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Flotter Rücken: Audi A5 Sportback kommt als Fünftürer

Ich mag generell die aktuellen Audi-Modelle. Auch ein 5türiger A5 wird mir bestimmt gefallen. Zwei Dinge stören mich allerdings:
  1. Sowohl Mercedes (CLS) als auch VW (Passat CC) haben bereits Modelle mit ähnlicher Linie, der A5 SB wirkt also einfach nur kopiert.
  2. Es ist immernoch eher Coupé als Sportback meiner Meinung nach. Da ist kaum Platz im Kofferraum, das als Sportback zu vermarkten erscheint mir irgendwie unpassend.


Mar. 29th, 2009 01:25 am
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I really like DSG.

Cayenne S

Sep. 19th, 2008 01:29 am
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So. I can officially say I've driven a Porsche.
Now, the acceleration is pure evil. So is the deceleration. I tried an emergency brake from around 100km/h and had to pick up my brains afterwards.
Also, according to google maps I did a little tour of around 85km in about 45 minutes. And emptied almost half of the tank in the process. (I think the whole tank holds about 90 litres).
As to top speed. Meh. The fastest I've ever done is 270km/h in an Audi A5. This doesn't go further than 240km/h, which is not exactly a lot.
Of course you have to keep in mind that this monster weighs about a ton more than an A5 ...
The best thing about the car is the sound the engine makes btw. Lovely. (:

Anyway. Evil thing. Absolutely useless for driving around on a daily basis ...

Auto ...

May. 4th, 2008 01:06 pm
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CL 500 ... )
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... Audi A3 Cabrio (:
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Let's see ... I'm writing down keywords so I don't forget what I want to write about ... d;

I had to work on Saturday, but since Steffi's plans for the weekend had changed recently I asked her if I could have the evening off. Unfortunately she had friends over, and I did have to work all day. So I couldn't see La Vela Puerca when they were in Lübeck. Pity. I do hope they'll be back soon. For some reason their music puts me in a good mood. In fact, I've been listening to their stuff over and over again all weekend at work. Pity I can't find any live recordings ...

Lots'a work
Kinda mentioned above, I worked all weekend, while it seems everyone else was out partying and getting drunk. Not that I envy them as such, they looked pretty hangover'ed ...

I ordered a new backpack a few days ago. It was in the mail on Saturday.
Well, not so much the backpack. More like, a backpack. Definitely not the one I ordered anyway. Now I need to ask about returning it. I'd ordered via amazon, marketplace kinda seller, so I kinda have to e-Mail them and ask what to do ...

Even though pricey, I just ordered two pairs of new shows too. I don't think my old ones will last much longer, and I wouldn't want to suddenly stand around somewhere barefoot with my shoes moved to my backpack with a note saying "decayed beyond being usable" ...

R8 ftw
I need more rich friends. A customer told me today that she and a few friends pooled their money to rent someone an Audi R8 for a week as a birthday present. Note that said customer is several years younger than I am. Where the hell do you get that kind of money?!

Clockwork Orange is on TV. And just half a year after I bought the DVD too. Mrf. Could've got it for free if I'd just waited a little longer ... d;
Anyway, turns out, it's a Kubrick movie. Didn't know that ...

random imdb fun
Did you know that the guy who played the bodyguard in the 5th episode of the Hitch Hiker's TV series also had a part in Star Wars? Find out here! ...

Anyway, tired and cold feet. I'm going to bed now ...
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... I got everything done that I'd planned to get done. Well, except for buying the new Ärzte single, but then its release is tomorrow, so maybe I was being a little optimistic trying to get it today.

Anyway, I managed to get my shopping done, cleaned the kitchen, ironed my clothes, bought new insoles for my army boots, burned some music CDs, did some shopping for presents, etc.
At work, I managed to persuade Norma to give me the car early, so I already have the car.
Also, I have teh car.
The one I was hoping for. *grins* That should be fun tomorrow.

Anyway, originally I'd planned to bike into town (15 mins) around noon tomorrow, rent the car around 12, drive back home (30 mins thanks to traffic), pack stuff, drive to the autobahn (another 30 mins wasted) and start on my way to Amsterdam. So if I hurried I could've been on the A1 towards Hamburg at around 1.15pm.
Now, since I already have the car, it's sleep, getting up, showering, breakfast, loading stuff in trunk, start off at 10.00-11.00. Yay, no need to hurry now (:

Btw, [ profile] tma, thanks for reminding me, I almost would've forgotten d;
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more pictures ... )

I only got to drive this to the gas station, but I enjoyed it more than any other car ever.
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Someone threw stones through the staff entrance door last night / early this morning. Triggered the alarm, police etc. yay.
Nothing's been stolen though. *shurgs*

In other news, apparently an SL500 "suits" me. I tend to agree. Unfortunately I have yet to actually drive this thing, other than backing up into the garage anyway.

