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Der Landtags-Wal ist akut vom Aussterben bedroht! In Deutschland leben nur noch etwa 16 Exemplare, und diese werden auch nur alle Jubeljahre gesichtet.

In Schleswig-Holstein findet am Sonntag, den 06.05.2012 eine Aktion zur Sensibilisierung ihrer prekären Lage statt. Um Euch zu beteiligen, geht an diesem Tag einfach in ein Wal-Büro in Eurer Nähe, und macht ein Kreuz auf dem Zettel, den Ihr dort erhaltet! Mehr ist nicht nötig, um Euren Beitrag zum Erhalt der Landtags-Wale zu leisten!

Die Veranstalter schicken in diesen Tagen einen mit "Walbenachrichtigung" betitelten Informations-Flyer in die Haushalte, dort könnt Ihr unter Anderem nachlesen, wo Ihr das nächstgelegene Wal-Büro findet, oder wie Ihr Euch beteiligen könnt, selbst wenn Ihr an dem Tag absolut keine Zeit für die Aktion habt.

Übrigens, die Piraten setzen sich besonders vehement für die Meeresbewohner-"Kollegen" ein, deshalb ist ein Kreuz bei den Piraten besonders gut - Aber die Hauptsache ist, dass Ihr hingeht!
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Desweiteren bin ich englisch-geschädigt und weiß inzwischen nicht mehr genau, wo im Deutschen Kommata gesetzt werden. Ich setz' sie da, wo ich sie im Englischen setzen würde. Mir ist bewußt, dass das im Deutschen häufig falsch ist, aber who cares?


Sep. 10th, 2011 05:29 pm
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Ich erinnere mich, als ich noch kleiner war gehörte es unter Anderem zu meinen Aufgaben, frisch gewaschene Socken aufzuhängen und später, wenn sie trocken waren, zusammenzulegen.
Meine Mutter hatte mir gezeigt, dass man die Socken einzeln aus dem Korb nimmt, sie gerade zupft und entknüllt, und dann über die Leine hängt. Ich fragte dann was das Zupfen sollte, man könnte sie doch auch einfach drüber werfen, trocknen würden die trotzdem. Mama entgegnete dann, dass sie dann schon ordentlich wären wenn sie trocken sind, und man weniger Mühe mit dem Zusammenlegen hätte. Ich fand das damals doof. Schließlich war es doch auch meine Aufgabe, die Socken später zusammenzulegen, also könnte es ihr doch egal sein, wie ich die jetzt aufhänge ...

Heute hab' ich Wäsche gewaschen, ein Haufen Socken war auch dabei. Die habe ich eben aufgehängt.
Nicht nur, dass ich heute wie selbstverständlich jede einzelne Socke anfasse, zurechtzupfe und dann schön ordentlich über den Wäscheständer hänge - ich sortiere sie dabei sogar gleich und hänge sie paarweise nebeneinander. Dann geht das Zusammenlegen nämlich noch schneller!
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Some typos make me crazy.

Like an accidental extra s in my username.
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Sometimes I use googlefight to find out about the correct spelling of things.
I might have to reconsider that.


Dec. 3rd, 2010 08:09 pm
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Smart Wallets React To Spending By Shrinking

Mine would refuse to open, and crush the coins inside ...
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Erst Werbung machen ...

Und dann das Produkt auf der eigenen Website gar nicht anbieten ...
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A colleague of mine today recommended The Dresden Files to me. Sounded kinda familiar for some reason ...
Anyway, I pointed him towards the TV show he hadn't been aware of ...

Also ... actually, that's about it. I can't think of anything else to write about ... o_O
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... werde ich dieses Jahr boykottieren.
Bei mir bleiben alle Uhren genau dort stehen wo sie jetzt auch sind!

day off!

Jul. 17th, 2010 03:54 pm
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According to my time sheet, I've had 26 consecutive work days. Those include Saturdays and Sundays, which I call "almost a day off" because they're only 4 and 2 hours, respectively.

Anyway, since it's been a month since I took my wallet out of the vest I wear at work, I of course entirely forgot to take it with me for grocery shopping today. I only noticed when I tried to pay.

Oops, I guess.

Anyway, other than visiting the store twice today, I had breakfast, and then cleaned my place and washed some clothes. That's what I usually do on weekends. I'm mostly done now, so I guess the remainder of the day will be spent listening to music, watching some TV, and playing Fallout 3 which I re-installed a few days ago.

I've started using twitter btw. Does that mean I'm twitting, or twittering, now? Anyway, I'm @ so please make me feel important and add me d;

polly ...

Jul. 16th, 2010 08:31 pm
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[Poll #1593100]
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Ich wünsch' Euch allen einen fröhlichen Tintenfisch-Hass-Tag und geh jetzt schlafen ...
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Seriously. I was thinking just this a few minutes before seeing it online.
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When I got home today, it was uncomfortably warm in my apartment.
I wonder what it's like in here when it's actually hot outside.

Anyway, I meant to write about these past few days:

Saturday: I'd rented a car for a few days and visited Chrischi. First though, I drove to my parents to unpack. I'd planned to stay at their place for several days so I had several bags with me, mostly clothes.
Anyway, after a quick stop at my parents' I continued on to Chrischi. We ended up watching half of the first season of True Blood, a fun HBO TV series. It's a mixture of mystery, horror, comedy, romance and nakedness. Hard to classify really, but fun to watch anyway.

