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Weekend has been fun.
Sylvan concert on Friday with Moni and Chrischi. Lots of older stuff was played, songs I'd never heard before. Good ones. Bought three CDs, Deliverance Re-Issue among them. Deliverance was their first album, and has been unavailable for some time. The Re-Issue is not officially on sale yet.

On Saturday some of my coworkers came over for an evening of gaming. We started off with a few rounds of Fluxx, followed by a single round of Risk which took about 5 hours. We ordered pizza for dinner and finished with a few rounds of Wizard.

And today I tidied up, washed some clothes, watched a few episodes of Simpsons and the latest Burn Notice, and played some New Vegas. I've finished a few quests and I'm not entirely sure what to do next ...

Oh, and I bought a used Senseo HD 7810 off one of my coworkers. I don't drink coffee myself, but for 5€ it was a bargain - and I can now offer a decent cup of coffee to people visiting me.
That is, once I buy some ammo for it.
It also does tea and cocoa, but I guess I won't try those. First of all, if you prepare different things in it, the tastes will interfere with each other. To avoid that I'd have to thoroughly clean it every time. Also, preparing a cup of tea with tea bags and boiling water, or a cup of cocoa is well within my abilities. Coffee is not though.

quickie ..

Oct. 18th, 2010 06:48 am
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The new job is mostly fun so far. I get to fiddle with computers d:

Chrischi was over yesterday. We had croques, watched The Uninvited and Sherlock Holmes, played some StarCraft II, and listened to some music.

Also, I installed Cyanogenmod on my Nexus. That involved resetting the phone and losing all data and apps, but I knew that in advance so I made backups.
So, what's different? Instead of having a static five home screens with a 4x4 grid to customise with widgets, apps etc, you can now adjust the number of home screens, change which is the default one, and change the number of rows and coloumns, etc.
Cyanogenmod also has native flac support, wheee! And it supports the various coloured LEDs under the trackball instead of just the white one, like original FroYo.
There's plenty of other stuff too, not all of which I've discovered, I guess.

Tomorrow I'll have to get up early. We're supposed to be at a customer's in Hamburg at 9am.

As for the rest of today ... Fallout 3 possibly. I wish I could get Fallout 1/2/Tactics to work.

Ooooh. I never hit post on this did I?

wet rain

Sep. 12th, 2010 11:04 pm
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Just got home from an evening at Steffi's place where we played poker. For me it was the first time playing it. I didn't do too well, and I don't think I'd ever get any good at it anyway. But I guess that's not really the point, as we all had quite a lot of fun. So that's good!
Anyway, it started raining in the evening, so I got quite wet biking back home just now.

Also, I forgot to get my washing off the clothesline before leaving. Fortunately it wasn't windy, so the clothes didn't get all wet again.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow so I'm going to bed now.
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Today we met some guy at work.
He was trying to sell ad space in the yellow pages, but Steffi made quite clear that she didn't intend to buy any at the moment.
He invited us to dinner anyway. At first we thought he was going to try to persuade Steffi to get some ad space after all, but he didn't. We were a little confused at that and didn't know whether he was just bored or lonely, or something.
Now the weird thing is, we're pretty sure he's introduced himself when he first entered the office, but none of us was paying attention, so we didn't actually know his name. And as regular xkcd readers will know, at some point it gets awkward asking for names, so you just don't.

In the end we referred to him as Hans, in reference to Dominique, a friend of ours (don't ask).

So, somewhat weird, but fun day. And free food!
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... But what am I supposed to write anyway?
I'm sure you can all live without daily posts of mine stating
Got up, ate, went to work, went to bed
The past few days have been a little different though.

The SSD I ordered was quick to arrive in my mailbox, and I was surprised to see its size. I also ran into a bit of a problem. SSDs aren't available in 3.5" size it seems, so I bought a 2.5" one. I don't actually have a drive bay for that size in my computer case though. So I had to look for alternatives. In the end I bought a drive bay "converter" thing which does the trick.
As it turned out, I also had trouble hooking it up to a SATA port. Even though my PC has 7 of those, 3 are in use (2x HDD, 1x DVD), and 4 are unusable, which left me with exactly 0 ports to connect the drive to. I couldn't even use an angled SATA cable to use the port under the graphics card, because it doesn't fit there with the port next to it in use. I also have been unable to find any cables angled differently.
In the end I bought a PCI SATA controller. It's only a SATA-150 one, but I've hooked up the DVD drive to it, I don't think it can do more than 150Mbits anyway.
Of course, after booting up the PC the sound didn't work anymore. Just splendid. Re-Installing audio drivers and DirectX helped with that though.
And that's the story of how I installed an SSD to my computer.
I haven't actually used it so far. I'm waiting for Win7 to be released.

