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Im currently in the rather unique position to choose between two decent jobs. And right now several people, some higher up, are holding their breath waiting for my decision.

The situation is as follows:
Steffi, my former boss, has filed for bankruptcy, which means no one's available to head the local Europcar branch. Europcar, though downplaying the whole issue, are desperately looking for a replacement. Steffi has arranged for a potential successor, financially able to do it, but without the neccessary personnel. Me, I've had a meeting with that successor, offering to be the personnel they're missing.
The current service partner in Lübeck has also asked me to come work for him. He's desperately looking for someone, and in fact it's the fourth time he's asked me.

So, now it's my choice. The existance of the local branch pretty much depends on me accepting to work for the new guy here. If I decline, I assume it'll take about a month for them to find a viable alternative. Quite the power for someone currently on Hartz IV. (:
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Quick update:
The ductwork in my apartment has been installed in such a crappy way that the water doesn't flow properly. There's always a little bit left inside the ducts, and since the ducts run near the outside wall of the building the drain duct is frozen solid.
The guy who was supposed to get it working again has given up, since there's nothing he can do to prevent it from just freezing again. It seems that the entire drain pipe has to be removed and a new, insulated one installed, with a bit of a decline too because currently the "decline" is facing the wrong way.

Anyway, a plumber came along around 1pm to take a look at things. Now his boss is doing a cost estimation, and actual work on the issue might start the day after tomorrow.

Oh well, since there's currently puddles of water all over my apartment I've decided to take a bath in the bathroom sink. At least I feel clean again now.

I'm quite pissed off anyway. I'm not blaming the weather of course, nothing you could've done about the freezing temperatures. I do blame crappy craftsmanship though. If those ducts had been installed properly, this all wouldn't be neccessary now.

iiii chlor

Jan. 25th, 2010 02:08 pm
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... und zu Allem Überfluss stinken meine Hände jetzt nach Chlor.
Ich hatte Rohreiniger in den verstopften Abfluss gegossen, und das Zeug hat sich natürlich im stehenden Wasser verteilt, das ich vorhin abgeschöpft hab. Hatte zwar Handschuhe an, aber trotzdem stinken meine Hände jetzt. Und ich hab' sie mir schon ein paar Mal gewaschen um den Geruch loszuwerden. Bringt nix.
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... waren nur ca. 6km, aber ich bin das Fahren so dermaßen nicht mehr gewohnt, dass das erst Mal gereicht hat. Bin zur Hafeneinfahrt gefahren, hab ein Foto gemacht,

und dann wieder zurück.

Im Übrigen hab' ich eine Blase am kleinen Finger. Von meinen neuen Schuhen. Beim Schnüren schneiden die Schnürsenkel in die Finger. Und da ich die Schuhe halt sehr fest schnüre kommt sowas bei raus ...
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Meine Eltern haben mir den Stellenmarkt aus dem Hamburger Abendblatt zukommen lassen.
Eine Anzeige lautet:
00110100 00110000 00110100 00110011 00110010
00110001 00110001 00110011 00110101 00111001
Irgendwie weiß ich damit nichts anzufangen. In ASCII übersetzt ist das 4043211359, aber was soll das sein?

Da im Abendblatt mehrfach auf verwiesen wird, dachte ich das ist vielleicht eine ID-Nummer. Aber deren Suchfunktion ist leider tot (und das schon seit gestern!), komme ich also auch nicht weiter ...

Hat sich erledigt, ist wohl eine Durchwahl der Firma Jung von Matt AG, einer Werbeagentur, die unter anderem Ausbildungsplätze für Fachinformatiker anbietet. Die Hintergrundfarbe stimmt auch in etwa mit der der Anzeige überein. Kommt also hin.
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... But today I'm not happy it's snowing.
My parents are celebrating their birthdays today. I'd intended to visit them. It's a 2 hour drive from my place to theirs, but it's started snowing today, and it took me ages just to get to the office to rent a car. So I decided to give them a call and cancel. With the current weather conditions I estimate it would've taken me anywhere between 3 and 4 hours of concentrated driving. And I'd have to return this evening too, so another 3 - 4 hours back.
I'm a little sad about this, I was looking forward to seeing the family. But the way it is I probably wouldn't even have made it to lunch ...

