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For the longest time we've had competitive board games, then came cooperative games (e.g. Pandemic). Now we've got cooperative games that include betrayers who secretly work against the common goal (e.g. Betrayal at House on the Hill, Resistance, Dead of Winter, Panic Station, Saboteur); some of which just might have a betrayer and nobody knows for certain.
So I was thinking, do we have this secret traitor mechanic in coop computer games yet? I can't think of any, except for trolls in team shooters killing their own guys.
Panic Station lends its setting for such a game IMO.

The Setting: Space station overrun by an unknown alien species. The station is a maze of small'ish rooms, the rooms being randomized for each new game. A team of maybe 4 players, with the task of searching the station for the source of the aliens ("The Egg") - and destroying it. You encounter alien critters that aren't particularly fast, but resilient: You need the firepower of several players at once to deal with them. One player caught out on his own will get eaten.

The Gameplay: One of the players randomly may or may not get exposed to alien bacteria, spreading quickly through his body to his mind, manifesting one central thought: Protect The Egg. This will probably happen during entry to the space station, or shortly thereafter.
To protect The Egg, the player can either outright kill his team members, or try to be sneaky and infect them. Bite them in the neck, something like that. Should be possible in the close confines of the space station. Killing them will be more risky, especially when he's outnumbered three to one.

Also have teamspeak to either talk to all other players, or just one selectively. Infected players can coordinate without the others knowing, and non-infected could voice their suspicions to their team mate. Which would be particularly hilarious if his suspicion was off and he was confiding to an infected player ...

You know, that sort of thing.


Mar. 7th, 2011 07:20 am
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I had an interesting, and slightly scary, dream last night.

In it, I'd discovered that I could freeze time by jumping up "just right". (Don't try this at home - I did, doesn't work).
There were two problems with this though: The first, of course, was that doing it more than once weakened the fabric of spacetime. Things I touched while time was frozen tended to just disappear. I discovered that not only did they disappear, they ceased to have ever existed at all, which was particularly bad when touching (or just accidently bumping into) people.
The second problem was, that I couldn't keep my mouth shut about it, so I told some friends and family who then, of course, wanted to try as well, while I tried to stop them because of the consequences.
At one point I thought of travelling to Libya and meeting Gaddafi, but Time had a habit of filling the void left by disappearing people with other folks, so getting rid of him would not neccessarily have made things better, just different.

Anyway, me and some of the people I told about it all froze time at the same time, and a dozen of my friends and family just disappeared, which sucked.

Some other things happened and in the end I got stuck in a world with only few people left in it, while I myself was not quite there; being more like a ghost people couldn't see, just hear.
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... Letzte Nacht saß ich wieder im Klassenraum, vor mir meine Mathe Abi-Klausur, mit einer zusätzlichen Aufgabe, die 10 Jahre nach der eigentlichen Klausur hinzugefügt wurde, weil man die "damals vergessen hatte". Diese sollte ich jetzt lösen. Und ich solle mir keine Sorgen machen, an der Note ändert die eh nix mehr. Warum dann machen?
Na ja, nach 10 Jahren ist man da jedenfalls ziemlich raus hab ich festgestellt, ich hatte keinen blassen Schimmer mehr. Gut, aus irgendeinem Grund hatte ich eine Wikipedia-Seite ausgedruckt mit der Lösung drauf, mein größtes Problem war also das nicht wörtlich abzuschreiben.

Die Aufsicht hatte übrigens meine frühere Französisch-Lehrerin.

Und dann war da noch diese komische Frau ... Und nein, ich kenne keinen Herrn Schmitt, und ich hab auch nicht seine Handy-Nummer!

Sachen muß man sich bieten lassen .......

Na ja, gleich geht's auf nach Münster.
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Since I've had my new matress I've been sleeping better I think.
It also appears that I've dreamed more.

I'm not going to recount my dreams here, but rest assured that the subject I chose is not as random as it looks.
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Last night I had a nightmare that I'd got negative feedback on eBay ...

And I played around with and tested a mobile satnav ...

And I was in a museum, and some stuff displayed was actually mine ...

Also in the museum was a cactus that I got too close to and scratched my face ...



Sep. 4th, 2006 01:49 pm
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I had an interesting dream last night.
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Yesterday I went to bed early because of a headache.
Around midnight I took an aspirin, which thankfully I had not forgotten to buy a few weeks ago.

And this morning my headache was gone, whooo.
I was woken by a neighbour drilling a single hole at 8.30am. The credits were already running in my current dream though, so I didn't miss much in that respect.
I don't actually remember much of my dreams last night anyway, all I do remember is that I dreamed some weird things ...

And today ... Nothing much really. Bought breakfast and some rolls for dinner at work. One of them was a leftover from yesterday, which is slightly annoying. But I'm not going back to the store to complain about a 15c roll.

According to my calendar, I first met [ profile] brokendreams_ online three years ago today (:
And it's Gil Grissom's 50th birthday today too. I guess you need to be a CSI freak to know that though ...
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stupid nightmares.

And stupid cold too. ):

dreams ...

Sep. 26th, 2005 04:41 pm
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I had a nightmare a few nights ago btw.
In it my father had removed all my DVDs from the shelves and sorted them differently.

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