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Ahh fuck it.
I was going to be patient, but the I found (and pre-ordered) this.
I really wanted to get Chrischi into Doctor Who, but he won't watch anything in english. And I refuse to wait for series 3 and 4 to be released in german. After all, how long am I supposed to wait for that to happen? Another few years? It's not even certain they'll bother to do them at all, since the Doctor is nowhere to be found on german TV anyway.

Since I'm here anyway, I guess I could update.
The Incident was released Friday and is due for release across Europe on Monday. I've been listening to it nonstop for the past few weeks, and I love it. Can't wait to finally hold it in my hands. I've pre-ordered to limited edition a few months ago, I hope they're shipping soon.
I also finally got Fragments in the mail on Friday, which means it took 7 days to be delivered. I should've stayed with I guess, I get their stuff within a day mostly.
Anyway, like it so far. Have only listened to it once or twice though, since I haven't had much time this weekend to just listen to music.
I've also got all the concert tickets for this year. There's about 4 events I decided not to go to. I have to teach myself not to go to each and every concert that I'd like to go to. That's just way too expensive.
Anyway, still 5 events coming up: 3x Porcupine Tree, Sylvan, and Riverside. That's as close to perfection as it gets for me. Well, another Riverside concert nearby would be nice, but other than that ...

So, what else is new?
As to work, nothing much. Still working every day, it's quite exhausting, especially the weekends. 12 hour work, followed by about 6 hours of sleep, followed by 15 hours of work.
And yet I'm sitting at the PC writing LJ instead of bed ... d;
I've been in Husum for a day last week, working there. The work atmosphere is very different from the current environment. I'm looking forward to start working there a lot.
I've visited my soon to be apartment too, but I think I might've mentioned that already in a previous entry.

Oh, I bought two games from a few days ago: Mirror's Edge, and Prince of Persia. Two games well worth their money.
I also tried to 'demo' of Batman - Arkham Asylum. Don't like it much though. I very much doubt that I'll be getting that one ...

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