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I'm done Christmas shopping. Well, that is, I sent one Christmas card.
I also checked out the local Christmas market. Nothing too spectacular really.
And I browsed Pressezentrum. Didn't find what I was looking for though (Artificial Paradise by Sylvan). For some reason I only have that album in mp3, and you can actually hear the inferior quality. Well, I can anyway...
Tried getting Fluxx, but couldn't find it. Maybe I should order online. I'd like to bring it along for New Year's. Thing is, it's not available from And I don't know where else to order ...
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$49.99 Price
$36.14 Shipping
$86.13 == €55.52

TARIC-Code 9503007500 (I sure hope this is about correct) => 4.7% customs
+ 19% (VAT)
€55.52 - (charged to CC)
€13.65 <= to pay at customs office.

Now lets see if the theory holds up to experiment ...


Jul. 13th, 2008 12:49 am
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... oh und thinkgeek natürlich!
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ich will endlich auch von der Dollar-Schwäche profitieren und leerkaufen ):
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I changed the cooler to a less good but more shiny one, and I removed one of the two hdds (the reason being that it'll take a while to fill 500GB, and when that happens I can still buy a second hdd to add to the system).
So with only one hdd the price is a little below 1k€, and I placed the order a few minutes ago. If you order between midnight and 6am, you don't pay for shipping (:
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wie geil ist das denn?!
Doof ist natürlich, dass ich in den vergangenen Jahren einiges an Geld beim Zoll gelassen hab, aber dass das ab demnächst wegfällt (bzw, die Grenze erhöht wird, aber die neue Grenze ist in einem Bereich der für mich wenig relevant ist), ist schon geil.
Endlich kann man auch mal ordentlich von der Dollar-Schwäche profitieren, ohne dass Einfuhr- und/oder Umsatzsteuer diesen Vorteil wieder wett machen ...

(thx to [profile] falling_home for pointing this out btw)
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I'm not very fashion conscious, so for the past few years, I didn't spend much time buying new trousers. Basically I'd just go to the nearest C&A and grab one or two black Westbury jeans in my size. And if they didn't have any, I'd just ask them to order one for me and call me to pick it up.
So far, so good.
Today I went to the store and didn't find a single pair of trousers in my size, neither Westbury nor other labels. So I asked the nearest salesperson to order some for me, but she refused and told me that "we're not doing that anymore". She also couldn't tell me when they'd get a new delivery or if there even was my size included in such a delivery.

So I guess I need to start looking for alternatives.
Guess which is the last store I'm going to look ...

I was thinking that maybe I should just order online, but I guess I won't be able to avoid actually going to a store to try on various products. I need to find others as comfortable as Westbury ones, since those are only available from C&A ...
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I saved 27.12€ by ordering 4 CDs from instead of
I love the current Dollar / Euro exchange rate d;
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The army boots I got while in the army lasted about 8 years.
One of the pairs I bought last week lasted about a week ...

grmml ... )

How the hell are you supposed to tighten them around your foot properly when they break this easily ffs?!
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... I just caught part of taff on TV. It seems they gave 10000€ to a young couple and asked them to try and spend it in a single day, shopping in Berlin.
At the end of the day they had around 300€ left.
So of course the first thing you ask yourself is, "what would I do?" ...

I think I'd need about an hour. I'd go to Saturn and buy a flatscreen TV / PC monitor for 5000€. Then I'd visited some computer shop and ask them to assemble a gamer PC for 4985€. There, all done. The remaining 15€ are to pay a taxi to get me, my new TV, and my new PC home.
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I just got back from visiting that new shopping mall. (see current location for where exactly it is ...).
It was pretty disappointing to be honest. Which is not to say that it won't be a success. I guess its location is pretty good, once the new B207 is finished. And everywhere around it, new houses are being built so it'll be in the middle of a new district.
But it doesn't have anything unique. Sure, the supermarket is open until midnight, but then again the one I can see out the window is open until 10pm, and if I ever wanted to go shopping at night, it'd be past midnight, so no use there.
It's got a Subway which is nice. It's a little closer to my home than the other ones we've got in Lübeck, but I don't think it stays open all night, so I can't go snack shopping there after work either.
And the GameStop is a joke. When you step in you have to be careful not to step out the other end, it's that small. My living room is bigger than that. It also seemed that they didn't really offer anything other than the latest titles for PC and consoles. If I wanted to shop at a place with a crappy product range, I'd just go to the local Saturn ...
The roof of the building has been made into a parking lot. That's a good thing I guess, except of course that I biked there ... Anyway, parking currently is free there, so that's a good thing. I checked out the parking deck to see if there was a nice view to take pictures, but there isn't, really. You can see the church towers, and with nice weather and a decent zoom you might be able to make something of it, but I sure can't with my little digicam (and my guess is that at most two years from now the view will be totally cluttered). And the edges of the platform are made in such a way that I can't even use my mini tripod on them. ):

Toll ...

Oct. 31st, 2007 01:12 pm
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... Bei mir in der Nähe hat ein neues Einkaufszentrum geöffnet.
Vor einiger Zeit hieß es noch, der Supermarkt da drin hätte "rund um die Uhr" auf, und ich dachte noch, "toll, kann ich nach der Arbeit noch einkaufen fahren. Nachts um 0.30 ist das bestimmt auch nicht so viel los ..."
Na ja, jetzt hat das Ding von 07.00-24.00 geöffnet. Also nix mit nachts einkaufen, denn ich hab immer erst um 24.00 Feierabend, also hätte der Laden immer schon zu, wenn ich da ankomme ...

