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Furt concert in Rostock on Friday was FUN.
T'was Mr. Urlaub's birthday, so the audience sang "Happy Birthday" several times.
He turned 43. Those of you who're familiar with Furt know what this means for the song "Zehn" ... (;

Furt concert in Bremen on Saturday was FUN too!
Sound was better than in Rostock, and my ears felt better afterwards.

Love the new song too, "Frauenflüsterer". Very funny. Hope to see some sort of studio version of that soon.
Or even just a decent (bootleg) live recording where you can make out all the words ...

As to the car I rented, I couldn't get a diesel, but other than that it drove pretty well.
I'll probably have to pay around 100€ for gas though. I was the one driving to Rostock yesterday, and to Bremen earlier today. So that's about twice as much as I paid for the car itself ^_^

Next Friday we're going to see Furt in Hanover. YaY (:
People have asked me if I was crazy to go see them 4 times on their current tour.
I'll tell you, it's not. There's so much improvising and spontaneous comedy involved that each and every concert is very different.
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Furt hat neue Konzert-Daten veröffentlicht!
Die kommen in die Muk!!!!
In Lübeck!!1!11!!!

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Just a quick update before I go the hell to bed.

I've had the past few days off, which was nice.
Friday afternoon I got on a train to Hamburg. I met with Chrischi there, and we visited Saturn. Bought The Livealbum of Death there, and also checked the PC department for SDRAM. Couldn't find any though (well, okay, there was one stick of 128MB RAM and one of 512MB RAM. I wanted 256MB.). Kinda depressing to see your PC devalue so much, while the prices for RAM go up at the same time. DDR RAM appears to be the cheapest at the moment.
Anyway, we left Saturn and visited MediaMarkt instead. Browsed for a bit, looking for CSI and Simpsons boxes, and Blue Öyster Cult CDs.
I also checked out the mouse / keyboard combos available, but couldn't find any I liked. What I'm looking for is a wireless set, with the mouse being optical, preferably with the receiver being a recharger for the mouse at the same time, or even a recharger for spare batteries for both mouse and keyboard. Now that would be neat-o.
Anyway, I need a neutral mouse, i.e. not one for right-handed people (is there even one optimised for lefties??), with one mouse button on each side, since that's what I'm used to from my current and previous mice.
As to the keyboard, I just want a normal one, and by normal I mean one with the same layout as my current one. I do not want the group of 6 buttons above the cursor keys to be mixed around, and I don't want to have cursors and num block moved closer to the main group of keys either. I like it the way it is with my current keyboard just fine.
Anyway, the reason why I'm looking for new ones anyway, is, of course, that my current mouse gets stuck lots when moving downwards, which is really irritating, and also, after rebooting, my mouse and keyboard have a bad habit of just randomly stopping to work.
Oh, and since my current combo is Memorex, and the previous mouse is Typhoon, I guess I really want to try something decent for a change. Logitech, or something of similar popularity.

Anyway, couldn't find any of those. But I did find a 256MB SDRAM stick (€84.99). It was for my parents' PC, which was annoyingly slow, and I guessed that it might be memory related. Especially since I'd ripped a 256MB stick out of it and put it in my current machine, before giving that computer to my parents.
Anyway, bought the RAM and later installed it on my parents' machine, thus roughly doubling its value I guess.

So, what else? Chrischi and me paid the cinema a visit, to get the tickets for the movie we wanted to see.
Then we left the cinema and went on to pick up Michaela and her boyfriend Ansger (I don't actually know how to spell his name ...). Went to get greek food, then drove back to the cinema, had cocktails there, then went in to see the movie. Saw II preview.
Was funny too, pretty much like the first one. I liked the twist at the end too ...

Well, then afterwards, took Michi and Ansger home, then drove to Schwarzenbek, all the time listening to the FURT livealbum.

Once in Sbek, I just pretty much went to bed at my parents' place. Couldn't sleep too well though, until I put on a shirt and sox, because I was cold.

Got up at around 11ish this morning, said hi to my mother and my father, talked for a bit about stuff and things, then installed the RAM stick in their computer, fired it up to see that it worked (which it did, whoop), and I actually could tell the difference in performance. Also installed some DVD software, changed some bits here and there, etc. Then Chrischi arrived, and we drove to Lübeck.

