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I've been using Avast! AntiVirus for several years now, and I've also installed it on my parents' computer. I like it because it's free, and all it asks in return is that you register with your e-Mail adress about once a year.

It displays a green pop up on the bottom right corner of the screen every now and then to let you know it's updated its database. It displays a red pop up when something was blocked and occasionally recommends running shady programs in a sandbox.

Once every few months (if even that often) it displays advertising in a green pop up, usually recommending the non-free version which has a few extra features.
I'd just like to say that this is perfectly acceptable to me.

Today, it recommended the free android anti virus solution, so I gave it a try. And it appears to be quite nice. Scans your apps and SD card on demand and / or scheduled. Comes with a firewall and a tool that warns from malicious websites while browsing.
More importantly though, it comes with (free!) anti theft protection. Once set up on a rooted phone it becomes completely invisible and lets you remote control and wipe your phone in case it's lost or stolen. Of course I have yet to try it, but it looks solid.

[edit] It also survives a factory reset and can't be uninstalled / disabled through USB-connection and debugging.

And last time I checked, Kaspersky asked for about 40€ for this kind of functionality.
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I discovered GeoZen a few days ago, and it looks nice.

GeoZen works as an app you install on your smartphone. Android only so far it appears, but it's still in beta anyway. They'll probably release a version for That Other Phone at a later date.
It lets you define so-called zones via google maps. You can then set additional conditions and actions that are performed upon entering that zone, or exiting it.
You can also define global zones: Those let you define conditions that don't depend on a certain location.

Examples of actions to perform include enabling or disabling WiFi, Bluetooth, and Airplane Mode, increasing or decreasing the ringer volume (including muting your phone), launching an app, checking into foursquare, or sending messages.

Personally, I've set various zones which log me into foursquare. I've also set it up to mute my phone while I'm at school, and to turn on WiFi when I'm at home or at work (also turning it off when I leave). I'm also using a global zone to enable Bluetooth whenever I put the phone in the car dock.

There's some caveats though:
First of all, using it properly means leaving your GPS locator turned on at all times. The app allows you to select other means of locating (network primarily), but that's a lot less accurate and defeats the purpose of it.
Consequently you have a certain drain on battery life. You can change the locator interval, but in my case the battery is well dead at the end of the day.
Of course, there's also the issue of privacy. With the app determining your current location via GPS every few minutes, it's theoretically possible to create a very precise movement profile. Their privacy statement points out that they don't do that, but it's rather difficult to verify, especially since the app accesses the net too.
Lastly, when installing you have to agree to let it access and send messages. As I understand it, it wants access in order to use text to speech to read messages to you (which is an action you can set up). You can also set it to send a message, so it needs rights to do that too.

All in all, if you can get over those privacy / security issues, it looks very promising. The beta status means that there are probably more features to come (for example, checking into venues via Facebook doesn't seem to be an option yet).
It's available in the Android Market.
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Also, this:
Google stellt Navigation und Sprachsuche vor
Google Navigation finally works officially on my Nexus One. Now I just need that car adapter / charger thingy.
I ordered one a week ago. Isn't here yet though.
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... Today I found myself needing some money quickly.
So I launched google maps, did a search for "Geldautomat" (i.e. ATM), clicked the closest one and started the navigation app.

Well, this only works because I'm using an unofficial version of google maps of course. The official one still has navigation locked for Germany because of some licensing issues with TeleAtlas. The unofficial one uses an english voice and speech file which sounds quite funny when it tries to pronounce german street names.

The ETA for official google navigation in Germany is Autumn, or so I've heard. We'll see, I guess.
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Nachdem ich mich in den vergangenen Monaten daran gewöhnt habe, mein Nexus One entgegen den Uhrzeigersinn zu kippen um es quer zu benutzen (was mir irgendwie schwer fiel als Linkshänder), kann man es seit dem neusten Update auch in die andere Richtung kippen. Hab' ich natürlich nur zufällig gemerkt... Kopüber kommt vermutlich mit dem nächsten Update...

Nexen ...