This past Saturday Alexandra celebrated her 30th birthday, so Chrischi and me were there celebrating along with her. Had the chance to catch up with both her and Christian, also chatted to various friends and relatives.

Chrischi and my have been to 2 concerts last week too. We saw Porcupine Tree in Hannover, and in Bremen.
What can I say about those concerts? Well, they were absolutely stunning. I won't bother even trying to put in words how awesome Porcupine Tree are live. They played their current album, followed by a sort of best of. The album works really well live, especially since they've got that big screen in the back showing films that go together with the music.
After a ten minute break, PT came back on stage and performed quite a few of my favourite tracks. The actual setlists differed for both shows, so we got to hear different songs.
Complete setlists for Hannover and Bremen btw.

I still haven't packed or prepared anything for my move, which is coming up in a few weeks' time. Oh well, still plenty of time, and I don't think I actually own all that much stuff anyway. Just need to throw out plenty.

Next weekend I'll be at my parents'. My mother has invited all family for a get-together.
There's also another two concerts, Sylvan on Saturday and Porcupine Tree on Sunday. If I do get the day off Monday, I might even go to Berlin for my fourth PorcTree concert. We'll see.
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... I had fun at the friend's place. T'was his birthday. Lots of chatting, and everyone but me drinking lots of alcohol, lots of fun ensuing ...
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windy day on the balcony ... )

In other news, the flu finally got the better of me. I've had a cold for about a week now, but still went to work until yesterday. I'd actually wanted to stay home yesterday too, but then Steffi said that she as real sick (she's had a cold for about as long as I have) and couldn't really work. So I went yesterday, and today she's feeling better and working, while I'm staying home with what feels like a bit of a fever ...

I still need to clean my kitchen anyway, but other than that I don't intend to do anything else today ...


Mar. 13th, 2009 07:51 am
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It's past 8am now. I'm not usually awake at this time of the day.
What's more, I haven't been to bed yet.

But I'm about to go to bed.

Some quick notes ...

We've been to Steffi's place after work a few times in the past few days. Bine is moving to Berlin soon, so we're spending lots of time with her for as long as it's possible.

I tried SingStar and did quite ok. Well, at least I did well enough to realise that I'm not making a total fool out of myself trying. I actually beat Steffi by a few points on my first attempt.

Got a cold. ):

Cleaned the bike a little yesterday before work. Biking feels a lot better again now, but the front brakes are still irritating as hell, they give out a constant screeching sound while biking around 20km/h+.

Oh. Bine is renting a 7.5t truck for her move. Guess who's going to drive it to Berlin?

No work for me today, so I'll probably go to bed now and sleep till Saturday. G'night.
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So, let's see ... Steffi has been her not thinking ahead self lately.
I'd invited Chrischi over for Saturday. Plan was, I work from 12.00 to 15.00, then he's over at around 16.00 for some DVDs, games, internet, music, and pizza.
But then Steffi asked me if I could work from 21.30 to midnight instead - Well, since she'd accepted to tend the bar at a club on Saturday, it wasn't so much her "asking" as such. Anyway, in the end I was at work from 20.30 with Chrischi. We (i.e. Steffi, Chrischi, Bine, Michi and me) had pizza, then Bine and Steffi left while Chrischi and me stayed, and spent the evening at work watching DVDs, instead of doing just that at home. I wasn't exactly happy with that. Anyway, Chrischi is having a week off towards the end of March, so we'll try to repeat the whole DVD evening soon, and this time around I'll go visit him, so I won't be in town, or anywhere near work.

Anyway, we watched Hulk (the one with Edward Norton, good one), and then The Prestige. That one didn't sound all that interesting at first, but it's really really good, so go watch it if you get the chance.
Actually, just buy it on DVD, it's real cheap since it's not very popular. (by that I mean not a lot of people know this movie - IMDB users rate this as #83 of the top 250 movies of all time though).