On the plus side, I do have an appropriate user icon for this kind of situation ...
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I'm back online after a relocation related internet absence.
Disconnected and packed the computer on Saturday, went to work, then bed, then got up and rented a truck, had a few people helping me load the truck, drove to Husum, unpacked.
Still busy tidying up, and setting up furniture and things.

Labelling all boxes with "stuff" is a bad idea btw.

Internet seems to be working nicely. uTorrent is currently doing 1MB/s down and 151kB/s up, which is a whole lot more speed than I used to have in Lübeck. I'm using Kabel Deutschland as a provider, and the internet connection appears to be through a cable modem, instead of DSL via phone line.

I've also set up the DVB-T antenna, but reception is less than acceptable. It seems that the area I moved to is not entirely covered - I'm getting a few TV stations, but not those I'm actually interested in. I guess I'll have to grab a cable off the shop tomorrow and hook the TV card up to the same outlet I'm getting the internet from.

I've got the week off btw, so I can take things easy and get to know my new neighbourhood etc.
Btw, if you enter Husum into Google Maps, the marker is I guess 300m off from my new domicile.
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Words cannot describe how awesome Porcupine Tree are live. I've been to four of their concerts (Hannover, Bremen, Hamburg, and Berlin) in the past few weeks. Just amazing.
I've been bugging the merchandise guy for a Hoodie at the venues. Unfortunately he was out of XXL ones when I first asked in Hannover. So I returned to him in Bremen, still no XXL Hoodie. Then at the Hamburg gig he asked me whether I was going to attend any other shows. I told him that I'd be at the Berlin show too, so he promised to check the back of his truck and reserve one for me if he found one. So when I visited him again at the Berlin venue, he spotted me, pointed at me and grabbed a Hoodie for me. (: Yay! I paid for the Hoodie, then gave him an extra 5€ for his trouble. And as a thank you gift I got a drum stick Gavin had used the during the Hamburg show the previous day. (:
(Picture of concert stuff)
The journey to Berlin was pretty annoying though. Lots of rain, you could hardly see anything in front of you. And on my way back, the drive-up to the autobahn was closed and my satellite navigation refused to lead me any other way, so I kinda got lost there. I finally managed to get back home around 4am, and was in bed at 5am.
I also saw Sylvan who were pretty good as well. I really like the Ballroom as a venue too, it's quite small and intimate, and pretty good sound. Oh, and totally hot bartendress!

Windows 7:
Windows 7 was quick to arrive in my mailbox, even though I'd ordered from the UK. Installed it on the SSD, it's quick and shiny, I mostly like it so far. Only serious issue I noticed so far is that stuff doesn't run as fluently on the secondary monitor as they do on the primary one. It looks like the refresh rate is off, but it's set correctly, so I really don't know what's going on. Videos don't show properly, and Aero-related windows animations are all jittery too. The weirdest thing though, when there's a video being shown on the secondary screen, windows are jittery on the primary too, so basically things are displayed properly only when nothing but the desktop is shown on the secondary screen.
Other than that I'm quite happy with it though.
Oh, and I've got a spare one. Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit/64bit full UK version, new, unopened. I'm hoping to sell it for around 100€, let me know if you're interested!

My Apartment:
I'm actually moving out the day after tomorrow, so there's plenty of boxes currently in my apartment. I've been packing for the past few days, but I'm not quite done yet. I'll get to that in a minute.
It's surprising how much junk has piled up in the 9 years I've lived here. I've got quite a few plastic bags full of stuff that I intend to just throw out and get rid of. Should've done that ages ago. But at least there's a lot less stuff to actually move to Husum than I first thought.
Still need to pack my clothes. And the computer and stereo. Those will be the last things to be unplugged and packed of course d;

I've had a dentist appointment about two weeks ago to have my teeth checked. Doctor found one instance of caries and recommended I don't wait too long to have it removed and fixed.
So I got another appointment today to get that done. The Doctor let me choose whether to have anaesthetics, so I thought since he's leaving it up to me it can't be too bad. So I went without it, and as it turns out, that was a good choice. The doctor was done after about ten minutes, and I had breakfast right afterwards.
In fact, the first appointment two weeks ago was more painful than today because they removed dental calculus back then, which is quite irritating to the gums.
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... But what am I supposed to write anyway?
I'm sure you can all live without daily posts of mine stating
Got up, ate, went to work, went to bed
The past few days have been a little different though.

