Apr. 10th, 2010

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Thema "Raucherpausen sind keine Arbeitszeit" bei n-tv:
"Zuerst hab ich natürlich gedacht das ist ungerecht, find ich gemein, was kann ich dafür dass ich rauche ..."
"Was kann ich dafür dass ich rauche?" - BITTE?! Sorry, aber mir soll mal bitte irgendein Raucher erzählen, dass jemand anders Schuld wäre, dass er raucht ...
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Totoro was on TV a few days ago (yay for arte and their Hommage to Miyazaki).
So I got into the mood to watch some more anime today. Laputa and Paprika.
I also listened to some of the OSTs I've collected over the years. Wolf's Rain, Bebop, .hack, Noir, Trigun, etc.
And I've browsed amazon. It appears that Wolf's Rain is being sold for 15 uk pounds now. I guess that's about 20€, including shipping and german VAT? Anyway, I recall paying 200€ for the entire show a few years back. Disappointing. That show deserves to be more expensive IMO.
I ordered Madlax from the uk shop. The price went down from over 60 to around 17 uk pounds, and it's sort of the successor to Noir, so I'm pretty sure that's not wasted money.

Anyway. Work tomorrow, bed now. G'night.

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