Mar. 27th, 2016 11:31 am
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I just finished watching the last episode of TNG. I never realised before that the entire trial thing that the show starts with comes around full circle at the end. I did watch the "All Good Things ..." episodes as a kid, but I've never seen TNG in order, so I didn't realise that those were the last episodes to the show. Q still is one of my favourite characters, and I love how he seems like an antagonist at first, but in the end it turns out that he isn't, not quite anyway. And that realisation coincides with Picard's realisation of it. It's quite neat really.

So anyway, now that I've re-watched all of it, I'm pretty sure I've actually seen all episodes before. One didn't seem quite familiar when I watched it a few weeks ago, but thinking back I do recall some aspects of it from my childhood, so I just might not have seen all of it, or forgot about it, or something. Seeing them in order does make things more interesting though. As a kid I just watched them when they happened to be on, I don't remember actually making time to watch TNG as a kid though.

Heh. I'm not going to revisit TOS, DS9 or Voyager though. I never actually really liked those ones. Maybe I should go and rewatch MacGyver. Or Knight Rider?? X-Files???

Then again maybe I should just watch those hundreds of episodes I already have on the computer. Never finished Mr. Robot, or Jessica Jones. I've got plenty of unwatched episodes of Castle, Supernatural, Burn Notice, Game of Thrones, I stopped bothering with Doctor Who and Breaking Bad ... There's just so much ...

Tick Tock!

Jan. 2nd, 2016 12:00 pm
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This entry will contain spoilers for Edge of Tomorrow.

I was talking to Chrischi last year about a certain thing I like in fiction. That thing is Time. It's not time travel as such, because that suggests some sort of control over the destination (like in Doctor Who, or Back to the Future). I enjoy those movies / TV shows that are more along the lines of mysterious things happening to the protagonists that are potentially related to weird things happening to time.

Groundhog Day, of course. Guy relives day over and over again. He doesn't seem to have any control over it and doesn't know what to do about it either. As far as I remember we never find out what actually caused it either. For the most part this is a funny / romance movie of course, not much in the way of scary that I like for that premise.

Død Kalm (X-Files episode). Chrischi and me were watching this, which caused our discussion. In the end the viewer gets a sort of scientific explanation for the accelerated aging process the ship and everyone on it is subjected to, but until then the episode is scary as hell IMO. Keep in mind though that I remember watching this one as a kid too. It was scarier back then.

Timescape (TNG episode). I remember this one fondly from watching as a kid. The crew encounter pockets of temporal disturbances (areas with time running faster / slower). Before they figure out what's going on the effects of these were really quite scary.

Time and Effect (TNG episode). I found this one while trying to find the episode above. Typical Groundhog Day setting, but still I liked it very much back then.

Mystery Spot (Supernatural episode). I watched a lot of Supernatural last year I think, getting up to date to the (then) most recent seasons. Again this is a Groundhog Day setting (it is kinda popular it seems). Considering that Dean dies over and over again it's quite hilarious, but gets more serious towards the end.

The Langoliers. Is it even time travel? I watched this many years ago and loved the premise. Airplane passengers find themselves in an almost deserted airplane and manage to land at an airport, that's also missing people. The explanation at the end is not exactly time travel, nor is it a parallel universe. It's just people getting out of sync with their time and being literally late. The movie itself isn't rated all that high, but the idea behind it (I assume it's based on a book) is awesome.

11/22/63 (Stephen King novel). Now this novel is far from perfect for me because it doesn't focus enough of the scary weird stuff. Most of it is about that guy living his life in the past. But there were some very cool themes:
- The idea that time doesn't want to be changed and tries to prevent it. The graver the changes the protagonist attempts, the tougher are the obstacles "fate" puts in his way to stop him.
- The reset that happens when he travels back again. And in combination with that, the slightly crazy homeless person he encounters after going back, who does not reset but seems dimly aware of him coming back. And don't even get me started on that yellow card that guy has on his clothes. Wasn't it a slightly different shade of yellow the last time the protagonist saw him?? (and later still, BAM, it's black. What does it mean??).

Edge of Tomorrow. Chrischi gave me his BluRay of the movie after we talked about this. It's Groundhog Day all over again, but with Zerg rushes instead of groundhogs. Even though the concept isn't innovative anymore I still enjoy finding out what characters make of it. Sadly towards the end the movie abandons the concept to make a run-of-the-mill action sequence. Then reintroduces it at the end as a Deus ex machina to make everyone survive, because clearly you can't have a proper ending to an American AAA action movie with the main characters dead. Also I never quite got why the General insisted on him being on the front lines in the first place.

