kunden werden bevorzugt behandelt mit dem Ziel, dass letztlich alle Kunden Prime abonnieren. Dann wären wieder alle gleich, nur dass alle für einen Service bezahlen von dem dann niemand mehr was hat. Tolle Idee von Amazon eigentlich.

Früher hab' ich Sendungen, die auf Lager waren, üblicherweise zwei Werktage nach Bestellung gehabt. Heutzutage ist das Prime-Niveau, die Normalen müssen länger warten.

Ich hab Dienstag was bestellt, "Versand"bestätigung hab ich Dienstag Abend noch bekommen. Versand bedeutet aber nur Übermittlung der Sendungsdaten an den Transporteur. Der Status hat sich seit Dienstag nicht mehr geändert. Wenn nicht gerade das Tracking kaputt ist, dann liegt meine Sendung also seit zwei Tagen fertig in deren Lager.

Da ich als Adresse die Arbeit angegeben hab, bringt's mir nichts wenn das Samstag kommt. Ich brauche die Sendung für Sonntag, weil Geschenke. Wird also voraussichtlich nicht rechtzeitig ankommen.

Welche Konsequenz ziehe ich also? Ratet mal ...

a. Prime bestellen damit das nicht mehr passiert.
b. Geschenke im Laden kaufen, Sendung retournieren weil sie nicht rechtzeitig angekommen ist, und in Zukunft noch mehr auf Alternativen zu Amazon ausweichen.

Heavy stuff

Mar. 3rd, 2011 07:41 pm
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I just carried this package from here to here.

In related news, I now know why they didn't deliver directly to the Packstation.
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Preis bei Bestellung: EUR 64,95
Preis bei Versand: EUR 64,90
Günstigster Preis bis Erscheinungsdatum: EUR 64,90
Menge: 1
Gesamte Ersparnis: EUR 0,05
Also bekomm' ich quasi noch Geld raus!!
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So, the 50€ preorder started on 09:02am at
Predictably, I couldn't finish the order because their secure server went down.
On 09:12am I could get into the server again, only to be told that it's sold out.


[edit] Even though the preorder started at midnight on, there're still copies available there. Bit more pricey, but still a lot less than what they'll be selling it for on release. So I'm grabbing two copies from over there. One for me, one for Chrischi.
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16 GB microSDHC card

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I'm currently watching this concert DVD (Opeth @ Roundhouse). Now, would somebody please explain to me why the FSK rates this for ages 16+, while something like Grave of the Fireflies is rated ages 6+ ?!

I'm sure they can justify those rating with their regulations somehow, but why do regulations require turning off your brain in the first place?
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I just collected the La Vela Puerca CDs I'd ordered from First of all, thank you Deutsche Post for closing the post office and replacing it with an "Agentur" inside a food store. What a bright idea, replacing 3 trained employees with 2 amateur ones, whose primary job isn't even dealing with Post customers but selling food! Sure they're nice and trying to be helpful, but that doesn't change the fact that they don't exactly know what they're doing ...

Anyway, I had to pay 16.40€ to get the CDs, which means that in the end I only saved 16€ by ordering from instead of And best of all, in my opinion I shouldn't have had to pay that much, it should've been around 9.26€.
In their calculation they included 148ILS freight charges. So I'm wondering, why are they including charges in Israeli new sheqel (around 25€), and why is that even included in their calculation when it's not something I paid?

I'll get Chrischi's opinion on this tomorrow.

[edit] On the plus side, I now have CD cases with nice, friendly, holographic IFPI stickers on them.
None of the cases arrived undamaged though, so I'll probably have to change those d;
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I saved 27.12€ by ordering 4 CDs from instead of
I love the current Dollar / Euro exchange rate d;


Dec. 7th, 2007 04:49 pm
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My new mp3 player arrived today. It's rather smaller than I expected, and I might end up not using the silicone case I bought for it, since it's kinda uncomfortable in my opinion.
Anyway, I had some trouble getting it to hook up to the PC. Dunno if that was Windows' fault, or the player's. Anyway, works fine now, and while recharging I transfered some songs to it, and also the Rockbox software, which replaces the original player firmware.
Rockbox doesn't look very nice at first, but it's very customisable, and I quickly found a custom theme I installed, so now it does look nice. I got lost in its menus at first too, since there's just too much you can do with it. Anyway, it plays music just fine, sounds very nice too. It can also use the mic to record, access the fm tuner, playback video, display pictures and text files. And it comes with several games, apps and demos. You can even play Doom on it. o:
Very, very cool indeed. I'll give the log a try in a bit. And possibly think about what else to upload to it. It's got 8GB, and if I ever need even more than that, I can just buy a 2GB micro-CD card to add to it ... (:

