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I decided to return the graphics card I'd ordered.

It's incapable of displaying videos / DVDs properly on the secondary monitor. I think this is due to the PCIe slot being slow (the fast one is of course taken up by the primary graphics card).

I'm also going back to old drivers - latest ones are just unacceptable for the second monitor. Pity about the games, but those just aren't a priority these days.

I just wish nVidia / Microsoft would get their act together and adress this issue. I can't believe how few seem to be affected by this anyway. It's quite difficult to find any results on the issue on the google.

Btw, I wrote an e-Mail to Tale of Tales. I'd bought The Path (aka Best "Game" Ever) from them two years ago, and the installer had got corrupted, so I needed a new download.
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Uhm. Someone changed attributes on D:\temp to +sh (that's hidden, system). I sure didn't. Interestingly, my first idea of undoing it was via DOS box - it was only afterwards that I had an idea on how to do it in windows explorer.

My mobile today claimed that the microSD card inside was corrupted and needed a format. I scandisk'ed via windows and USB adapter. Found some errors, was mostly okay though. Weird.

I got weak and ordered Dragon Age 2, even though I don't have all that much money. Wasn't all that pricey though. 52€ for the .at Signature Edition, and that includes personal delivery, since the .at version didn't get an USK / FSK rating and therefore can't be sold to minors in Germany.
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I'm sooo glad ehrec.exe has been maxing out one of my cores for the past four hours.

Also. Gay Warden. Tehehehehe!


Mar. 7th, 2011 09:10 pm
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Good thing I never deleted the installation files for 182.50 (Those are Vista drivers btw).
Desktop is back to working order.
Amnesia game is back to not working graphically.
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A year on, and apparently you still haven't fixed the dual screen issue where animations run smoothly on the primary screen while being all jittery on the secondary?

Now I've got to go back and try to find drivers from two years ago once again, just so that I can *use* the desktop.

Btw, Amnesia - The Dark Descent appears to be an interesting game, but unfortunately it doesn't work properly with two years old drivers. A proper desktop is a priority though.


Mar. 3rd, 2011 10:54 pm
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First impression of scanner software, I'm underwhelmed. Some of the software design aspects I had issues with ten years ago with my cheap Mustek scanner are still present with this Epson scanner.

Seriously, there's a simple window with just a progress bar to tell me how far along the scan process is - why the hell does this window have to be always on top? (come to think of it, why isn't there a system wide setting in MS Windows not to honour any app's request to be "always on top"?? Same as browsers should have a setting to ignore blink tags.)

And those quick scan buttons on the scanner ... There's one labelled with a printer icon. You'd think, simple enough, scan whatever's in the scanner, send to printer.
When I press that button, I *do not* want a window to pop up for me to basically confirm various settings. I want it to scan, then print.

Same goes for the e-Mail button. Scan, attach as jpg to new e-Mail. Instead of that all I'm getting here is an error message, "please install the e-Mail application". I guess supporting a niche product such as Thunderbird takes too much effort.

I'll fiddle with the scanner some more tommorrow, maybe I'll find some options to change the default behaviour. For now, bed.

This is way too long for a friendface status ...
*posts to lj*
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just a few ... )
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A few months back I had trouble updating the latest patches. The update tool gave a cryptic error message, so, you know, you go ahead and google it.
That particular error had been reported before for Windows Vista (I'm using 7). I tried the suggested fixes anyway, didn't help.
In the end I actually contacted Microsoft's e-Mail support. They told me to do what I'd already tried, then suggested an in-place upgrade installation, or some such thing. Well, that didn't work out - it got stuck at one point so I had to reboot, even though it'd warned not to (by getting stuck I mean I let it run a day without it getting past that point).

I think in the end I did a re-install.

And a few days ago I tried installing Service Pack 1. Of course, it fails to install. Yay...
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Quality documentation made by digitus ... )

The irony being, of course, that there's no "trigger port" field to set. Might be the reason I can't get steam to work via the router ... Also, there's no firmware update available for the router.
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Thought updating the driver might be a good idea. The manual that came with the network adapter explicitly stated not to install the default driver, but my Win7 does, without even asking first. The driver that came with the card is hopelessly outdated too, so much in fact that the website URL the config tool provides is wrong. That's the reason I've had trouble finding an updated driver at all.
Anyway, in the end I did. Latest driver, updated config tool. No outages since then, but then I don't actually know what caused them in the first place, so I can't be certain.

