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New useless but neat-o thing I got today ... )
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So, yesterday I got the blood donation thing done, today I managed to iron some shirts (5) and trousers (2). I also reattached two buttons to those shirts.
And I cleaned the kitchen too, and all that in spite of having to go to work today too.

I'll go to bed soon'ish ...


Nov. 19th, 2007 04:24 pm
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Moo Cards were in the mail today.
So now I can hand out some random person's contact details to strangers on the street. Because moo got the order wrong, and printed my pictures on the front of the cards, but someone else's details on the back.
Anyway, they noticed after sending the cards out and are already re-printing mine correctly, so I'll have proper ones in a few days ...

I also returned the backpack to the post office today to have it sent back. Yes.

And I'll have to leave for work in a bit. Until then, music!
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Tomorrow I'm going to try doing this. I know, looks easy enough. But knowing Hamburg, and knowing me, I'll probably take a wrong turn somewhere and end up here or something ...

Thing is, the current car can either read the nav CD, xor play a music CD. It does store relevant data in its memory (route itself and the roads in the surrounding area), so once it's done reading the CD it can even guide you if you do get off the planned route, but reading the Nav disc in the first place takes ages, and for some strange reason it doesn't even tell you when it's done. You have to try and eject the CD. If you get a message asking you "are you sure?", then it's not done.

So I'd rather listen to some music instead.

A20 - A1 (Hamburg) - A24 (Hamburg) - first exit at traffic circle, left when it's either left or right, right at Berliner Tor, left at Nagelsweg.

grmpf ...

Jun. 11th, 2007 05:17 pm
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current status on my shipment from .jp ... )

I was impressed that it only took two days to get from Kashiwa, Japan to Germany. Another day from Frankfurt to Hamburg, which is wholly acceptable too, imho.
Sadly, my shipment has been sitting idly in Hamburg for the past two days, waiting for "Final delivery". I didn't get it today, which makes it at least three days from Hamburg to here, which would take me less than an hour, as long as there's not too much traffic -_-

And don't even say "weekend". I had to work Saturday and Sunday, and I don't see why anyone else wouldn't!
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... gestern hatte ich tatsächlich ausnahmsweise mal die totale Arschkarte.
Während einige Kollegen zwischen der Station und Travemünde hin- und hergependelt sind und SLKs abgeholt haben (insgesamt 8 Stück), bin ich in der Station geblieben und hab den Abwasch erledigt (der Dank des Geburtstages eines Kollegen auch noch extra umfangreich ausfiel) ...

Na ja. Positiv denken. Es hätte schlimmer sein können. zB wenn es TTs statt SLKs gewesen wären, oder irgendwas anderes Cooles ...

Na ja, heute hab ich noch einen Tag frei. Ich hab eingekauft (Erdbeeren!), abgewaschen und Klamotten gebügelt. Jetzt werd' ich noch ein paar Stunden mit faul sein verbringen, und dann am Wochenende wieder fleißig sein ...

new thing!

Feb. 3rd, 2007 03:32 am
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New Thing.
So sue me, I still like their music.
Well, except for the latest album, which I've never managed to listen to in its entirety.
But anyway. Jane Doe live version (((:

Runrig ...

Jan. 10th, 2007 12:30 am
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... Toll.
Von Runrig gibt's n neuen Konzert-Termin. Einen Tag vor dem Konzert im Stadtpark, wo Chrischi und ich (und mein Papa) hingehen, spielen die in irgendsoeiner Burg, in irgendsoeinem Kaff bei Stuttgart ... Obwohl, 'ne Burg hat bestimmt 'ne tolle, passende Atmosphäre ...

Was noch?
Mein Arm tut weh. Der, wo kein Blut rauskam. Die Stelle, wo ich da gepiekst wurde, fühlt sich etwas entzündet an.
Jetzt weiß ich auch wieder, warum ich sowieso nicht mit links spenden wollte. Das war letztes Mal auch so.
Und jetzt, wo das Pflaster weg ist, hab ich da einen wunderschönen Bluterguss. Und, weil die Dame dort mir gleich den halben Arm verbunden hatte, hab ich jetzt noch überall Restkleber von den Pflastern. Ihck.