My shoes arrived as well btw. Yay, shoes! Need to clean them later. And by that, I mean polishing them. They're kinda not really dirty right now ... d:
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What the hell, I got nothing in the mail today?!
I'm expecting my moo cards (don't ask, even I don't know what I ordered them for), 2 pairs of shoes, backpack, and an mp3 player.
Since my moo cards had to be re-printed they're delayed a little. I did think they'd probably arrive today, and they didn't.
My shoes were probably dispatched on Monday, and the e-Mail I got suggests that they were sent via DHL. Which is good, because most of the time DHL stuff sent from within Germany arrives within a day for me. (On the topic of DHL, Real Life comic from a few days ago ...). But the shoes didn't arrive today.
As to the backpack, thinking it'd be here today was probably a little optimistic. According to the seller details, they usually send stuff off within 3-4 business days, and they might wait for the one that I've returned to arrive at their store. So, no new backpack today.
The mp3 player? I got a dispatch note from amazon this morning, and as far as I remember, getting it around 12 hours later just ever happened once for me. So, no new mp3 player for me either. I fully expect it to arrive tomorrow though.

I'll probably go spawncamp the Packstation at around 5pm.

In other news, I found two neat plug-ins, one for Firefox, one for Thunderbird:

Flashblock for Firefox: Name says it. It nicely complements Adblock which currently doesn't capture flash ads ([edit] actually, let me correct this, I think it does these days, at least in part). Flashblock doesn't distinguish between ad- and non-ad-flashs though. It just stops any flash on a site from being displayed unless the user clicks on a placeholder to activate it. Very useful for people like me, with low-end computers. For example, the flash animation on the german Audi website totally maxes out my CPU usage and stops Firefox from responding (i.e. Firefox displays the flash animation, but it doesn't react to clicks or keypresses anymore.).

Send Later, Thunderbird plug-in: In contrast to the built-in send later functionality, this one lets you set a date and time to send off an e-Mail. I guess this is not something you'd use everyday, but it's useful sometimes: For example, I want to send something to Chrischi's work e-Mail, but he's on vacation, and someone else is checking his mail. Of course, I don't want that other person to see the comics I want to send Chrischi (I don't think a lot of people even get that Portal-related vgcats comic). So, I'd decided to send that to Chrischi about a week ago, yet I'd have to wait with actually sending it until the 26th or something. I would've forgot until then, so instead I'm composing the e-Mail right away and just set it to be sent later (the e-Mail remains in the drafts folder until then.).
Of course, you can also use it to send little reminders to your mobile phone, which I did today (:
Anyway, the Send Later user interface is pretty simple, and far from pretty (drop downs for year, month, day, hour, and minute), but it's functional, and as such, I like it.
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Meat Loaf DVD

omg woot!

Aug. 31st, 2007 12:44 am
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And it's only 27€ too. That's a little more than 1€ for every minute of Echoes he's playing on that!!!

I'm not sure he agrees on the spelling of his last name though ...
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Read errors while you're in the middle of watching a DVD.
So this is the first time I'm returning something to Amazon.
Let's see how that goes ...

[edit] I'm impressed by amazon's policy - they sent out a replacement before I even posted the broken DVD. And if my complaint is justified, they'll return the money I spent for posting it too ...
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e-Mail von ... )

new stuff!

Mar. 5th, 2007 09:34 pm
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collected from the packstation today ... )
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Why the hell are amazon selling Samurai Champloo DVDs for 13.97€ each?! (everyone else is selling them for around 25€. And by everyone I mean ...)
I didn't even want to get that series until I saw an ad on TV just now. The animation looks cool, and according to some sources the dubbing is pretty good for a change.

And I can get the whole show for like 112€ now ...
hrmm ... Who knows how long amazon are going to keep those prices ...

random ...

Feb. 27th, 2007 12:35 pm
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In other news, my CF card died. But due to the fact that I keep uploading pictures to my computer all the time, I only lost one picture.
Anyway, the only CF cards I can use now are an 8MB and a 32MB one. *shurgs*
Ordered a new one off amazon though. 1GB.


Feb. 22nd, 2007 01:49 am
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My new earphones arrived today.
Random fact: They were more expensive than my mp3 player.

They're Creative in-ear ones, which is something new for me. You actually shove them in your ear, very much like ear plugs. They also come with 3 different sized sets of covers that are made of the same stuff as my ear plugs. Very comfortable to wear. The reason they're made like that, is that they're also filtering out outside noise.
And the sound is awesome too, IMO.

So yay!

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