The weekend has been exhausting. It's over for another week though, and the next time I'm scheduled to work is Wednesday evening. Day off tomorrow, Meat Loaf on Tuesday. I'm pretty sure that the best concert for me this year was In Extremo last Friday though. Meat Loaf will be fun, but not as much as that one. Same probably goes for all the other ones. Ärzte in December will probably own, but that's a few months down the road ...


May. 16th, 2007 11:25 pm
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I took a picture of our latest company car. Took all of 3 minutes, but I really like the result ... )


May. 16th, 2007 12:05 am
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Update on work things:
Well, not really, we do have a new company car though. I was bored yesterday'ish and took a look at cars available at other stations. And I actually found what I was looking for, at Hamburg Airport.
So now our current car is no longer the BMW 120d, but instead we have an A3 Sportback. Not just any A3 though, but one with those new 2l TDI engines. 125KW / 170HP. (((: We've been looking for one of those for weeks, and we've finally got one now (the regular 2l TDI engines "only" have 103KW). S-Line edition too. Looks very very neat indeed. Haven't had the chance yet to test it, but that'll probably happen this weekend.
And one of our customers called right after seeing Steffi drive around in it. "I want what she's having" ... Yeah, well, we'll keep looking, but Europcar doesn't seem to have more than around 20 of those in all of Germany at the moment ...

Autos ...

Apr. 10th, 2007 01:11 am
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Q7 für Arme ... )

Und das war gestern mein Auto ... )
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The new Audi TT )

go here for more pics I made ...
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Well, today was busy. There weren't enough people to do things, so I actually had to drive cars around. o_O
The day started with me doing this in one of these, and almost getting into an accident. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been my fault though ...
Later today, Steffi sent one of the drivers to another station to get a car, but, as it turns out, he forgot his driver's license in Lübeck and the RSA ("Rental Sales Assistant", that's our job description) at the other station refused to give him the car. So, I had to drive there in a VW Phaeton, and then back in a 300C Touring.

300C sucks pretty bad btw, doesn't get above 220km/h, and that's downhill ...
A4 Avant wasn't all that much fun either, once you're going 180km/h, kickdown doesn't do all that much ...
Phaeton was surprisingly strong IMO, went the fastest of all of these cars today ... Didn't even stop accelerating at 230km/h ...

ph33r my sp33dy dr1v1ng.

All in all, I spent about 4.5 hours and 300km in upper Luxury category cars today d;

Other than that, the day wasn't really all that eventful. *shurgs* Just the usual things at work.
Tomorrow I'll start work at 4pm, so I won't have to do all day. That's good, except I didn't really expect it. Now I don't have any food at home o_O
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It is a well known fact that I don't actually much like driving cars.

That's not exactly true really. I don't mind driving anywhere I've been before.
What I hate is being somewhere and not knowing where I am, where I have to go, which way to turn, etc. I'm afraid of having to make quick decisions, and of making wrong decisions. Having trouble reading road signs doesn't help. (I have a little trouble with that, I should get glasses).
Anyway, I don't get anxiety attacks or anything, because my mind also works along the lines of "whatever happens, happens" - the worst that could happen while driving around unknown areas is ending up somewhere you didn't expect, and just taking some time longer than excpected ...

Anyway, the point ...
After I got back from my second tour to the local airport this evening, I found Steffi grinning madly at me. She asked me what I thought the grin might mean, then pointed at a printout with my name on it. It was 10pm, and apparently I was supposed to drive in an A-class to Hamburg Airport, to get a car from there that we'd need in Lübeck Station.
I pointed out that I've never been to the airport (not strictly true, since I'd once left there on a flight to England at some point many years ago), that I didn't know my way around the area, don't know where to leave the car, or pick up the new one, etc ...
Didn't help, since the A-class has sat nav.
So I stopped whining and drove to Hamburg. Wasn't too bad either, just missed an exit next to the airport that leads to the car rentals.