Ich geh mal meinen Arm waschen ...

omg blood!

Jan. 9th, 2007 04:03 pm
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Today I learned that roughly 50% of my arms are totally useless when it comes to donating blood.
I was asked to go outside, drink something, then come back to try the other arm, which worked just fine.
Took a little longer in the end than I expected though.
Anyway, not a problem. It's 4pm now, and I'm back home, and in about an hour, I'll leave for work ...


Nov. 22nd, 2006 03:07 am
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Machinae Supremacy is finally selling their official Redeemer CD on their website.
Since money is an issue this month, I didn't just order it though.
Nope. Not me.
I can hold off for another month.

In other news, this is an old news item from more than 6 years ago.
I ran across it while looking up song meanings at The Levellers made it into a song ...
I'm pointing this out because the Levellers rock. And this song rocks. And several of their other songs rock too.
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... new stuff! ... )
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Chrischi was here. We watched V for Vendetta (liked it), and Half Light (liked it, awesome scenery).
Also watched Police Squad! episodes 1 and 2. Chrischi liked them. (; Not surprising really.
Ordered some stuff off amazon. Well, pre-ordered. *shurgs*
Ate Subs. From the new SubWay. Person there was SLOW. Well. She can't have done the job for more than a few days. Because the place opened less than a week ago.
Got an e-Mail from Sandra Tomsby. o_O Little surprised there, last time I saw her was .. like, 10 years ago? Something like that. Gotta reply, but first, sleep. Early morning tomorrow and stuff ...
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At some point yesterday *looks at clock* actually, make that day before yesterday, I got bored and started reading MegaTokyo again from the beginning. In the past few weeks, I'd done that with Dilbert too. And Penny Arcade, and Ctrl-Alt-Del ...
Anyway, my point is this ... I started reading some of the rants on MT that come along with the comics. That way I found out some funny little bits of information, like how the creator likes, or at least at some point in time, did like Jhonen Vasquez' I feel Sick. Also, it's interesting to see that many web comic artists know each other, and poke fun at each other, and do homages, guest strips etc (eg, last time I read through MT, I didn't know MacHall yet ...).
Anyway, most importantly, I learned that there were some amazing posters up for sale at MT: this one, which looks simply amazing (It was done in cooperation with Merekat), and then this hilarious one. I can't find either of these for sale anymore though ):
Instead, they're now selling this, which admittedly is funny and cute and gamer'ish and all, but I don't really want it ...

Anyway, browsing through the MegaGear shop, I somehow ended up yet again at ThinkGeek. I love that place. And I hate it. I've never actually bought anything from it, but I could so easily lose a few hundred bucks there ):
For example, on things like these:
I beat Tetris T-shirt that shows Skull from PvP Online
My brain is hung like a horse, also in some way related to PvP
Panda Attack, running gag in PvP
ttyl, I particularly like the idea of having that at the back of the shirt
die, n00b
Those are just the new ones I discovered today ... Some classics?
No, I will not fix your computer
Keep out of direct sunlight

err, etc.
I got distracted browsing through ThinkGeek some more.

work ...

Mar. 23rd, 2006 02:56 pm
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I was actually expecting some fun with those air force people today, but both of them just gave me their own credit cards to pay the rental ...
Totally unexciting.

Nothing much else happened either. Cleaned a few cars, and stuff. The usual.

I have a letter here that I need to send off.
Which makes me wonder. If I just wanted some cigarettes, I wouldn't have to walk as far as I do in order to get to the nearest mailbox.
Actually I'm passing two cigarette machine thingies just to get to the nearest mailbox / atm / super market.
Am I the only one who thinks that's weird?

Had the mail order car in my own mailbox this morning btw. That worked just fine (:

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