I guess I'll see in the next few days ...

Bed now, work tomorrow.


Aug. 21st, 2010 01:54 pm
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Mmmh. It appears that the connection between my computer and the router occasionally just dies. The router's fine though, I can still use the Nexus to access the 'net. It's also not an issue with DNS / IP resolution, if it was then utorrent would still work.

If I disable and enable the adapter, it works again.

Need to figure this out, it's rather annoying ...
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Instead of going for that real pricey D-Link setup, I instead bought a Digitus WLAN router and PCIe card today, for a mere ... 105€ I think.
Anyway, setting up the router was quick and easy. Though for some strange reason, it worked fine after plugging in, but stopped working after configuring it. Nothing to worry though, resetted it, fixed the config, and it worked like a breeze.
Setting up my phone to use the WLAN was about as easy as it gets too. Select WLAN, enter passphrase, done.
The PCIe card was a bit more difficult though. I guess I could've gone with a USB dongle instead, but I only have two USB ports free, and those aren't on the back of the PC but on its side. And those two really are for quickly connecting / disconnecting stuff like phone, music player, camera, stick, etc. Nothing permanent should go there, just doesn't look good.
Anyway, I've got two free slots in my PC that look PCIe'ish. The short one fits the network card quite nicely, but for some reason I couldn't get it to work in that. Got power, and its LEDs even showed an active link, but the comp didn't notice the card's presence at all.
In the end I changed to the longer slot, which looks more like an extra graphics card should go there, and this one works. Windows found new hardware, drivers installed almost instantly, and no networks could be found.
Fixed that by installing the drivers that came with the card instead of Windows' default ones.
And now it works quite nicely.

Satisfied with the results. Of course it'll be a few days before I actually really need the WLAN router ...
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Froogle is a useful service and all ... as long as you're searching for the cheapest way to obtain one product.

Doesn't help me much though. I've decided to buy:
- D-Link DIR-655 WLAN router
- D-Link DWA-556 PCIe adapter (because PCIe is the only free slot left in my PC)

So, I can do a froogle search for the router to find the cheapest place to buy it, but the adapter might be more expensive, or unavailable, in that shop. So I'd have to froogle the adapter to find a shop selling that one cheap.
Since I'd end up buying from two different shops I also pay twice for shipping. Worst case, I end up paying more than if I'd ordered from a shop that offers both, but at a higher price.
So, why is it that froogle doesn't let me search for multiple products and displays shops that have all of them, combined?

BTW, some shops offer those two D-Link products bundled, so I get sort of a proper result. But still, froogle should be able to do that IMO.
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TV-Tipp: Geek Cruise - Wenn Nerds verreisen

Wie gut dass mein Computer "neues"-Sendungen aufnimmt, sonst hätt' ich dies doch glatt verpasst.
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Why oh why is it that every time I re-install my system I forget to note down the advanced title formatting I'd set in Winamp, and also forget the tag I used on LJ to find that entry again where I noted it in the past?


srly wtf?

Jun. 27th, 2010 09:49 pm
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I've had a weird problem with my dual screen setup for quite long. I might've mentioned it before in fact. Basically programs perform better when they're being displayed on my primary screen. It's very noticable with media center. It's fluent on my primary, but runs jittery on the secondary (looks like it's running with just half the refresh rate).
I've spent several hours in the past year(s?) googling this particular problem, but never found any solution. Until today, that is..
It's supposed to be a Windows Aero / Transparency issue. Whenever the system thinks stuff on the primary screen is too graphics intensive the refresh rate on the secondary is tuned down. This behaviour is triggered just about always though. As soon as you so much as move an open explorer window, the refresh rate on the secondary monitor goes down 50%.
Funnily enough, the solution recommended on that forum works for me. I just installed nvidia drivers from more than a year ago (vista x64 182.50 ones) and the performance now is perfect on both monitors.
Yay! Finally!