May. 19th, 2010 08:19 pm
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Vodafone verkauft ab kommender Woche das Nexus One. 490€ ohne Vertrag.
Ich hab' mehr bezahlt. Das einzig Gute, ich hab's schon seit paar Monaten, aber trotzdem. Hätte eigentlich gedacht, dass es hier für mehr verkauft wird, so etwa 550€ - 600€ hatte ich gedacht.



Jul. 9th, 2007 02:37 pm
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My phone is trying to annoy me. It started beeping because of low battery some time this morning, while I was still asleep. So I set it to recharge.
Then it rang, still while I was sleeping. Of course I didn't answer. I mean, no one who knows me would really call me at like 11am, and if it was anything really important, they would've tried the mobile next.
But the mobile didn't ring, so it was most likely yet another sales call. No caller ID either. So, definitely salesperson.

And just now it rang again, while I'm in the middle of listening to one of the bestest songs ever! Seriously, who would answer the phone while listening to good music?
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... I spent last night trying to find a certain ringtone (Giana Sisters) in decent quality, and trying to get WAP to work on my phone. I succeeded in the latter project. Apparently Vodafone is being nitpicky about letting T-mobile subscribers use their access points, or something. I managed to set up WAP for my provider now though, I just can't delete the Vodafone profile from my mobile. *shurgs*

Anyway, as to the former project, I failed miserably. I'm starting to think that it might be easier to just learn WML and set up my apache to serve them (which actually already works). That way I hope to be able to easily access wallpapers (note to self: 128x128), and possible ring tones. My phone has proven itself capable of playing small'ish .wav files, and it seems possible to set those as ringtones too. Midis would do too, of course ...

Anyway. Back to learning WML ...

btw: Current LJ icon == wallpaper on phone ...

[edit] Okay. Wallpapers is ridiculously easy. I can't believe I actually paid for such a thing. From now on I'm doing that via my apache ...
[edit 2] Same goes for midi files.
[edit 3] ... as long as they're not too big in filesize.
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Wenn ich mein Handy einschalte, und dann im richtigen Moment das Ladekabel herausziehe, dann wird die PIN-Abfrage umgangen und das Handy startet einfach.
Noch ein Fehler mehr in der Software, kein Wunder dass Siemens die Reihe eingestellt hat ...
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Für meine Prepaid-Karte kann ich eine Nummer einstellen, die ich dann zu besonders günstigen Konditionen anrufen kann ...
Seit ich die Karte habe, war dort immer die Telefonnummer meiner Eltern eingestellt ...

Letztens war ich am Flughafen, und hab von dort aus 3 oder 4 Mal im Stadtbüro angerufen, um Dinge zu klären.
Bei meinen Eltern ruf ich (so gut wie nie) über Handy an.
Also hab ich da jetzt mal die Nummer ändern lassen, so daß ich jetzt die Firma günstig erreichen kann.

Macht mehr Sinn, vor Allem wenn man bedenkt, daß ich das Handy fast nur für die Arbeit nutze. Privat schreib' ich Chrischi alle paar Wochen vielleicht mal 'ne SMS, und das war's dann auch schon ...
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Hab gerade mal wieder einen Anruf bekommen, von der staatl. Lottogesellschaft.
Sagte mir der Herr zumindest.

Hätte da soooo tolle Sachen gewonnen.
Unter anderem die kostenlose Teilnahme an einigen Lottospielen.

Dafür brauchen die nur meine Adress-Daten.
Und meine Bankdaten. Falls ich was gewinne, müssen die das ja überweisen.

Aber ich hab mich geweigert, meine Bankdaten am Telefon rauszugeben. o:
Bin ich da jetzt zu mistrauisch? o_O
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... Just got another sales call ...
Saying "not interested" in the middle of a sentence of theirs works really well ...
I'm starting to learn this impolite thing ...

