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I was in Hamburg yesterday and visited Andere Welten among other places. Being a very StarWars-centric shop, I was surprised to find these:
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In other news, I really like this, including the headline:
Everybody Else Can Quit Cosplaying Now, This Guy Won It
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Awesome Artist:
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I've got a big list of music I want to listen to, but unfortunately the cable on my headphones is broken, and Fischer Amps have so far failed to deliver the proper replacement.
So now I'm stuck with using the crappy ones that came with the phone, or none at all, when going to work. I'm not quite sure which options is preferable.
Anyway, at first I thought the problem was here:

I used duct tape to stop the plastic from unravelling anymore, but as it turns out, the cable is actually broken here:

And it's also quite obvious why it's broken.
Now let's see if I can't get this fixed in such a way that it lasts for another few days.

Also, list of music I wanna listen to:
  • Avalanch - Malefic Time Apocalypse
  • Soen - Cognitive
  • Alcest - Les Voyages de L'Âme
  • Lis Er Stille - Nous
  • Knight Area - Nine Paths
  • Discipline - To Shatter all Accord
  • Arena - The Seventh Degree of Seperation
  • Ambeon - Fate of a Dreamer
  • Animals as Leaders - Weightless
  • Agalloch - Whitedivisiongrey
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Jan. 22nd, 2012 09:20 pm
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I've been playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution for a few hours today.
And yesterday.
I liked it, so I bought it on Steam, and started a new game thinking I might miss an achievement or two otherwise.

Let me tell you, I'm impressed, and delighted. I've been complaining about the decline in the quality of game / level design, storytelling etc. for the past several years, and now finally a developer has dared to go back to what used to make games great.

Let me explain what I mean: The problem I've had with games these past few years (Duke Nukem Forever and Splinter Cell: Conviction are the first that spring to mind) is well summarised in this graphic I've posted in the past. Also, nb the first panel of today's Little Gamers.

What you used to have: Maps with lots of freedom of movement, several ways to get to the exit, easier and more difficult paths depending on your play style, character stats, and / or equipment. In Duke3D you often had two or three different paths, each with advantages and disadvantages (think of the Canyon level). They even had several secret levels that you could only get to by extensive exploration.
Remember Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory? I've played through that several times, and it was worth it, because you could try different ways to solve your missions. You were even asked prior to each mission if you preferred an assault, or a stealthy approach to solving it, and got equipped accordingly. You could set extra goals for yourself, like killing everyone, or sneaking past everyone without them noticing, or capturing and interrogating as many opponents as possible.
And don't even get me started on the Best RPG Ever, Planescape: Torment. Fight your way through hordes of enemies? Or talk your way through them? Make friends with the Zombies and Undead? Or just kill them all? Apologize to the rats for slaughtering their kin, or just keep on slaughtering? You could even talk the final boss of the game into believing he doesn't exist ffs! Or kill yourself. Both were valid options. Among others. And the options you had depended on your choice of character class and stats.

Games in the past few years have neglected such options and choices. Granted, some of them tried to create the illusion of giving you choices (I'm thinking the Mass Effects and Dragon Ages here), but they were never serious about it.
Just think of the Seerebas mission in Dragon Age 2. One outcome of that one should have been a Seerebas at your side. But it wasn't. Whatever you did, all "choices" inevitably led to the same fate for that character. And what about the end of that game? No matter what side you took in the end, you had to fight both bosses anyway. How convenient ...

Now, for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Spoilers for the first mission inside ... )

Well, that certainly is one game with replay value. Hat's off the Square Enix for creating a worthy successor to the original Deus Ex. They really managed to capture the original's spirit.
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I finished playing Limbo.

It's fascinating how a pretty standard puzzle platformer can be changed into something scarily beautiful and unique with just a special visual style. It works for Limbo, though I don't really see the "philosophically provocative" aspect some people seem to get out of it. Anyway, the game is fun, you die a lot and you get that feeling of satisfaction whenever you solve a puzzle.

The only downside I guess I can agree with reviewers is its length. For 10€ you get a game that experienced puzzlers will probably finish in about 2 hours. According to Steam I played for 3 hours, and I needed help for a few puzzles.
Something I quite liked about Braid goes for this one too: Once you figure out how to solve it, you can just do it, there's not a lot of dexterity or timing involved.

Also, spider:

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Dec. 2nd, 2010 10:12 pm
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Jul. 5th, 2010 07:37 pm
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Jun. 24th, 2010 07:52 pm
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