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Jan. 2nd, 2016 12:00 pm
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This entry will contain spoilers for Edge of Tomorrow.

I was talking to Chrischi last year about a certain thing I like in fiction. That thing is Time. It's not time travel as such, because that suggests some sort of control over the destination (like in Doctor Who, or Back to the Future). I enjoy those movies / TV shows that are more along the lines of mysterious things happening to the protagonists that are potentially related to weird things happening to time.

Groundhog Day, of course. Guy relives day over and over again. He doesn't seem to have any control over it and doesn't know what to do about it either. As far as I remember we never find out what actually caused it either. For the most part this is a funny / romance movie of course, not much in the way of scary that I like for that premise.

Død Kalm (X-Files episode). Chrischi and me were watching this, which caused our discussion. In the end the viewer gets a sort of scientific explanation for the accelerated aging process the ship and everyone on it is subjected to, but until then the episode is scary as hell IMO. Keep in mind though that I remember watching this one as a kid too. It was scarier back then.

Timescape (TNG episode). I remember this one fondly from watching as a kid. The crew encounter pockets of temporal disturbances (areas with time running faster / slower). Before they figure out what's going on the effects of these were really quite scary.

Time and Effect (TNG episode). I found this one while trying to find the episode above. Typical Groundhog Day setting, but still I liked it very much back then.

Mystery Spot (Supernatural episode). I watched a lot of Supernatural last year I think, getting up to date to the (then) most recent seasons. Again this is a Groundhog Day setting (it is kinda popular it seems). Considering that Dean dies over and over again it's quite hilarious, but gets more serious towards the end.

The Langoliers. Is it even time travel? I watched this many years ago and loved the premise. Airplane passengers find themselves in an almost deserted airplane and manage to land at an airport, that's also missing people. The explanation at the end is not exactly time travel, nor is it a parallel universe. It's just people getting out of sync with their time and being literally late. The movie itself isn't rated all that high, but the idea behind it (I assume it's based on a book) is awesome.

11/22/63 (Stephen King novel). Now this novel is far from perfect for me because it doesn't focus enough of the scary weird stuff. Most of it is about that guy living his life in the past. But there were some very cool themes:
- The idea that time doesn't want to be changed and tries to prevent it. The graver the changes the protagonist attempts, the tougher are the obstacles "fate" puts in his way to stop him.
- The reset that happens when he travels back again. And in combination with that, the slightly crazy homeless person he encounters after going back, who does not reset but seems dimly aware of him coming back. And don't even get me started on that yellow card that guy has on his clothes. Wasn't it a slightly different shade of yellow the last time the protagonist saw him?? (and later still, BAM, it's black. What does it mean??).

Edge of Tomorrow. Chrischi gave me his BluRay of the movie after we talked about this. It's Groundhog Day all over again, but with Zerg rushes instead of groundhogs. Even though the concept isn't innovative anymore I still enjoy finding out what characters make of it. Sadly towards the end the movie abandons the concept to make a run-of-the-mill action sequence. Then reintroduces it at the end as a Deus ex machina to make everyone survive, because clearly you can't have a proper ending to an American AAA action movie with the main characters dead. Also I never quite got why the General insisted on him being on the front lines in the first place.

And, yeah that's it. There's some of my favourite implementations of "weird things happening to time" in fiction.
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A colleague of mine today recommended The Dresden Files to me. Sounded kinda familiar for some reason ...
Anyway, I pointed him towards the TV show he hadn't been aware of ...

Also ... actually, that's about it. I can't think of anything else to write about ... o_O
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... I watched my copy of The Dead Zone.
It's very, very scary. There's a scene that shows Christopher Walken smiling. I'll have nightmares of that ...

Anyway, the movie is pretty good in my opinion. Of course it doesn't really stand a chance against the book. Too many details left out.
But, good movie.
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Ich hab heute die neue Betriebsleiterin kennengelernt.
Ich wußte allerdings im Voraus nicht, dass sie heute da ist.

Na ja, mein Frauenflüsterer-T-Shirt nimmt eh niemand ernst, denk ich ...
Egal, jedenfalls hat sie mir gleich das Du angeboten. Find ich auch netter so, zumal sie gerade mal ein paar Jährchen älter ist als wie ich.

Ansonsten war die Arbeit heute gäääähnend langweilig.
Ich hab Vollidiot zu Ende gelesen - der Titel suggeriert, welche Sorte Mensch Zielgruppe für dieses Buch ist. Ist ziemlicher Schrott.