In other news. I'm not dead.
Just haven't posted much these past few days ...
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... Yeah, had yet another of those earlier today.
And seeing that I was both bored, and I thought it just might be Christian or Chrischi calling (he's called anonymously once a few days ago, dunno why), I answered it.
Turns out, was someone from some automobiles association place. Not the ADAC though, but instead something I hadn't heard of before.
So, we talked for a bit, she explained what she wanted (don't ask me, I don't actually remember what it was), then she explained about some survey or something they'd done, I think about fuel-efficient driving, etc.

Then I told her I don't actually own a car.
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A while ago I got one of those phone calls, about some new, superior phone service and if I didn't want to sign up with them right away.
I really hate those. You'd think that, if I wasn't happy with my phone service, I'd go out and get a different one on my own initiative ...
Anyway, that was one really annoying telemarketer who didn't just leave me alone after I explicitly said "not interested", so after a while, in order to get rid of him, I agreed to get some info material sent to me.

What I actually got, a few days later, was an order confirmation from my current phone service provider, which told me that they're going to switch me over to the new one in a few days, and the cost involved in this (5.11€). Since I'd received that confirmation late Friday (or was it Saturday?), I waited until Monday to call them about it, and get it cancelled. They undid it no problem, and asked me to notify the new service provider of the cancellation too, since they can't do that ...
Once again two days later, I got mail from that other service provider, welcoming me to their service. At that point I'd finally found out that they're called "FlexFon" (if you're bored, do a search in german-land for them on google, you'll find plenty of interesting forum posts). Fortunately there was an e-Mail address on it, so I wrote them to cancel this whole thing, the reason being that I didn't actually agree to anything in the first place.
Surprisingly, I actually got a confirmation e-Mail from them today. Which apparently is a lot better than what others on the net got when they were involved with them.
Anyway, in this confirmation e-Mail, they also asked me to get in contact with my current provider to let them know of the cancellation, because that's something they can't do - Interesting, since they had no problem changing around my phone contract with them in the first place! So they just can't undo the change then ...

Anyway, just a few minutes after I got the cancellation confirmation from them, my phone rang, and a FlexFon representative asked me if I was interested in their new and superior phone service ...

For those of you also with the Deutsche Telekom: If you don't want this kind of thing to happen, you can call them up and ask them to set a "Wechselsperrvermerk" on your account, meaning that from now on, they'll only accept change requests from yourself, and not from other companies etc.
That's what I've done yesterday, too.

And that, folks, is why I don't answer phone calls with suppressed caller-ID ...


Feb. 6th, 2006 10:48 pm
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Meine Telekom-Rechnung für Januar beträgt 709€!!
omg omg omg
Hab die Rechnung gerade per e-Mail bekommen!!1
und ein Virus hing auch noch dran an der e-Mail!

T-Com ...

Feb. 6th, 2006 11:50 am
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auch mal was Positives, was die Telekom angeht.

Also, am Samstag hab ich eine Auftragsbestätigung von denen bekommen, für die Umstellung von Pre-Selection auf eine Colt Telecom GmbH.
An das Telefonat mit Colt konnte ich mich dunkel erinnern, allerdings nicht, daß ich einen Auftrag erteilt hätte (und erst Recht nicht auf den Hinweis, daß mich die Umstellung auch noch was kosten würde).
Na ja, die Umstellung kostet 5.11€, und das seh ich ja nu überhaupt nicht ein. Also bei der T-Kom angerufen (kostenfrei), dort durch dieses automatische Anrufer-Sortier-System durchgehangelt (welches mich erstaunlicherweise jedes Mal auf Anhieb richtig verstanden hat), und dann mit der Mitarbeiterin gesprochen und mein Problem geschildert.
Und der ganze Spaß wird jetzt rückgängig gemacht, ohne Kosten für mich. Alles ganz schnell und unkompliziert und so.
Deshalb, Note 1 für den T-Kom Telefonsupport d;

Ich find's allerdings mehr als seltsam, daß jeder dahergelaufene Dödel scheinbar Änderungen an meinem Telefonanschluß / meinem Tarif vornehmen kann.
Kann man sowas abstellen?
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trying to call me while CSI is on ...

*shakes head*

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