Once here, we did ... uhmm ... stuff ... Watched some TV, surfed the internet, burned a CD or two, ripped some CDs, listening to Blue Öyster Cult (I didn't managed to put my CD in on the way here, or all day yesterday, because Chrischi was more in a FURT mood, but once here he actually started to really like Blue Öyster Cult ... teh win! (: ). Chrischi had brought Mr. & Mrs. Smith, which I recommend. It's really funny. Some things remind you of Max Payne, but I didn't really mind. It was definitely good for many laughs. Ironically, just earlier today I'd read this article on the german DVD release - it's got a new kind of copy protection, that tries to install some drivers when you put it in a PC drive. According to the article, it tends to crash systems, or stop burners from working properly, or, at all. It's also hard to uninstall, because apparently you need to write an e-Mail to the manufacturer of the copy protection system. You then get a download URL and key code for the uninstaller. You run it, enter the key code, and then it connects to the server to verify the code, i.e. uninstalling on an internetless computer is impossible. Also, you can get but one key code per e-Mail addy, so you can in theory only uninstall once, too.
On the plus side, it uninstalls properly.
Another plus side, it works through autorun d; ... Which means that, according to heise, you can easily watch, and rip (!!) the DVD if you have autorun disabled, or hold shift while inserting the DVD. I can verify that watching indeed is no problem ...
Oh, the fun of efficient copy protection ... d;
Anyway, those of you who actually bother reading this, might wonder ... Mr and Ms Smith isn't out on DVD yet. Chrischi knows some store though, whose employees don't much care about official release dates ... d;

Kay, what else?
We ordered yummy pizza to go with the movie. Wheee.
We also drove to the airport, I talked to Olaf for a bit, and got a car to easier get to the airport to work tomorrow morning. Olaf also pointed out that Monday is VIP-day at the airport, with plenty of Europcar VIPs showing up, to negotiate new contracts between Europcar and the Airport, or something. Oh well, nothing for me to really worry about I guess. I'm not working on Monday anyway, Olaf will have to deal with those guys d;

Chrischi left a while ago. I'm a little tired, so we decided to end the day a little earlier than usual.
I took a quick shower, did some more things on the net, then started writing an LJ entry ...
Ordered a few things off the amazons: Without Remorse, Rainbow Six, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Soundtrack Edition DVD+CD) (I said I liked it, right? And the box design is real neat too. Bullet holes and stuff), and Scrubs Season 3 from
And from A Long Day's Night, On your Feet or on your Knees, Extraterrestrial Live, Some Enchanted Evening, all of which are Blue Öyster Cult live albums, and Fillerbunny in My Worst Book Yet! (the one Fillerbunny comic I'm still missing) ...

Yay, money. Anyway, it seems that the only place to get all those Blue Öyster Cult CDs is either the US or CA, and with the current exchange rates, and the extra I pay on my credit card for making transactions in currencies other than Euros, and with shipping included, the end price still seemed around €12 per album, which is real cheap. Of course, the comic changes the shipping costs somewhat, so the end would be around €13.50 per CD. Which is still cheaper than the average CD here, and cheaper than an import via, I think ...

Anyway, I think that's all for now. A cookie for you if you actually bothered to read all the way through this ...
Legal Disclaimer: metaphorical cookies only
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Ich bereite mich menthol schon mal auf die Konzerte vor.
Im Oktober ...


Jan. 18th, 2006 09:19 pm
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There's already three concerts I'm going to this year!

Furt in Rostock.
Furt in Hannover.
Furt in Bremen.

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Ab 3. Februar 2006: "Livealbum Of Death"
1 CD, 22 Songs, 90 Minuten Farin Urlaub Racing Team in full effect!
6 x 7''-Vinyl, 22 Songs, 90 Minuten Farin Urlaub Racing Team in full effect!

Ab 13. Januar 2006: "Zehn"
"Zehn"-Song und -Video plus weitere 10 Minuten Farin Urlaub Racing Team in full effect!
I'm just wondering how they intend to get 90 minutes on a single CD ...
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Sumisu was in the mail today.
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It occured to me, even the Farin Urlaub singles are really cool and worth getting.
Problem is, they've become quite rare. The ones from the first album anyway. I already do have the ones from the second album ...
(Btw, the next single will be Sonne ...)

So, I've ordered three of them from some Amazon Marketplace thing.
I don't really like doing that, since I tend to mistrust people. But with more than 100k of people posting mostly positive feedback, and the rest mostly complaining that it took too long to deliver, I guess I'll be okay. Still better than paying 35€ for just Ok ...
As to the fourth single, I signed up with pretty much just to get this one. Yet again, I don't like eBay because I always feel I can't trust people there. But on the other hand, I guess the feedback issue is a good thing, and I can't seem to find any other place to get that single anyway, so I hardly have any choice ...

And I'll try to make sure never to miss a FU single again ...
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hmmm ...
I just noticed today, that the tracks I downloaded and paid for a few months ago are actually available for free.

Well, they were worth it, so ...
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The most fun I've ever had at a concert was this past Monday and Tuesday.

And I'm looking forward to the next time I can see FURT live. Can't wait.



