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Just got home from work.
Right after work, I didn't head straight home, instead I biked in pretty much the opposite direction, intending to grab something to eat off Subway.
I didn't get a sub though. When I arrived, I was informed that due to inept coworkers, the guy working the drive through didn't have *any* bread available. He'd just put some in the oven, ready in about 45 minutes, and would I like a salad instead ...
Yeah right. I'm hungry dammit, what am I supposed to do with a salad? Catch a rabbit?!

Anyway, left, biked to a petrol station and bought a few croissants. I guess I'll have Nutella Subs then ...

In other news, I just got e-Mail from friendface facebook, someone added me as a friend.
Which is interesting because I don't even remember signing up to facebook, but as it turns out, I do have a profile there. *shurgs*

Yesterday I watched the first episode of Burn Notice. In german. Vox started showing it a few days ago. So far, so good. I like the original better of course, but the dubbing is okay I guess.
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Since I'm getting a new kitchen soon I'm busy moving stuff from the current one ...

Among other things, I found this ... )

Also, the Rewe supermarket down the road are currently selling these ... )
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Indeed, it is.
I grabbed a drink from the balcony, and this is what happened when I opened the bottle ... )

Today ...

Feb. 5th, 2008 04:59 pm
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... Today I boiled potatoes in the microwave!
Yes, that actually works. (:
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First proper meal this year was Pizza Hut btw.
Yay to that! (:

Also, getting a rental car on new year's day is easier than getting some fresh rolls.
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... I biked to McDonald's today, and they refused service to me at the driveIn ... As it turns out, I can only get food there after midnight, when the "restaurant" itself is closed.
Oh well. I'm just sad that I'm kinda slow-witted. The McGuy said that they'd only serve me at the driveIn after midnight. If I had been any quicker, I would've said "Ok, I'll wait". I mean, I was blocking the driveIn and it was 11.30pm ...

Anyway, since I had to go in to get my cheeseburger, I also grabbed a copy of their free entertainment magazine. There's a Dungeon Siege movie. Now, I've never played the game(s?), and I don't really know what to think of the movie ... It's a computer game made into a movie (bad), and it's done by Uwe Boll (even worse). But it does have Jason Stratham and Ray Liotta, both of who I kinda like as actors.
Of course the article I'm reading here doesn't help, since it's written by those McDonald's entertainment magazine guys. I've been browsing through those mags in the past, and as far as I can tell, they never actually write anything negative about anything. Ever. It's pretty much advertising disguised as reviews.

Ooh, another positive review: Totoro DVD. Awwwwww (: I loved that movie.

Anyway, back to McDonald's food. When I was a kid, my mother always told me to wash my hands before lunch / dinner. I still do that today, of course.
But with McDonald's food, I always have a real bad urge to wash my hands after eating too ... o_O Quality food, eh?

bike fixey

Oct. 12th, 2007 01:23 am
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My plan for Thursday was:

clean kitchen
wash clothes
clean / fix bike
more food

And I managed to do everything. As to my bike, I'd wanted to change to snow tires, which I did. I also wanted to put some oil on the bowden wires to make the gear levers work smoothly (with the winter coming up, it's better to have them oily instead of rusty from my experience) (btw, german speakers: did you know it's actually "Bowdenzug" and not "Bautenzug"? I didn't.). Anyway, one of them was seriously stuck (yeah, rust), and when I finally managed to get it a little loose I found that it's starting to break too. So I decided to get those replaced. I had to change the rear tire and reattach it, and once that was done I biked to the bike shop to get that done (I'm way too lazy to replace those wires myself. Doable, yes, but it'd sure take me hours, and it's such a hassle to set them just right for the levers to work properly). Anyway, I can collect my bike tomorrow in time to get to work with it. (The train drivers are on strike, so I really wouldn' know how to get to work if I hadn't my bike d;) ...

In the evening I ordered chinese food. I'm pretty sure they changed something about the ingredients for the sweet-sour sauce they use. My stomach doesn't disagree with it as much as it used to ...

I watched some of the Nightwish concert DVD. I like them more with each day. They must be Pink Floyd fans, which makes them even more likeable. Doing a cover of High Hopes live, and playing Phantom of the Opera (whose most prominent musical theme, as we all know, was blatantly stolen from Pink Floyd's Echoes ...). I'm looking forward to seeing them in concert. Of course, with a new singer, it's interesting to see how it'll turn out. Oh, and I'm going to demand my money back if they don't play Ghost Love Score. That's one really awesome song ...

I also watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I liked it a lot. It was fun watching someone discover they can go back in time, and then see what they actually do with this ability ...

What would you do if you could jump back in time?
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Thanks for everyone's messages I got today (:

As to what I did today ...
My parents called and came over, we went shopping (a new mobile phone for my mother, DVDs for me) and ate at Maredo (you get a 25% discount on your birthday). Some friends and relatives called. Or tried to, since I had my phone muted while I was out with my parents.
I was given some money that'll go into my vacation / new computer fund. I also got chocolate and a book ("Black for Remembrance", sounds interesting, never heard of it though). And the City of Lübeck is apparently giving me a new street (they're *finally* redoing the street outside. Noisy as hell all day, but it'll be good once it's done). And I also got mail from the tax office today. I'm getting a refund (: (yay, moneys!)

DVDs I bought are 28 Days Later, and Dire Straits and Iron Maiden concert DVDs that I think were bootlegged or recorded from TV ... *shurgs* The video isn't very good, but sound is good enough for me ...
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... That's me. dropping food on the floor mere minutes after washing it ... ^_^
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Die Beste Küche der Welt ...