Kann mir jemand ein Buch empfehlen? Ich hab zur Zeit wieder nix zu lesen.
Gerne wieder was Englisches ...
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Ich hab jetzt doch endlich mal Schätzings Der Schwarm zu Ende gelesen. Zum größten Teil war das Buch sehr gut, würde ich empfehlen. Das Ende allerdings war etwas ... "meh" ...
Ich fühlte mich etwas an NGE erinnert, wo das Ende plötzlich auf einer ganz anderen Ebene stattfand. Beim Schwarm ist es nicht ganz so extrem, aber etwas ähnlich, wie ich finde.

Na ja. und jetzt weiß ich nicht wirklich, was ich als nächstes lesen soll. Ich hab mir letztens Vollidiot bestellt, aber nach ein paar Seiten Lektüre bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob ich mir das antun soll ...
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... war heute wieder Blutspenden. Hat gut geklappt, mußte nur ein bißchen auf einen Platz warten, auf dem ich mit rechts spenden konnte. Links ist ja erfahrungsgemäß nicht so das Wahre bei mir.
Ich war übrigens schon um 8 Uhr heute morgen wach. Ich wär' fast aufgestanden und direkt zum Blutspenden gefahren, aber dann hab ich mir gedacht, das wär' ja verrückt, also hab ich mich wieder schlafen gelegt. Bei der Spende war ich dann letztendlich gegen 14 Uhr.

... und sollte Euch dieses Buch hier über den Weg laufen:

Dann lest es!
Hab seit Langem nichts mehr gelesen, das so spannend und gut geschrieben war.
Ja, es sind knapp 1000 Seiten, aber es lohnt sich, und es wird tatsächlich nicht langweilig!

Morgen wieder arbeiten. Yucheeee. Wird Zeit für ein paar Tage frei, aber ich weiß nicht, wann das passieren wird.
Heute war Beerdigung. Ich schätze, die beiden werden noch ein paar Tage brauchen ...
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I got bored with the movie on TV, so I took a bath and finished A Brief History of Time. Good book. There was one funny bit that I wanted to use as a subject line, but I forgot what it was, and can't find it anymore. So I used a different one instead, it's nice too (:
I particularly liked this figure ... )

Anyway, the book is really well-written and (relatively) easy to understand. And even though it was written in 1988, it still seems current. In one of the last chapters, Hawking introduces string theory and in a few sentences manages to explain the concept better than that one TV show, that spent a whole hour on string theory, did.

To show this diagram properly, I would really need a four dimensional screen. However, because of government cuts, we could manage to provide only a two dimensional screen.

Dirki recommends WikiQuote.
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... The book I'm reading right now is quite mysterious. I'd tell you the title, but unfortunately I don't know how it's spelled.
And neither does the publisher, it seems ... )

Anyway, the author's name is "John Twelve Hawks", who, according to his agent and publisher, stays anonymous even when talking to them. No one seems to know whether John T Hawk is even his real name, how old he is, or whether this book is his first published work. The reason for this, according to the author, is because he lives "off the grid", meaning he's hiding from all forms of surveilance.
Seeing that this is a central issue in his book as well, this looks just like a huge publicity stunt, something like back when Blair Witch Project came out. Except, I'm actually enjoying the book. It's got some mystery, lots of action, and for the most part a realistic technological setting.

So, go read! or die ...

(Sorry about the crappy picture quality btw. It's kinda hard to take a picture of the image on your monitor with a flash o_O)
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... I finished reading Without Remorse today.
IMO it's Clancy's most awesome work so far.
A lot less of that patriotic crap, and the OMG hero!!1 attitude.
And, of course, Clark rocks. This is the one book where you really get to know him; his background, his dark side etc.
honorable, good guy, helpful, murderer. I really like those discrepancies in his character, if they even are discrepancies at all.

note to self: Fr 14.04. 20.15, Pro7: "The Sum of all Fears"
Far from being as good as the book, as far as I remember, but might still be worth watching.
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... I haven't really written anything work related these past few days.
The reason, probably, is that I haven't had much time to during the weekend.