And, yeah that's it. There's some of my favourite implementations of "weird things happening to time" in fiction.
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I finished watching Dark Matter. First few episodes were kinda meh, then it got good though. Last episode was like WHOA WTF!

Problem with the pacing of the last two episodes though ...
Okay, the crew's search for an intruder went on way too long: The viewer already knows that the attack on the android did not come from an intruder but from someone the android knew and trusted. So showing the rest of the crew searching for an intruder for several minutes in a dramatic and thrilling way is a waste of the viewer's time. Seriously, it wouldn't have made any sense for them to find anyone. Sure, show them searching uncuccessfully. Don't make it that long though.
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omg Sherlock!!1
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Eben hab' ich auf ARD eine komische Werbung für den Eurovision Song Contest gesehen. Da erzählt ein Vater seiner kleinen Tochter eine Gute-Nacht-Geschichte, und im Hintergrund läuft eine Spieluhr.
Was die Spieluhr spielt? Die ersten 34 Sekunden von Mélodie aus dem Anime Noir.

Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, wo diese Melodie im Original herkommt? Ich bezweifle nämlich, dass die ARD sich bei Noir bedient haben.
Den Verweis auf Tchaikovsky habe ich übrigens gesehen, aber in seinem Autumn Song kann ich diese Melodie beim besten Willen nicht raushören ...
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Vielleicht hab' ich ja einfach nur was verpasst bei diesem Beitrag ... Aber wieso zeigen die eigentlich den Spitzenkandidaten für die Bürgerschaftswahl in Hamburg vor einer Lübecker Kulisse (zum Vergleich)?

Number One!

Jan. 5th, 2011 09:21 pm
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There's a (new?) TV show called Number One! It's about music.
I'm currently watching an episode on biggest / greatest / bestest concerts.

Live Aid was on it of course, and (happy me) Roger Waters' 1990 The Wall show.
Soooo. I guess someone decided that The Wall doesn't have enough good material by itself, so they added some other background music to the piece. Namely bits of High Hopes.
Granted, it's Pink Floyd too, but The Wall show was by Roger Waters and done in 1990, while High Hopes, being from The Division Bell album, is by the rest of the band, and from 1994ish.
Don't get me wrong, I love High Hopes. It just doesn't fit here.

Anyway, you want to know about the other shows they portrait?
Some come back tour by Kylie Minogue, that Johnny Cash show in prison, Udo Lindenberg's 1983 show in Eastern Berlin, Robbie Williams, etc.
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Ich wollte mich gerade darüber mockieren dass so eine Komödie / Parodie so spät abends läuft.
Dann kam Werbung. Und so eine bekloppte Rufen-Sie-Jetzt-An-Gewinnspielsendung.
Haben die die noch alle?!

Wozu guck' ich überhaupt noch fern? Fernseher abschaffen, GEZ sparen. Ist doch eh alles Müll da. Die paar guten Sachen die's überhaupt noch gibt kommen sowieso erst mit ein paar Jahren Verspätung im deutschen Fernsehen.
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Erst Werbung machen ...

Und dann das Produkt auf der eigenen Website gar nicht anbieten ...
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IMO the game yesterday was way better, and that's not the German in me talking ...
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I guess I kinda dozed off on the couch.
I only noticed that Germany was ahead 1:0 at the end of the first half of the game ... o_O

I still hope Argentina shoot a goal or two, I don't want to lose any (virtual) money I bet on ...
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TV-Tipp: Geek Cruise - Wenn Nerds verreisen

Wie gut dass mein Computer "neues"-Sendungen aufnimmt, sonst hätt' ich dies doch glatt verpasst.


Jun. 3rd, 2010 07:32 pm
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Auf ARD läuft gerade das erste Casting von Germany's Next President.

Ich mag Christian Wulff nicht ...
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This year there're actually two songs that don't entirely suck.
Ukraine's and Turkey's.
My opinion anyway. I hope Ukraine wins.

As to Germany's song, I used to like the singer's voice, and she's quite cute too. But then I've heard that song about a million times in the past few weeks, even when trying to avoid the radio altogether. Didn't help. I'm quite fed up with it by now.

Also. I wish they'd do progrock or metal version of that contest.