The SSD I ordered was quick to arrive in my mailbox, and I was surprised to see its size. I also ran into a bit of a problem. SSDs aren't available in 3.5" size it seems, so I bought a 2.5" one. I don't actually have a drive bay for that size in my computer case though. So I had to look for alternatives. In the end I bought a drive bay "converter" thing which does the trick.
As it turned out, I also had trouble hooking it up to a SATA port. Even though my PC has 7 of those, 3 are in use (2x HDD, 1x DVD), and 4 are unusable, which left me with exactly 0 ports to connect the drive to. I couldn't even use an angled SATA cable to use the port under the graphics card, because it doesn't fit there with the port next to it in use. I also have been unable to find any cables angled differently.
In the end I bought a PCI SATA controller. It's only a SATA-150 one, but I've hooked up the DVD drive to it, I don't think it can do more than 150Mbits anyway.
Of course, after booting up the PC the sound didn't work anymore. Just splendid. Re-Installing audio drivers and DirectX helped with that though.
And that's the story of how I installed an SSD to my computer.
I haven't actually used it so far. I'm waiting for Win7 to be released.

This past Saturday Alexandra celebrated her 30th birthday, so Chrischi and me were there celebrating along with her. Had the chance to catch up with both her and Christian, also chatted to various friends and relatives.

Chrischi and my have been to 2 concerts last week too. We saw Porcupine Tree in Hannover, and in Bremen.
What can I say about those concerts? Well, they were absolutely stunning. I won't bother even trying to put in words how awesome Porcupine Tree are live. They played their current album, followed by a sort of best of. The album works really well live, especially since they've got that big screen in the back showing films that go together with the music.
After a ten minute break, PT came back on stage and performed quite a few of my favourite tracks. The actual setlists differed for both shows, so we got to hear different songs.
Complete setlists for Hannover and Bremen btw.

I still haven't packed or prepared anything for my move, which is coming up in a few weeks' time. Oh well, still plenty of time, and I don't think I actually own all that much stuff anyway. Just need to throw out plenty.

Next weekend I'll be at my parents'. My mother has invited all family for a get-together.
There's also another two concerts, Sylvan on Saturday and Porcupine Tree on Sunday. If I do get the day off Monday, I might even go to Berlin for my fourth PorcTree concert. We'll see.
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I'd set the alarm to 7am for today. Got up, showered, biked into work. Arrived shortly after 8am, only to find that I might not be getting any car for rent because we were out. Oh well, while I was there anyway I got a few things done that needed to be done. Called support in Paris for help with a certain rental agreement, visited the gas station for a receipt, and rented out a car to a customer since I happened to be the only one in the office.
In the end I did get a car (C200 CDI), left work and visited a bakery for breakfast.
Afterwards I drove off to Husum to surprise Steffi and take a look at my soon to be work place. Steffi was really happy to see me (awww, she misses me (: ), I checked out the office, got to meet a few neighbours and customers, some of which quite dissatisfied with the previous Europcar representative ... Did I ever mention why Europcar was trying to get rid of him? No? Maybe I better keep my mouth shut then d;
Anyway, spent a few hours there, then drove to Hamburg to see Chickenfoot. As you can see from the concert listing the show had been cancelled but of course I only found out when I failed to get into the venue. ):
I sure hope I can find the receipt for the ticket, I should be getting my money back at least.
Since there wasn't anything else to do for me in Hamburg, I returned to Lübeck and spent some time at work with Do and Thomas.
And then I biked home, took a shower, and started writing an LJ entry .....
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Ich hab mir eben beim Abwasch aus Versehen einen Topfdeckel auf den dicken Zeh geworfen. Nagel gerissen und ins Nagelbett rein verbogen. Mist verdammt. Hab eben unter kaltem Wasser den Nagel in seine normale Position zurükgebogen, so dass das Nagelbett zumindest nicht mehr frei liegt.
Jetzt ist ein Pflaster drauf und ich hoffe dass ich da nichts weiter tun brauche und dass das in ein paar Tagen wieder in Ordnung ist ...
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windy day on the balcony ... )

In other news, the flu finally got the better of me. I've had a cold for about a week now, but still went to work until yesterday. I'd actually wanted to stay home yesterday too, but then Steffi said that she as real sick (she's had a cold for about as long as I have) and couldn't really work. So I went yesterday, and today she's feeling better and working, while I'm staying home with what feels like a bit of a fever ...

