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So here's the thing. Me and two of my colleagues usually got into work around 7:00am, and left around 3:45pm. One colleague arrived around 9:00am and stayed until around 6:00pm. Now that colleague is on parental leave for a year, and our boss asked us to get organised in such a way that someone would be in till at least 5:00pm. This week I'm on late shift, so I slept in today and planned to arrive around 8:30am. One other colleague had the day off, and the one who was supposed to be in early was stuck in traffic and actually arrived after me.

Which means instead of someone being in at 7:00am I was the first IT guy to arrive at around 8:30am. And due to some DC issues one of our offices couldn't actually work. The fix was easy enough (reboot the DC and tell users to reboot their machines to get rid of any lingering issues). It's just weird that we started early and late shifts to better cover office hours and the first noticeable result is people not being able to work for an hour and a half. Because I would've been in at 7:00am if it wasn't for my late shift. Hell I was actually awake in time for the early shift - I just stayed in bed quite a bit longer.

So. Yeah.


Mar. 15th, 2006 07:29 pm
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... for some reason I don't feel so good today.
So I'm going to bed now.

... and I just noticed, the way the wind is blowing right now, it sounds like a baby crying in the distance.
Like that one nightmare level in Max Payne.

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