Na ja, jedenfalls soll das Zentrum da ganz toll sein, und so, also werd' ich mir das nachher mal anschauen. Immerhin soll's da einen GameStop geben, davon haben wir noch keinen in Lübeck.
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Thanks for everyone's messages I got today (:

As to what I did today ...
My parents called and came over, we went shopping (a new mobile phone for my mother, DVDs for me) and ate at Maredo (you get a 25% discount on your birthday). Some friends and relatives called. Or tried to, since I had my phone muted while I was out with my parents.
I was given some money that'll go into my vacation / new computer fund. I also got chocolate and a book ("Black for Remembrance", sounds interesting, never heard of it though). And the City of Lübeck is apparently giving me a new street (they're *finally* redoing the street outside. Noisy as hell all day, but it'll be good once it's done). And I also got mail from the tax office today. I'm getting a refund (: (yay, moneys!)

DVDs I bought are 28 Days Later, and Dire Straits and Iron Maiden concert DVDs that I think were bootlegged or recorded from TV ... *shurgs* The video isn't very good, but sound is good enough for me ...
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... heute war doof.
Fast nur Problemfälle auf der Arbeit.
Und dann wird man noch angemacht, als wär' man selbst Schuld an Allem.

Außerdem hab ich heute Nachmittag den Mietwagen zurückgebracht. Hab da Steffi & Thomas getroffen, die haben mich dann gleich mit zu sich genommen, und dort hab ich dann den Firmenwagen bekommen. Hab also letztendlich einen A3 gegen einen identischen, anderen getauscht.
und Nicole und ich haben heute Nacht Bereitschaft. Nicole hat das Telefon, ich hab den Dienstwagen. Wenn jemand was will, müssen wir raus.
Ganz toll d;

Heute Mittag war ich kurz bei C&A. Die Lübecker Parkautomaten haben ja diese tolle Brötchentaste - Wenn man nur kurz zum Bäcker will, brauch man keine Parkgebühren zu zahlen.
Das funktioniert übrigens auch, wenn man sich kurz bei C&A eine Hose kaufen will ^_^

Na ja. Ansonsten. Meh.
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I changed tires on my bike today, then biked to the gas station to get the pressure right ...
Also oiled some parts on the bike to stop squeaking.
I did all that outside, so I got a little cold.

And I turned on the heating in my place.
Because my feet are cold ... ):

Oh, and I ordered some t-shirts from They've got some specials at the moment, free shipping and stuff.
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Chrischi visited yesterday. We watched DVDs (Event Horizon, 12 Blogcks), some more Police Squad (in color!), did some internetty things, listened to Ärzte stuff, went shopping (Pressezentrum; Wächter der Nacht, Ärzte - Bäst of), and had pizza ...

And I'm going to go to work in a few minutes ...
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They re-opened the store down the street, or something. Don't really know what's going on there, but it seems it's no longer a MiniMal, but a Rewe shop now.
Anyway, they're having this game today: when paying, you throw three dice. If you manage to do 666, you don't have to pay for your stuff!
I was still busy trying to figure out the chances (what the hell is 36+6???) when I threw the dice. I ended up being one short - 665. ): Close, but no cigar. Instead I got a pen. Whoopdy.
Of course it didn't occur to me to ask for different rules until I was back outside. Should've asked whether we could do something like 123 instead? I could have blamed superstition on not liking 666.
Oh well. *shurgs*


Feb. 24th, 2006 12:47 pm
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got all things done.

Woke up at 8.15am, without the help of the alarm clock, which I'd set to 8.30am.
Got up, dressed, etc, and took the bus to university.
Once there I went to the blood donatey place, and had a needle stuck in my arm just a few minutes later.
Donating was uneventful, but I got some medicine that helps the body produce blood afterwards. Never got these before.
Oh well, don't think I need those. I felt like I've had a cocktail too much for a minute or two, but then I was fine. Had breakfast there, then took another bus into town.
Got off in town and went to a random photo place to get my picture taken, then walked to the "Meldestelle", where I applied for a new ID card. I can call them in about 3 weeks to ask if it's done, then get it from there.
Next I walked to Pressezentrum, took a look around the CDs to see if they've got BÖC CDs. They do, but none of the live ones. Then I went to the ticket desk to buy Beyond the Darkside tickets. Once the woman there told me the price I said I'd order online, because it's cheaper there, which surprised her. But then she checked her other computer system, which is hooked up to a different ticket distributer, and found that it's indeed cheaper there. That surprised her a little. It's a little annoying really, you really have to compare prices there.
Anyway, bought two tickets (117€ or something ):), then walked to Subway to buy lunch. And dinner.
Then to C&A, and bought a pair of jeans there.
Then onto the bus, back home.

And now I'm hungry (:

btw ...

Dec. 1st, 2005 08:59 pm
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Thanks to [ profile] tmtl for pointing out prickwear. Friend of mine absolutely wants the Friends who care shirt. Especially since he has teh hots for a friend's gf. I think. d;
Also ordered two shirts for myself from there. Need new stuff to wear anyway d;

In unrelated news, thanks to kqb for actually letting me have a credit card ...

[edit] Would've ordered the "drive it like you stole it" shirt from that other site too, but we don't have casual days at work, so there's no point really ...

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