Sunday: Slept at my parents', then drove to Lübeck to visit Steffi at work. She'd found out a few days earlier that she's going to be out of a job again in a few months. Europcar are finally going through with the re-organisation they'd planned to do for more than a year. You might recall that Steffi was originally coerced into transferring from Lübeck to Husum last year with this very re-org being the reason.
Anyway, her successor in Lübeck got the note a few days ago for both his positions in Lübeck and Kiel. Tough luck for him, he doesn't have the tiniest clue as to what to do now.
Where was I ... Right, I visited Steffi at work. We played some games, chatted, Bine came over to say hi, and a few hours later I drove back to my parents'.

Monday I had a job interview at ISA in Hamburg. I'd left my parents' place way early to make sure I'm not too late for this. I ended up finding a parking spot right in front of their main entrance though, so I waited in the car for about half an hour calming myself with a dose of ProgRock.
The interview ended up being surprisingly pleasant though. It was conducted by an IT guy, and a trainee was also present. I was asked about my motivation to change careers into IT, about my experience in the field, etc.
The interview lasted for about half an hour, which I later realised was quite short. But they do plan to do a one day internship with those applicants they're interested in, so that'll be a chance to get a more in-depth impression of me. If they even choose me. I sure hope they do, I'd really really like to start doing my apprenticeship with them.

Tuesday: Slept in, got up, packed my stuff and left my parents' in the early afternoon. I had another job interview, this time at SPI in Ahrensburg. This interview was a lot more intense. At first I thought that the interviewers were out to discourage and criticise me for some reason, but it guess they were just very well-prepared for the meeting and wanted to see how I'd deal with this sort of "interrogation".
The interview itself lasted for about 45 minutes, after which they asked me to fill in a personality test for them to get a more precise idea of what I'm like. They assured me that the answers I'd give wouldn't have an influence on their final decision as such. The test would just help them find out what kind of person I am and whether I'm actually well-suited for the position.
I'll probably get an answer, and results for the test, early next week.

Wednesday sucked. Without going into the specifics, I caused a huge problem for one of our big customers. Well, "caused" isn't quite true in fact. Nicole assured me today that none of it was actually my fault, that I did everything "right". Anyway, it bugs the hell out of me that I let a customer down like that, and I spent most of the night wondering how to do it differently if something like that ever happens again.
*shurgs* The problem is, I can't do it any differently. The only way to avoid something like that happening again is to stop serving customers altogether ...

And now, for some randomness ...
I keep wondering, how do people wearing their hair down keep it from being in their face all the time? Or in their mouth, in their food? Any suggestions?

If you check my profile you'll find that the past few months I've been listening mostly to the bands Votum and The Aurora Project. Both are absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend them to everyone, even though I'm pretty sure most of you have quite different musical tastes than me. Anyway, if anyone reading this likes Pink Floyd, Riverside, Porcupine Tree and / or Sylvan, check them out.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Anesthetize (whew. At least I can write it. I'm still not quite sure how to properly pronounce it). According to the website, Porcupine Tree hope to send them out early May. If I had my way it'd be in the mail tomorrow.
Actually, scratch that. If it was then I'd end up getting just a note telling me to come pick it up at the post office on Monday, since it's both insured and too big for my mailbox anyway. If that were the case, I'd have to wait 2-3 days to get my hands on it, knowing full well that it's just sitting at the post office all weekend. Now that'd be sucky.

I ranted about one postage option you can offer on It's cheaper than other options, but requires the use of a Packstation. I'd offered that once, but the buyer didn't know what it even was, choosing that option for postage anyway.
Even though I said back then I wouldn't offer that option again, I did, hoping that I'd just had bad luck with that one customer.
But, of course, I didn't. Instead, it seems that people are unaware of the requirement to even choose a postage option at all. They just click through the whole procedure and leave it at whatever defaults to (and that appears to be whatever's the cheapest). So, in future I'll either not offer it at all, or make it more expensive so that ebay defaults to something else. Kinda beats the whole purpose of it being a cheap way to have stuff delivered of course.

I forget the last thing I wanted to write about ...
Feel free to educate me on the correct use of "I forget" vs "I forgot" btw. We Germans are kinda weird and never "forget" (Germans: Think about it, how often do you really use present tense "vergessen"?)

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Wieso, Weshalb, Warum hat mein Browser vorhin ganz kurz angezeigt als ich aufgerufen hab?
Gehören die irgendwie zusammen?
DNS? Verschwörung? Fehler? Inder? Matrix?
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... just in case, you know. I posted that entry with an embedded video right before livejournal died.
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It's so easy!!

Assuming C3 holds the time I started work on a particular day, and D3 being the time I got off work, this calculates the time spent at work. The IF clause makes sure that nothing is displayed for those days with no starting time (i.e. days off), and the 9,5 thing substracts 1 hour from my total on those days that I worked for more than 9.5 hours (i.e. 1 hour lunch break).

Before I read the openoffice help file about "calculating with times and dates" that line was about three times as long. And didn't work the way I wanted it to.

The geek in me finds it really neat to use the boolean result 0 or 1 in calculations. Saves a lot of IF constructs. It also helps to know how openoffice works with times internally. 24 hours equals 1, so one hour is 1/24.
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... who are using Google Latitude. Right?
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I listened to the Jets'n'Guns soundtrack.
After that I listened to the Lord of the Dance soundtrack.

I love music.

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