I also bought <cough> three new computer games:
Mirror's Edge: This is basically a jump'n'run I guess. The concept was inspired by Parkour. Add to that a story of Totalitarianism and 1984, and you pretty much get this game.
Now, I'd been looking forward to this game. I was real curious about it, because I thought there was potential for a very good and innovative game, but also potential suction. Anyway, as it turns out, the developers did a very good job indeed. I'd say it's almost as innovative as Portal was back in the day (and sliced bread shortly before that).
The game has lots of puzzle aspects (as in, "how the hell do I get from point A to point B"), some of which quite difficult to figure out, others are easier by themselves but made difficult by the fact that guys with guns try to kill you, so you have to be quick about solving them.
Most of the opponents you encounter can, and should be avoided (you own character doesn't carry a gun). In some cases you have to get through one, or several though. In those cases you can try to knock them out by hitting them, or you can try to disarm them and then use their gun against other opponents (until the gun runs out of ammo).
Now, with all the different movements your character can perform, controlling her is a bit of an issue. It takes a few levels of gameplay before you really feel comfortable with controls, but then it's a lot of fun, so don't let the difficulties you have at the beginning dissuade you.
Next up, Dawn of War 2: I can't really say all that much about that yet. RTS of course, looks a lot like the first one, with better graphics of course. Gameplay differs too. If I remember correctly, there're no base building aspect anymore.
Anyway, I've only played one level so far. Looks promising.
And finally, Endwar: I haven't quite finished buying this one yet, so I can't really say, other than that it's an RTS and that it's got "Tom Clancy" in its full title.
The idea of voice controlling your units sounds very promising of course, but then we all know the state voice control is in - I can't stop imagining getting a friendly female voice mid-game saying "Sorry, I couldn't quite understand you. Who do you wish to attack?"
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On Sunday, Steffi's grandfather came over for a visit. Now, I don't really know why, but he likes me for some reason and thinks very highly of me. So he invited me over for coffee / tea for his birthday today.
That came as a bit of a surprise to me really.
I did go of course, after all I do like him and his wife too.

So Steffi picked me in the afternoon, and we went over, had some tea and cake, and stayed until around 5.30pm, because I had to go to work -_-
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This past weekend has been stressful, but quite fun for the most part.

Let's start with Friday, I had a day off and had borrowed Steffi's car to go to what can only be described as a death metal concert, in Hamburg. First band was called The Ocean, they were okay. Second band was Cynic whose music I quite enjoyed. The final act was Opeth, who I'd bought the ticket for in the first place. I really liked their music, even though I didn't know most of it - I'd only ever listened to their latest album Watershed. Anyway, their singer is really funny and seems to be just a nice guy, friendly etc.
So around midnight, after the show was over, I met with Chrischi who had been to his company's christmas party that night. We had some food and I drove him home.

So, home around 3am, in bed around 4, up again at 9. Steffi hat asked me to collect a car with her from a town nearby, so we did that. Then we had breakfast at the office, and then drove off. First stop was Chrischi's place, where we picked him up. Then we went in the general direction of Hannover, to where our company christmas party was going to take place. I dropped off Steffi and Dominik there, Chrischi and me drove on to Hannover where we went to a Farin Urlaub concert. Lots of fun there too. I found the first half of the show to be a bit boring, mostly because most of the songs they played were old ones that I'd seen about half a dozen times before. The second half was really cool though, lots of new songs, and mostly those that I really like. So that was a lot of fun.
Show was over around 10.15pm I think. Chrischi and me left Hannover and stopped at Bonny's Diner for some food. Then we continued and picked up Steffi and Dominik from the christmas party, then headed back home. First stop was Chrischi's of course, then back to Lübeck, and home. We were back here around 3am'ish I think, and I went to bed shortly afterwards.
Then came Sunday. Steffi did the early shift, I started around 1pm and stayed until midnight. Not a lot of work to do during all that time, so it got a little boring there, especially since I was all alone for the last 5 hours, with no one to play cards with.
Took a taxi home, had some food, then went to bed.

And today I stayed in bed until around 1pm since I hadn't had quite enough sleep the past weekend (some people get by with less, but I prefer 9 hours of sleep per night).

So I haven't really done much of anything today. Got up, showered, went shopping. I intend to vacuum my place in a minute, and then later I'm off to work ...

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... Visiting my former teacher and seeing folks from way back in primary school today was quite fun! Yay.
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Don't really know if being terribly disappointed in someone in this situation is justified.
I am though, nevertheless.
So there's this person I like, a lot. I'm considering her a close friend (and there's only a handful of people I call that), and I've looked up to her for being consistent, for being the kind of person who finishes what she starts, who has a viewpoint and attitude and sticks to it no matter what. Strong personality, confident. You know, someone you can rely one, who won't betray you.
And then she decides, on a whim, to restart smoking.
I mean, besides that I think it's disgusting, what kind of person spends a lot of time, effort and energy to quit smoking, and then a few years later, starts again, just because? Is that the kind of person I described in the paragraph above? I don't think so.
So now I'm feeling disappointed, let down, betrayed. Just because this tiny little smoking thing puts her in such a different light ...
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Am Freitag waren Chrischi und ich beim Mongolen (Buffet) und anschließend im Kino, Hellboy schauen. Mongole war sehr gut, weil man einfach mal alles probieren kann was es da so gibt (Mongole ist vergleichbar mit Chinese. Also viel "knusprig" und "süß-sauer". Außerdem gab's Sushi und Curry-Huhn). Hellboy war ganz ok. Nichts außergewöhnliches.