Anyway, weekend started early Saturday. Took the bus to work, and stuff. Didn't have an awful lot to do really. No reservations, and only one or two cars being returned.
Funnily enough though, the day didn't get too boring. Three rentals, most of which I hadn't even had the time to get the cars cleaned for.
Same goes for Sunday pretty much - I actually rented out a Touran one-way to Stockholm, customers had missed their flight.
I also managed to earn a 20€ tip helping a guy not miss his plane: he'd gone round and around the parking lot for 15 minutes, unsuccessfully looking for a free place to park his van.
So he ended up putting it in one of our reserved spots. I saw him do that, and asked him to move the car somewhere else. He was a little desperate though, since checkin was about to close for his flight, and he just couldn't find room for his car anywhere.
So, in the end we decided that he'd leave the car key with me, and I'd move his car as soon as the parking lot got emptier. He'll be coming back Wednesday, and will get his car key back from Olaf then.
... and for helping him out like that, I got those 20 € (:

Uhm. Right.
I spent a lot of time reading of course, as always. I'm close'ish to the end of Without Remorse which, as it turns out, is one of the best books by Tom Clancy. There were quite a few of his later works that I was a little disappointed in, because it always ran along the lines of the US being the good guys (with Ryan being a real hero all the time), and Iran / Iraq / India, or Japan, or China, being the bad guys.
Without Remorse is a lot less patriotic, very dark and kinda depressing, and it gives a lot of background to characters, most of all Clark / Kelly of course, but also Greer, Ritter, etc. And I'm pretty sure that Coastal Guard guy Oreza was in at least two other books of his as well. (I think he was retired in Debt of Honor, and a higher-up Coastal Guard guy in Clear and Present Danger, but I might be wrong).
Anyway, Kelly murders a few people in this book, none of which were real decent fellows, so you can sympathize with his motives. Doesn't change the fact that he's subject to a murder investigation though, and you ask yourself if there really wasn't another way to solve the differences he's had with those bad guys.
I won't go into details. Go read the book if you like Clancy stuff. This one's worth it, though some others might not be ...
I think I actually might have to re-read all those books in a few years, in order to get all those little things. His characters often hint at past events, without explaining what they actually mean. I'm sure a lot of those things are cleared up in Without Remorse ...

Right. What else?
At work this morning, I actually thought at some point "whoooo totally hot girl approaching my counter". Turns out it was Jenny. Didn't recognize her at first.
I wonder if I should have my eyes checked some time (this of course refers to me not recognizing her) ... x_X

I got a BMW in the mail today.
Well, not quite, but it was mail from BMW. In exchange for my phone number, and e-Mail address, and my permission to have my ass spammed by them, they offer the chance to win a safety training in a 3 series BMW. I'm tempted to do it actually. Those safety things can be fun. Did one a few years ago. Hurt my shoulder too o_O ... But it really gives you the chance to drive like a pig for once, which I can never do during work. Public streets and stuff. Bleargh.
Anyway, I think I'll send that off. I mean, getting some BMW ads in the mail can't be too bad now, can it (maybe they'll send me samples)? And I won't be giving them my phone number ...

After working all weekend, and the early shift today, I have a few days off btw. Next regular work day will be Friday. Woot. Free days.
I sure hope my Redeemer CD will turn up soon. Can't wait.

And now I'm going to take a shower. And then go to bed.
Any recommendations for something yummy I should get to eat tomorrow?

Anyway ...

Feb. 24th, 2006 03:07 pm
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... I kinda finished reading Rainbox Six. Not a lot of surprises, since I'd read it before - I started recalling bits and pieces again while reading.
Of course, since I've read most of the other Jack Ryan novels now, I had a lot more of a background on the main characters, which helps.
Other than that ... Good book, but some of the old Ryan ones are a lot better IMO.


Feb. 9th, 2006 02:57 pm
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new stuff at that ... Wish I could afford all this ... )
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It's really irritating, reading Executive Orders ... I keep confusing things that happened in the book, with actual events.
Mostly Iran really, since it's on the news atm ...
Just two weeks ago it was with Japan. It kept irking me that it was never mentioned on the news, until I remembered that nothing news worthy actually happened in real life. Only in the book.

blah. bed.
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New book is teh here!

Clancy - Debt of Honor


Aug. 19th, 2005 01:53 pm
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e-Mail von versandbestaetigung@amazon.de ...
Sum of all Fears und Toto live.
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Time travel programme on Arte (URLs to the rerun, it's on right now. I missed bits of it though.)

Funnily enough, someone just presented a certain argument / experiment for the existence of multiple universes. Ie, the same argument used in Michael Crichton's Timeline. I thought he'd made that up himself. Well, not the experiment itself, I knew that actually worked, but his interpretation of it ...
Err. Anyway.
I guess I should go to bed. Having to get up early tomorrow. And stuff.

Btw, President Man was in Lübeck yesterday. No one stopped me from accessing the runway area though, no police or anything. I even saw his plane ... Didn't see him of course, I was home and watching DVDs with Chrischi by the time he was at the airport ...
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[livejournal.com profile] brokendreams_, would you do me a favour?
Please read Hitch Hiker in english. It's about twice as funny as the german translation.

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