Am 02. Nov kommt die neue heiße Platte der Köche!


Aug. 5th, 2007 12:31 am
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Mamalade ^_^ )
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Ich fahr jetzt zu meinen Eltern, zum Grillen.
Doofes Wetter dafür, leider. Regnet in Strömen.
Und mein Regenschirm ist tot ):


Jun. 19th, 2007 12:16 am
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Medium fries from the local McDonald's "restaurant" ...

Why the hell am I posting this?
Because it's a picture of the fries before I started eating. I could've just as well ordered (and paid) small fries ...
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Ever since I saw moldy bread in the canteen when I was in the army, I've been very careful about eating bread.
Or so I thought.
I just finished breakfast, and not only did I not check the expiry on the bread in advance (which is today, as it turns out), I also didn't take a close look at the bread, and only randomly noticed the mold on the last slice after eating all the other (6ish) ones. So now I can only assume I didn't eat any moldy bread, because I probably would've noticed it on the other slices, or it might've smelled funny when I toasted them. But just the thought makes my stomach all uneasy ... |:

Meat Loaf!

Jun. 13th, 2007 02:07 am
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Back from the concert, and even though I wasn't quite in the right mood for this kind of music, it was awesome!

Take a wild guess, 'What (besides the music) does Dirki particularly like about Meat Loaf concerts?' )

NDR2 has more pictures here, but for some reason they're only of the first few minutes of the show.

[ profile] tmtl, you saw one of his shows a few days ago, right? Did they have video recording equipment there too? Because they were advertising a live DVD today that's supposed to be released october'ish, and they had several video cameras recording the whole thing, and the lights / pyrotechnics / special effects / video screens seemed very elaborate ...

Anyway. Other than two totally stunning female singers, the rest of the concert was a lot of fun too. Songs I recall hearing are Paradise, Hot summer night, I'd do anything, Life is a lemon, Rock and Roll dreams, Out of the frying pan, Objects in the rear view mirror, Mercury Blues, Blind as a Bat, It's all coming back, In the land of the pig, If it ain't broke, Bat out of Hell, Black Betty (cover), and Gimme shelter (Stones cover). I might've forgotten a song or two, most likely from The Monster is Loose, since I've only ever listened to that one once in my life .....

I have to say that some things, like the videos during In the land of the pig, or the giant doll things during If it ain't broke were a little ... well, Floydian imho. I wouldn't go as fas as claiming that they stole from Pink Floyd, but it seems to me that they did get some ideas and inspiration from Floyd performances.

After Paradise, there was a short performance starring Mr Loaf and the female singer. They kinda continued the story depicted in the song, and they had two actors translating what they were saying in english into german for the audience to understand. It was a little absurd, but fortunately no one tried to seriously stay in their role during this performance, and Meat Loaf actually addressed the actor doing his part and telling him what a good job he was doing, and thanking him for it. It was a little weird at first, then funny, and they didn't try to keep it up for too long, so that was okay. I was actually afraid they'd do that during the whole show which would've been ridiculous.

All in all, Meat Loaf played for 2.5 hours, which is a lot imo!
Oh, and he told a little story of one of his early performances in Hamburg, in 1978. Shesh, he must've done Bat out of Hell live back then, when I wasn't even born. Such things always impress me. That song is sooo old, and yet, still so awesome and loved by so many people. And, really, how many such epic songs have we had since then? Some Dire Straits (I'm thinking along the lines of Telegraph Road here), one or two Pink Floyd (Sorrow?), and several other Meat Loaf ones. Am I forgetting anyone?

In related news, I did manage to find Chrischi's work place without the help of the nav system, and I easily found my way back too. Good thing.
I passed several police cars on the autobahn though, which unfortunately meant actually driving within the speed limit for a change ... d;

And in other news, I had McDonald's for breakfast, Pizza Hut for lunch, and Subway for dinner.
And I'm not a fast food junkie.


Apr. 19th, 2007 06:25 pm
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Ice cream! )
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... 2 Äpfel und eine Paprika.
Und jetzt, bevor ich an 'ner Überdosis Vitamine sterbe, etwas Schokiiiiiii (:


Jan. 20th, 2007 12:12 am
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Successful day.
I did pretty much all most of the things I'd intended to.

First thing, I biked to the Packstation and finally got Chrischi's stuff (10 Stephen King books). I had some trouble getting all of them in my backpack.
Next I biked to the supermarket and bought some food. Some chicken and fries for lunch, red pepper and apples for dinner. Yeah, I was in a weird mood.

Back here I managed to vacuum my place, moved some clothes around, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, ironed a pair of jeans to wear tomorrow, and changed the bedsheets.
Which is exactly what I wanted to get done. Well, except that there're still some shirts I should've ironed. But I couldn't be bothered in the end. It's not like I need them anytime soon.
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Beim Mitarbeiter-Gewinnspiel gewonnen ... )

Mein anderer Gewinn ist noch nicht angekommen ...
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We had a good time yesterday. I met with Chrischi at his place. We watched some stuff on DVD, then continued on to Meckelfeld, where we met with coworkers and friends of Chrischi's.
We had some very good AYCE greece food, and a lot of fun. The music that was played, unfortunately, wasn't quite what we were looking for. But anyway, we enjoyed ourselves ...
Around 1.30am we left. I drove Chrischi back home, then drove back to my place. I arrived here at around 3.05am, and was in bed at 3.08am. Very very tired -_-

I've slept until after 11am, now I'm up, freshly showered, and had breakfast.
I'll be here for another few minutes, probably give my parents a call, then I'll go do work.

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