Just imagine it: Porcupine Tree starting for the UK, Sylvan or RPWL for Germany (can't quite decide), The Aurora Project for the Netherlands, Riverside for Poland, Gazpacho for Norway.
Of course the ProgRockCon would take a bit longer than the Eurovision Song Contest. We'd probably want "albums" instead of "songs" ...
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Since I've set Media Center to record everything titled Rockpalast I now have a TV recording of Porcupine Tree's 2005 Cologne show. Or rather, most of it anyway. They never showed the entire concert on TV as far as I know.
Anyway, once I noticed I of course couldn't stop watching. Yes, I already have that recording, got it off the 'net a few years ago. And yes, I bought the digital download version of that show from burningshed.
And yet I'm still watching instead of taking a shower and going to bed early. I just can't get myself to stop it.
In fact, I think I'm going to grab a hanky now because Arriving Somewhere ... was just on.

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And Saturday was a national holiday too ...

Anyway, got a lot of things done these past two days.
I was at work for about 3 hours yesterday, mostly cleaning a single car. Was a little annoyed with the Europcar office I'd gotten this car from. Renting it out for 2 months, raking in the profits from this rental, and then getting someone else to clean up the mess after them. Imagine a 9 seater mini bus used to move construction workers to work every day for two months, that's what this car looked like. Hadn't been cleaned in all this time either.
Anyway, coming from that particular office, I wasn't really surprised.
After work I got back home and cleaned my place. Vacuum'ed, washed the dishes, floors, clothes, bathroom. Pretty much everything. Watched some TV in the evening and had pizza.

As for today, I went to work again, cleaned some more cars. Monday is going to be busy. The VIP customer whose order we fucked up a few days ago has ordered something like 7 cars for tomorrow and I was going to make very sure everything is turning out fine this time around. So I cleaned all the cars I needed for them today, took a few hours again. Also cleaned pretty much everything else too, because as it seems all the cars are going to be rented out tomorrow.
After closing time I drove a truck over to our Flensburg office in exchange for yet another car I needed for tomorrow. Drove that back here, cleaned it, etc.
In the end I finished working at around 1.45pm (we close at 11am on Sundays, so that's quite some extra time I did today). Got home, nuked the leftover pizza from yesterday while watching Simpsons. Then I got out the ironing board and ironed the clothes I'd washed yesterday while watching Castle, Lie to Me, Burn Notice and Dr. Who. I was done with that around 7pm'ish. At that point I had some more food and watched some more stuff.

Busy weekend all in all, got a lot of things done. Just didn't relax any, but who needs relaxation anyway, eh?

I like quantum angels by the way. They're among my favourite Dr Who baddies.
Schrödinger would've approved I think.
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IT Crowd (UK) Coming Back For Season 4

Also, I wasn't aware of a German remake (called Das iTeam - Die Jungs an der Maus). No surprise it sucked of course, even though it had Sky Du Mont. Trying to germanify british humour has never worked, and never will.
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When I got home today, it was uncomfortably warm in my apartment.
I wonder what it's like in here when it's actually hot outside.

Anyway, I meant to write about these past few days:

Saturday: I'd rented a car for a few days and visited Chrischi. First though, I drove to my parents to unpack. I'd planned to stay at their place for several days so I had several bags with me, mostly clothes.
Anyway, after a quick stop at my parents' I continued on to Chrischi. We ended up watching half of the first season of True Blood, a fun HBO TV series. It's a mixture of mystery, horror, comedy, romance and nakedness. Hard to classify really, but fun to watch anyway.

Sunday: Slept at my parents', then drove to Lübeck to visit Steffi at work. She'd found out a few days earlier that she's going to be out of a job again in a few months. Europcar are finally going through with the re-organisation they'd planned to do for more than a year. You might recall that Steffi was originally coerced into transferring from Lübeck to Husum last year with this very re-org being the reason.
Anyway, her successor in Lübeck got the note a few days ago for both his positions in Lübeck and Kiel. Tough luck for him, he doesn't have the tiniest clue as to what to do now.
Where was I ... Right, I visited Steffi at work. We played some games, chatted, Bine came over to say hi, and a few hours later I drove back to my parents'.

