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Ich mußte eben in meinem e-Mail Postfach nach Bestell-Bestätigungen suchen, weil ich mich einfach nicht mehr erinnern konnte, ob ich diverse Bestellungen abgeschickt hatte oder nicht.
Hab ich, wie's scheint.
Firefly / Serenity (die Serie, auf DVD), 'ne neue Jeans, und 'n paar Schuhe ... Viel teuer zwar, aber brauche ich.
Na ja, bis auf die DVD Box, aber die ist vergleichsweise günstig (;

Und mein Foto hab ich auch bezahlt, bzw. angewiesen ...

fatal flaw

Sep. 4th, 2009 02:41 pm
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... Ich schaffe es einfach nicht, bei Karten für mehr als eine Veranstaltung in eine Bestellung zusammenzufassen. Das kann doch echt nicht sein, dass das nicht möglich ist?!
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... I ordered some PorcTree CDs from Some were too expensive, so I thought I'd order those from They're being weird though. A search for Fear of a blank Planet turns up the album priced at 6.98 pounds. Sound good, but when I go to checkout, it's suddenly at 7.22. Same goes for all the other CDs. They're listed at a decent price, but when I actually try to order them the price goes up.

Ahh right, I've figured it out, though I don't think they've always done it like that.
The price they list appears to include 15% UK VAT, but when they deliver to Germany they need to charge 19%. So that's where the difference in price is from. 6.98 / 1.15 * 1.19 = 7.22

I wonder if do it like that now as well. I'm pretty sure they used to leave it up to local customs offices to charge VAT ...
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I picked up a very hungover Steffi around 1pm, followed by Sven, then we drove to work so I could collect my bike.
Before heading home I remembered that the new Farin Urlaub single was released today. I'd planned to bike to Pressezentrum and spend all the cash I had in my wallet (~ 50€) on that single, and whatever Porcupine Tree CDs I'd find.
While waiting for a traffic light to turn green, it occured to me that I was right next to Saturn. That's basically on my way home anyway, while Pressezentrum is in the city. So I decided to go there instead. Went in, took a look at the mp3 players (The Sansa E280 is up to 120€ again from their sale a few months ago, when they sold it for 70€), then headed for the PorcTree CDs. I found 3 overpriced CDs, one of which I already have. So I didn't even bother to grab the Farin Urlaub single, and instead decided to go to Pressezentrum after all.
Once there though, it turned out that they're still redecorating, or something. Half the store is closed, and the rest is small, crowded, and not a lot of stuff is actually available. I couldn't find the single at all, and the PorcTree CDs were the same that Saturn had, for the same high price. Oh, and the latest EP (that's basically four tracks that didn't make it onto the album), for the price of a full album ...
Yeah. So I didn't leave any money there either.
Desperate, I tried Karstadt, but unsurprisingly, their media sections sucks big time. Not a single Porcupine Tree CD, and the only Farin Urlaub single I could find was Nichimgriff. The one released today was unavailable.
Well, at least I remembered to buy a pack of amarays which I'd meant to do for several months.

Now I'm back home, and kinda waiting for Steffi to call.
And I want PorcTree CDs dammit!

Something I noticed on the way home ... Lots of empty shops lately. There used to be a baby shop in my street (which, as it turns out, never sold any actual babies, just used clothes, toys etc for babies). That's empty and available for rent now. Same goes for the flower shop next to the super market. They're not closed yet, but there's a sign saying that it's for rent too.
And the second hand CD / vinyl shop in the city is gone too ):

eBay ...

Jul. 6th, 2007 12:20 am
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... Ich sag mal so ... Draufzahlen tu' ich schon mal nicht ...

Bin ziemlich überrascht. Ich hätte gedacht, dass bestenfalls eine Person 1 oder 2 Euro bietet, und sich erst 'n Tag vor Ende der Auktion ergibt, was ich da überhaupt rausbekomme.
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Mein erster Verkaufsversuch bei eBay ...
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... just ran across ... I like what I'm seeing. Might order stuff.
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here be pictures ... )

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