Außerdem gab's Freitag Die Wahrheit übers Lügen (ich hoffe / denke, dass der Link in ein paar Tagen funktionieren wird - jetzt aber noch nicht), das neue Farin Urlaub Album. Der erste Eindruck war so "na ja, geht so". Aber inzwischen gefällt's mir ziemlich gut. Meine Lieblingstitel sind aktuell Unscharf (tolle Metapher) und Karten (cooler Instrumentalpart am Schluß). Der Preis für's schrägste Lied auf dem Album geht an Die Leiche, enttäuschend ist eigentlich nur Monster, das mich mal so gar nicht anspricht. Die CD hat jedenfalls die Vorfreude auf die Konzerte bei mir entfacht.

Zwei neue Spiele sind ebenfalls Ende vergangener Woche herausgekommen: C&C Red Alert 3 und Fallout 3. Beide mit SecuRom als "Kopierschutz" (boo hiss). Red Alert 3 außerdem mit eingebautem Killswitch, und ich bin mir sicher dass EA in ein paar Jahren Gebrauch davon machen wird.
A propos Kopierschutz. Wieso heißt das im Deutschen noch so? Im Englischen wird heutzutage von "DRM" (Digital Rights Management) gesprochen und nicht mehr von "copy protection". Und die Bezeichnung DRM paßt auch viel besser, denn die Inhalte vor illegalem Kopieren zu schützen ist ja nur noch sekundär. Die Publisher scheinen erkannt zu haben, dass das eh nicht funktioniert, und stattdessen beschneiden sie jetzt mit DRM die Rechte, die man als Verbraucher eigentlich hat (First Sale - mal gespannt, was die laufenden Klagen in den USA bringen). Jedenfalls machen EA es mit Red Alert 3 so (wie zuvor auch mit anderen Spielen). Und habt Ihr Euch mal die Verpackung angesehen? Wenn Ihr vor Kauf von den Nutzungsbeschränkungen erfahren wollt, solltet Ihr eine Lupe dabeihaben!
Bethsoft waren zumindest mit einem CD-Check zufrieden. Keine Online-Aktivierung in begrenzter Zahl, kein Killswitch, mit dem man das Spiel in ein paar Jahren einfach abschalten kann. Und weiterverkaufen kann und darf man's auch, wenn man irgendwann keinen Bock mehr drauf hat ... Aber es hat halt auch SecuRom, was für mich konkret bedeutet, dass mit einem Update die Konditionen jederzeit geändert werden könnten.
Davon mal abgesehen hab ich mich dazu entschlossen, SecuRom von meinem System zu verbannen. Was bedeutet, dass ich beide Spiele nicht gekauft habe, obwohl ich es gerne getan hätte. |:
MTV Game One haben sich übrigens auch erstaunlich kritisch mit SecuRom befaßt, im Zusammenhang mit RA3. Respekt dafür.

Na ja, jedenfalls habe ich beide Spiele "bei einem Freund" "angespielt". RA3 ist ziemlich witzig. Typisches RTS natürlich, aber einige witzige und originelle Einheiten. Und die bekannt schaurig-schön/schlechten Videosequenzen, die C&C so berühmt gemacht haben. Und einige bekannte Hollywood-Größen sind dabei. Und, woohoo, TITTEN!!1 Da sieht man mal, welche Zielgruppe angesprochen werden soll d;

Fallout 3 machte bisher auch einen ziemlich guten Eindruck, klasse Grafik, und das Feeling von Teil 1 und 2 wird, finde ich, gut in die 3D-Umgebung übertragen. Hab das allerdings noch nicht allzu intensiv ausprobiert ...