Jun. 22nd, 2005 04:33 pm
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whoa ...
I don't think I've ever had this much fun at a concert.
It was a little longer today as it seems, and less crowded. More young people it seemed to me too.
More joking around with the band, etc.
Same songs, but I sure don't mind that.
More jumping around with Zehn.
Some shouting and screaming by Chrischi and me, and only a few others, when Farin asked who'd been there yesterday ...
Someone pointing at my 42-shirt and shouting TOWEL! ...
Cute girls ... d;
And I'd put two bottles of water in the freezer today, then took them along and left them in the car for myself and Chrischi. Good idea of mine. Should've done that yesterday.
Less warm and less bad air today.
There's some sort of small festival coming up in a few weeks, where FURT will be playing. The tickets are twice as expensive though as the concert tickets have been, and I don't actually care to see any of the other bands that are coming there.
I'm trying to persuade Chrischi to go to the Schwerin concert with me ... Looks like the only other one that's close'ish to here ...

And now I'm going to bed ...
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Hi there!

Okay let's see ...
Yesterday I caught a bus to go to Schwarzenbek. The weather was quite hot, so I emptied a bottle of water on the way. My mother waited at the bus stop in Schwarzenbek, and we drove to my parents' place.
Once here I didn't do anything much. Chatted with my father, and did updates on my parents' computer. And I downloaded a few PPOT tracks from my home computer to this one, so that I would at least have some music to listen to.
In the evening, Chrischi came over, and rang the door a few times before I even heard him. Both my parents were out, so they couldn't let him in either. Guess I had the music turned up too loud.
Anyway, we drove to Hamburg, and parked the car .. uhh .. somewhere. I guess it was on the far end of the Reeperbahn, seen from the Grosse Freiheit. Which is where the concert would be taking place.
So we walked there, and passed a Kentucky Schreit Ficken. Actually, in the end we didn't pass it as such, but went in instead. If I'm not mistaken, Chrischi has never eaten in one, and I definitely haven't, so we tried that for the first time. And I liked it. Wheee, yummy chickeny goodness. Pity we don't have any of those in Lübeck. Actually ... *checks website* ... Right, one of the closest KFCs to my place is the one on the Reeperbahn we went to yesterday.
Anyway, yummy food, crappy music played inside, yucky Pepsi instead of Coke, yadda yadda.
Once we were done with the chicken we continued our way to the Grosse Freiheit.
When we arrived I was surprised to see that it wasn't all that crowded in front of the entrance. I remembered it from last time I was there (Runrig), that me and my father stood halfway up the street, in line to get inside. This time we stood right in front of the entrance, and waited a few minutes for Christian. I jokingly said to Chrischi "I hope he hasn't gone in yet. Because, I have his ticket." ... Anyway, he arrived shortly afterwards, we chatted for a bit, then went in.
Lots of people inside, but I remember it being even more crowded on the Runrig concert. We found a neat little spot where the air conditioning blew, so it was actually cool'ish.
Furt started playing on time, a few minutes after 9pm. It was really loud, and it took a few minutes for my ears to get used to it. But then it was a lot of fun. Farin Urlaub likes to improvise on songs, which is always a lot of fun. A few minutes into the concert the transmitter thing for his guitar died, so instead of playing and signing, he just sang about problems with technology.
There were quite some weird people there of course, one passed us who looked pretty much like Farin Urlaub himself did a few years ago, and announced that he's got to get on stage now ...
Chrischi had some dood with long curly hair in front of him, and in the end changed spots because he'd had his hair in his face all the time ...
Next to Christian and me there was a guy who I thought would go unconcious any minute. That's what he looked like anyway. *shurgs* He didn't feel too well, but also didn't bother going outside to catch soem fresh air, so ...
Some guy came running past us too, but clearly didn't reach his destination in time, whatever it was, because he ended up throwing up behind me.
Uhhh, anyway ... The setlist was this ...
  1. Intro (Schon wieder)
  2. Mehr
  3. Augenblick
  4. Sumisu
  5. Am Strand
  6. Wie ich den Marlyn-Manson-Ähnlichkeitswettbewerb verlor
  7. Porzellan
  8. Petze
  9. Klasse
  10. Noch einmal (yes, he played the hidden track)
  11. Jeden Tag Sonntag
  12. 1000 Jahre schlechter Sex
  13. Dermitder
  14. Wunderbar
  15. Phänomenal egal
  16. Sonne
  17. Apocalypse wann anders
  18. Lieber Staat
  19. Glücklich
  20. Zehn
  21. Der ziemlich okaye Popsong
  22. Alle Dasselbe
  23. Unsichtbar
  24. OK
  25. Unter Wasser
  26. Immer noch
  27. Dusche
  28. Alle Fragen dieser Welt
  29. Wo ist das Problem?
  30. Ich gehöre nicht dazu
  31. Abschiedslied
  32. Zehn (2)

He played for about 135 minutes, and then we left again, and drove back home ...

And tonight we're going to do pretty much the same thing again. (:

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