Btw, I reinstalled my system since none of the solutions Microsoft recommended for my corrupted Windows Update solved that issue.


Jun. 22nd, 2010 09:06 pm
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A few days ago I encountered an error when trying to install Windows Updates. Since none of the solutions I found via google worked for me, I contacted Microsoft Support.
Since then I was walked through those solutions I'd found via google again. None of them worked of course.
I also tried system restore but it "restored" to a black desktop with only the mouse cursor visible.

Yesterday I tried the latest suggestion by Microsoft Support. Do an upgrade install, thus replacing most of the system while leaving programs, settings, and personal files intact.
So I started that yesterday, then went to bed. This morning it wasn't done. I took a picture of the screen and when I returned from work this evening found that it had done absolutely nothing in these past 11 hours. So, no luck there I guess, but I couldn't cancel the upgrade installation either because it might leave my system "in an unusable state".
Thinking it sure can't get any more unusable than it is now, I cut the power anyway, then booted a Knoppix DVD to grab some more files off the ssd, and intending to do a fresh install.
Turns out I could still "rollback" to the previous install. That worked for the most part (except that my Windows now thinks it's not genuine) so I'm now back to being unable to doing any updates.

I guess I'll just have to do a fresh install, probably will do that this weekend. I don't really know what else might be not working properly at the moment, so I'm going to make sure.

For now I can watch the soccer though.

Oh, I also need a backup solution since Microsoft's isn't very good. Any recommendations? I'll need something that backups an entire system volume and individual folders to an hdd. Should be easy to schedule to running once a week.
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That's just so very typical.

I tried installing windows updates this morning, but to my surprise I found a message stating that an unknown error had occured and some updates couldn't be completed.

Googling the error code yielded some results, but most of them applied to Vista, or 32bit versions, or something. Anyway, the recommended action to take was to delete a corrupted file (some mafia quote comes to mind), reboot and re-run windowsupdate.
The particular file doesn't exist on my system though.
Someone else suggested using system restore to get to a point before the file got corrupted. In my case though, restoring to a point one week ago resulted in a black desktop with only the mouse cursor visible. I don't recall my desktop being in this particular state one week ago.
Fortunately I've managed to undo the restore operation, so now I'm back to only being unable to install windows updates.
Not that those are important or anything ...
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I've got a new Nzxt Sentry (the old one died, remember?) ... And I've put it up on eBay. Let's face it, it's a nice little toy to add to your computer, but you don't really actually need it do you?
It displays the current time, but turns itself off when the computer is powered down, so there's no point to it really, since I can just as well check the time via the task bar.
Also, it displays cpu and hdd temperatures. That gets boring after a while though, nothing much ever happens in that respect anyway. The CPU temp goes up to about 42°c max under full load. That's less than deadly for the CPU and if the fan ever died I'd surely notice.
After what happened to the last Sentry, I wouldn't hook up any fans to it anymore either.

So I'm selling it. Should be worth around 25€ since it's new and unused.
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Media Center was recording some TV show just now.
Unfortunately I'd decided to check whether my apps were up to date. Adobe Reader wasn't, and as we all know Reader is such an important system component that updating it means rebooting the PC, and therefore I'm now missing a few minutes of that TV show.

Seriously, I get why some Windows Updates require a reboot, same goes for AV software and scandisk. But a f***ing PDF reader?! I'm pretty sure quicktime and java want a reboot too actually.

And what for? Just to get their entry active in msconfig → Startup. Guess what, I don't want quickgooglejavacyberlinkadobe running in the background! I keep disabling those startup entries after each update.
I don't even have the openoffice quickstarter running, you know why? I have a friggin' fast SSD, I don't need some wannabe TSR to hog RAM and CPU cycles just to load a wee bit faster in case I want to edit a spreadsheet. Or watch a quicktime video.
Shesh, if Porcupine Tree had released the DVD preview trailer in a proper format I wouldn't even have quicktime installed on the computer.



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