Anyway, as it turned out, the car I was getting back didn't even have sat nav, so all I had was a map of the Hamburg area and a general idea of where I wanted to go.
Oh well.
Guess I shouldn't complain. I found the way easy enough, no wrong turns, no nothing, and after all it was a

Chrysler Crossfire

convertible that I was driving back!!! (:
First thing I did before even leaving the parking lot was opening the roof, then I drove through Hamburg like that. Note that it was way past 11pm at that point d;
So some time later I got back onto the autobahn, with a speed limit of 120km/h. Roof still open, so I stopped at the first parking space I could find to close it, then continued the drive back to Lübeck.
I've probably mentioned before that this is one of my favourite sports'ey cars, and it's so much fun to drive on the highway, especially once you're past the speed limits. You can easily overtake just about everything with this thing. Going 130? Just use the kickdown to whooooosh past other cars.
I didn't go faster than 220km/h though, because it gets kinda hard to see where you're actually going in the dark, and stuff.

Anyway, fun! (:


Jun. 8th, 2006 02:14 pm
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parking ... )

no comment.
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... Have I mentioned my boss is insane?
She practically panics when seeing a spider, but has no problem picking up centipedes off the floor and hand-delivering them outside so that they don't get crushed underfoot; and that even though those look pretty much like a few spiders holding hands and running after each other ... o_O
Anyway, in other news, I worked today. Arrived around 6.30pm and dealt with a customer right away. Unfortunately it was someone who wasn't aware of the fact that he'd have to pay for the car, and didn't have any CC or ECCH with him. So I taxied him to his place so he could get his bank card, then back to rent out that car.
I drove our handicapped Golf in traffic for the first time today too. Kinda irritating, the stuff that's been added to it. There's a mechanism that let's you accelerate with your right hand, and some levers to operate the indicators with your right hand too. Additionally there's a second gas pedal (left of the brake) and a switch that lets you choose between left and right gas pedal ... Weird!
The airport was quite busy today, and I spent most of my work day dealing with customers there. T'was okay though, I like being productive.
Got some food around midnight, and people from the Ahrensburg station showed up ...
Steffi was in a pretty good mood today, since a car she'd "lost" a few weeks ago showed up. And apparently the customer who'd made the car disappear is now in police custody or something ...
Serves her right too. Stealing cars is not nice.
That's the car I used to go between city and airport too. Driving stolen cars is fun, and thrilling. I guess it'd be really funny if the police happened to see you and stopped you ....... But that, of course, didn't happen ... d;

Anyway. I also managed to wash my clothes today, they're all hung up to dry now. Wheee.

I'll just finish my Coke and go to bed ...
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... It's a long weekend, work wise.
I started at around 11.30 today, which means I had to get up early'ish. Took over from Heiko, and Steffi, Thomas, and Nicole showed up a bit later (12.15 or something like that ...).
Then we did ... uhhh, stuff. Nothing special actually happened. Customers returned their cars, or came in to get their car, or called to ask about things, etc.
I drove two Astras and an A6 to the gas station to get them washed. I love kickdowns on A6'es. When with a normal car, you wait for traffic to pass, because you're not sure whether you'll manage to sneak into it with a car, you can just go ahead with the A6 because it accelerates like crazy (3l TDI). Love those cars.
I also got an L3 washed, that's something like this. I hate driving those things, you can never see what's right behind you. And try fitting that into a car wash that's meant to be used for regular cars ... o_O
Anyway ... In the evening we bbq'ed and had dinner. Fun, and yummy! d:

Btw, yesterday I agreed to take a customer home (i.e. from here to here'ish). Doesn't look too hard on the map, but try getting back to Lübeck City without a map and with the help of a hopelessly outdated navi that keeps looping you around this area even though that's nowhere even near the shortest route back to the city. And let's not forget plenty of roadwork and blocked exits to confuse that nav system even further. Fun.
I also distinctly remembered not having to pay to use a tunnel on my way to the customer's home, but when I drove back I suddenly had to ...
Anyway. Fun, and stuff d;

More curious things today: Football fans. Annoying bunch. Police blocked the road in front of our office, and stuff. Doesn't make it any easier to get cars cleaned. o:

Soooo ... I've got a car now, because I'm working again tomorrow. But I won't have to be there from the start. Boss said it's okay for me to be there at 11am, which is just fine with me. Means I get enough sleep this night.
And, that's what I'm going to do now.

Just one more thing: Identity, on TV today. Seemed to be real good. Had a few actors in it that I like, too. John Cusack, Clae DuVall, and Guy Who Plays Dr Cox In Scrubs. Funny little twist towards the end too, which I tend to like in movies ...
Put the DVD in my amazon basket, will buy it along with some other stuff at some point ...

And now, BED!

A6 ...

May. 12th, 2006 12:06 am
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broken A6 at work ... ): )

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