Monday I had a job interview at ISA in Hamburg. I'd left my parents' place way early to make sure I'm not too late for this. I ended up finding a parking spot right in front of their main entrance though, so I waited in the car for about half an hour calming myself with a dose of ProgRock.
The interview ended up being surprisingly pleasant though. It was conducted by an IT guy, and a trainee was also present. I was asked about my motivation to change careers into IT, about my experience in the field, etc.
The interview lasted for about half an hour, which I later realised was quite short. But they do plan to do a one day internship with those applicants they're interested in, so that'll be a chance to get a more in-depth impression of me. If they even choose me. I sure hope they do, I'd really really like to start doing my apprenticeship with them.

Tuesday: Slept in, got up, packed my stuff and left my parents' in the early afternoon. I had another job interview, this time at SPI in Ahrensburg. This interview was a lot more intense. At first I thought that the interviewers were out to discourage and criticise me for some reason, but it guess they were just very well-prepared for the meeting and wanted to see how I'd deal with this sort of "interrogation".
The interview itself lasted for about 45 minutes, after which they asked me to fill in a personality test for them to get a more precise idea of what I'm like. They assured me that the answers I'd give wouldn't have an influence on their final decision as such. The test would just help them find out what kind of person I am and whether I'm actually well-suited for the position.
I'll probably get an answer, and results for the test, early next week.

Wednesday sucked. Without going into the specifics, I caused a huge problem for one of our big customers. Well, "caused" isn't quite true in fact. Nicole assured me today that none of it was actually my fault, that I did everything "right". Anyway, it bugs the hell out of me that I let a customer down like that, and I spent most of the night wondering how to do it differently if something like that ever happens again.
*shurgs* The problem is, I can't do it any differently. The only way to avoid something like that happening again is to stop serving customers altogether ...

And now, for some randomness ...
I keep wondering, how do people wearing their hair down keep it from being in their face all the time? Or in their mouth, in their food? Any suggestions?

If you check my profile you'll find that the past few months I've been listening mostly to the bands Votum and The Aurora Project. Both are absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend them to everyone, even though I'm pretty sure most of you have quite different musical tastes than me. Anyway, if anyone reading this likes Pink Floyd, Riverside, Porcupine Tree and / or Sylvan, check them out.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Anesthetize (whew. At least I can write it. I'm still not quite sure how to properly pronounce it). According to the website, Porcupine Tree hope to send them out early May. If I had my way it'd be in the mail tomorrow.
Actually, scratch that. If it was then I'd end up getting just a note telling me to come pick it up at the post office on Monday, since it's both insured and too big for my mailbox anyway. If that were the case, I'd have to wait 2-3 days to get my hands on it, knowing full well that it's just sitting at the post office all weekend. Now that'd be sucky.

I ranted about one postage option you can offer on It's cheaper than other options, but requires the use of a Packstation. I'd offered that once, but the buyer didn't know what it even was, choosing that option for postage anyway.
Even though I said back then I wouldn't offer that option again, I did, hoping that I'd just had bad luck with that one customer.
But, of course, I didn't. Instead, it seems that people are unaware of the requirement to even choose a postage option at all. They just click through the whole procedure and leave it at whatever defaults to (and that appears to be whatever's the cheapest). So, in future I'll either not offer it at all, or make it more expensive so that ebay defaults to something else. Kinda beats the whole purpose of it being a cheap way to have stuff delivered of course.

I forget the last thing I wanted to write about ...
Feel free to educate me on the correct use of "I forget" vs "I forgot" btw. We Germans are kinda weird and never "forget" (Germans: Think about it, how often do you really use present tense "vergessen"?)

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Media Center was recording some TV show just now.
Unfortunately I'd decided to check whether my apps were up to date. Adobe Reader wasn't, and as we all know Reader is such an important system component that updating it means rebooting the PC, and therefore I'm now missing a few minutes of that TV show.

Seriously, I get why some Windows Updates require a reboot, same goes for AV software and scandisk. But a f***ing PDF reader?! I'm pretty sure quicktime and java want a reboot too actually.

And what for? Just to get their entry active in msconfig → Startup. Guess what, I don't want quickgooglejavacyberlinkadobe running in the background! I keep disabling those startup entries after each update.
I don't even have the openoffice quickstarter running, you know why? I have a friggin' fast SSD, I don't need some wannabe TSR to hog RAM and CPU cycles just to load a wee bit faster in case I want to edit a spreadsheet. Or watch a quicktime video.
Shesh, if Porcupine Tree had released the DVD preview trailer in a proper format I wouldn't even have quicktime installed on the computer.



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