Aug. 18th, 2010

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Froogle is a useful service and all ... as long as you're searching for the cheapest way to obtain one product.

Doesn't help me much though. I've decided to buy:
- D-Link DIR-655 WLAN router
- D-Link DWA-556 PCIe adapter (because PCIe is the only free slot left in my PC)

So, I can do a froogle search for the router to find the cheapest place to buy it, but the adapter might be more expensive, or unavailable, in that shop. So I'd have to froogle the adapter to find a shop selling that one cheap.
Since I'd end up buying from two different shops I also pay twice for shipping. Worst case, I end up paying more than if I'd ordered from a shop that offers both, but at a higher price.
So, why is it that froogle doesn't let me search for multiple products and displays shops that have all of them, combined?

BTW, some shops offer those two D-Link products bundled, so I get sort of a proper result. But still, froogle should be able to do that IMO.

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