Am Samstag war arbeiten angesagt, irgendwann nachmittags. Steffi und Bine sind dann abends nach'm Konzert hin, und ich hab die beiden dann nachts gegen 2:00 dort wieder abgeholt und nach Hause gefahren. Meine liebe Chefin war mächtig voll an dem Abend. (:
Sonntag stand Arbeit ab 17:00 auf meinem Kalendar, aber nach dem Eindruck, den ich am Vorabend von Steffi hatte, war ich mir recht sicher, dass es nicht dabei bleiben würde. Und tatsächlich bekam ich um 09:15 eine SMS mit der Bitte, etwas früher aufzukreuzen. Aber, immerhin nicht "sofort", so dass ich noch 1-2 Stündchen schlafen konnte, bevor ich dann aufgestanden und zur Arbeit hin bin. Ca. 12:00 war ich dann dort. Der Tag war dann noch etwas nervig, weil tagsüber niemand da war um Autos sauberzumachen. Mußte also kurzzeitig den Laden zumachen und mich selbst drum kümmern.

So viel dazu. Und heute war Montag und ich hatte frei. Hatte mir aber Einiges vorgenommen, was ich heute erledigen wollte. Das meiste davon habe ich auch tatsächlich zustande gebracht - Ich hab meine Wohnung durchgesaugt, abgewaschen, das Bad geschrubbt und mein Bett frisch bezogen. Wischen hatte ich ursprünglich noch geplant, aber das viel dann aufgrund allgemeinen Desinteresses aus.
Und morgen geht's wieder zur Arbeit abends. Das war irgendwann auch mal anders geplant. Aber mit Plänen ist das ja bekanntermaßen immer so eine Sache ... d;

So. Und jetzt gehe ich frisch geduscht in mein frisch bezogenes Bett, schlafen.
Gute Nacht.


May. 30th, 2008 01:41 am
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Today we accidently caused a police operation at work ...
In other news, it was Steffi's birthday today. And my present for her hasn't been delivered. Hope it's here tomorrow ...
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As I stated yesterday, I'm back from seeing Oscar, Alex, and James in Amsterdam.

I'd got the car Thursday evening, so I could start on my way early Friday.
That didn't do a lot of good though. I'd thought it'd take me around 5 hours to get to Amsterdam, but in the end it was more like 7 hours. Having a fast car didn't really help either, because there was just too much traffic on the roads in Germany to actually go fast. And once you're in Holland, you're never allowed to go faster than 120km/h anyway.
The original plan had been for me to pick up Oscar, and then drive to the airport to meet Alex and James, but in the end Oscar collected them while I drove to his place.
Linda, Oscar's gf, let me in and we talked for a bit while waiting for the others to arrive. We had Pasta Linda had prepared for us, chatted some more and eventually prepared our beds and went to sleep.

We rose early. Oscar drove Linda to the airport, while we watched teleshopping (I really need one of those electrostatic dust collecting thingies).
Later we took the train to the centre of Amsterdam. We'd planned to visit the Scheepvaartmuseum, but it was closed for renovation, and we went to the Rijksmuseum instead. My favourite piece there I guess was this one, mostly because when I first saw I thought "Who the hell has put up a photo here among all these paintings?!". Turns out, it's not a photo ...
Later we took a sightseeing tour of the city via boat. Some pictures I took while on the boat ... )
We also walked around the place pictures ) and visited a few pubs.
In the evening we returned to Oscar's place, had food and watched Team America on DVD.

We watched the F1 race (more or less, I think I slept through the first half), got up some time later and started packing. Oscar and me accompanied James and Alex to the airport, and after returning Oscar to his place, I started on my way back home. Took me around 6 hours to get back to Lübeck.
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More later actually. Like, tomorrow. I'm really tired.
Certain people get up in the middle of the night pretending it's "morning" ...
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... I got everything done that I'd planned to get done. Well, except for buying the new Ärzte single, but then its release is tomorrow, so maybe I was being a little optimistic trying to get it today.

Anyway, I managed to get my shopping done, cleaned the kitchen, ironed my clothes, bought new insoles for my army boots, burned some music CDs, did some shopping for presents, etc.
At work, I managed to persuade Norma to give me the car early, so I already have the car.
Also, I have teh car.
The one I was hoping for. *grins* That should be fun tomorrow.

Anyway, originally I'd planned to bike into town (15 mins) around noon tomorrow, rent the car around 12, drive back home (30 mins thanks to traffic), pack stuff, drive to the autobahn (another 30 mins wasted) and start on my way to Amsterdam. So if I hurried I could've been on the A1 towards Hamburg at around 1.15pm.
Now, since I already have the car, it's sleep, getting up, showering, breakfast, loading stuff in trunk, start off at 10.00-11.00. Yay, no need to hurry now (:

Btw, [ profile] tma, thanks for reminding me, I almost would've forgotten d;
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And in totally other news, Chrischi has a new car! o_O
New Mercedes C-Class. Didn't know that until he showed me today.


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