I still need to clean my kitchen anyway, but other than that I don't intend to do anything else today ...
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On Sunday, Steffi's grandfather came over for a visit. Now, I don't really know why, but he likes me for some reason and thinks very highly of me. So he invited me over for coffee / tea for his birthday today.
That came as a bit of a surprise to me really.
I did go of course, after all I do like him and his wife too.

So Steffi picked me in the afternoon, and we went over, had some tea and cake, and stayed until around 5.30pm, because I had to go to work -_-
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Sometimes I feel the urge to just do something ... As for today, that meant getting the bike and taking a little ride after work.
It's been snowing most of the day, and it hadn't stopped when I started off. So I'm pretty sure my bike absolutely hates me now ...

pictures of the bike ... )

I took a roundabout tour and randomly ended up at Koberg where I stopped to take a closer look at the light installation in the ground ...

lighty lights! )

Finally I ended up back at home, slightly snowy and moist.
I also came to the conclusion that I really should stop tying my hair into a ponytail all the time ...

pictures of MEEEEE! )
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I've been to Panzerknacker today to pick up (and *cough* pay) the item I've commissioned ...

necklace ... )

Out of curiosity, does anyone know / recognise this symbol?
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Hope you've all had a good time this night.

Me, I've been at work with Steffi until midnight, playing games mostly.
Then at midnight, we drove over to her grandparents' place and stayed there until about half an hour ago. I drove Steffi home, and now I'm back home myself.
And six hours from now, I'll be at the office again, 15 hour day ahead. Yay, I'm so looking forward to that.
Well, at least Steffi will be along for the ride, so it won't get boring. (:

And now, the hell off to bed!
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... bunch of useless, ignorant people there.

Most of the time anyway.

Today was a little different.
Not only do they have a whole basket of Sansa E280s, I also found an employee nice enough to open a package for me.
Turns out, it actually is a v1 firmware one. (note, Sandisk stopped making the v1 ones around october 2006).

So, Dirki's managed to get a new mp3 player!! (:

As for the cam - I'll have to save money for a few months before I can buy a new one. Not quite as happy about that ...
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Big Thank You Hugs go to Steffi for helping me out yesterday (by coming over after I discovered the theft, helping me call various banks, accompanying me to the police, and borrowing me some money).
And to my father for visiting today, bringing along my birth certificate, driving me around town to visit all sorts of admistration offices, and for paying all those admin fees. And food.
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This morning I woke up hearing thunder outside. So I thought I'd better shut the window and turn of the PC. Unfortunately I fell asleep again thinking this, and only dreamed I was shutting the window and turning off the comp ... Oops. Few minutes later I woke up again though, and this time actually got out of bed to do those things before going back to sleep. I even disconnected the power cables ...

It's almost 2 pm now and I'm finally up. It'd kinda been a long work day yesterday. Was home after 1am, and then Steffi called and asked me to do a delivery with her. In the end that didn't happen though.
Anyway, I just tried to reconnect the power to my computer. And monitors. And TV. And stereo system. Modem. Router. And whatever else is still connected to those two cables. The power surge was enough to kick out the fuse, and none of the devices were even turned on. *shurgs*

So. Today I'm probably having a day off. I'm saying probably because I know there's a delivery at 8pm today, and it's not certain enough of our drivers can be at work today (one of them is starting an internship today and he doesn't know when he'll be back home). Anyway, most likely I'll stay home today and do something fun for once. Like iron the huge load of clothes piled up in my room |:

Oh, and my Livejournal turns 8 today. Yay. (:
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Was at the doctor's again today.
He slapped a piece of congrete to my arm.
So I guess I'm right-handed till Monday, which is just a little bit annoying.

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