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Erst Werbung machen ...

Und dann das Produkt auf der eigenen Website gar nicht anbieten ...
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Some fucker stole a mudguard from my bike. Again.
And I hadn't even left the bike in a public space, but at work.
And with my current work schedule I can't really find the time to get a replacement.


Aug. 13th, 2009 02:34 am
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So. While I was visiting a friend in the city center, someone stole parts from my bike. One of the mudguards is gone, and the bracket thing that goes around the handle bar to hold the light.

The bracket isn't too bad, since I got a new light via warranty a while back and therefore had a spare. I'll have to get a new mudguard though.

Anyway, I can't help but ask myself, what kind of lowlife steals such things? I mean, if you're serious about stealing stuff for a living, why not go into a shop and steal new stuff? Why steal used things? You can get that mounting bracket new for 5€ (it's the light itself that's costly), and it only works for certain kinds of lights. And the mudguard is around 11€ or something, new.
Consequently you'll have trouble finding anyone willing to pay you anything for those things at all, especially since they're obviously stolen.
So why bother? You can make easier money collecting trolleys at the airport. Or returning bottles.

And don't even tell me someone stole it to use for themselves. What's the point of having half a set of mudguards, or a mounting bracket without the light that goes with it.

Doesn't make sense. Just makes me angry. ]:
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Steffi hat mich gebeten, ein paar Unterlagen von ihrem Vermögensberater zu holen und beim Steuerberater abzugeben.
Ich hab das ganze mit'm Fahrrad gemacht. Im Nachhinein, eine ordentliche Entfernung. Hätte vielleicht doch erst mal frühstücken sollen, oder wenigstens was zu trinken mitnehmen sollen ... Puuuh.
Und wieso man die 6 Seiten nicht einfach hätte faxen können verstehe ich auch nicht ...

Eben schnell geduscht, jetzt was essen, evtl. noch kurz an meinem neuen Handy rumfummeln (übrigens, ich hab ein neues Handy), und dann wieder mit'm Fahrrad los, zur Arbeit. Aber das sind wenigstens nur ca. 5km, und nicht nochmal 20km.
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I got my new bike one year ago today.
The odometer is at 1560km now I think, that's an average of 4.2km per day for a year.
Not too bad in my opinion ...
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Sometimes I feel the urge to just do something ... As for today, that meant getting the bike and taking a little ride after work.
It's been snowing most of the day, and it hadn't stopped when I started off. So I'm pretty sure my bike absolutely hates me now ...

pictures of the bike ... )

I took a roundabout tour and randomly ended up at Koberg where I stopped to take a closer look at the light installation in the ground ...

lighty lights! )

Finally I ended up back at home, slightly snowy and moist.
I also came to the conclusion that I really should stop tying my hair into a ponytail all the time ...

pictures of MEEEEE! )
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odometer on my bike today ... )


Dec. 8th, 2008 01:51 pm
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Well. I've got a new user icon.
And other than that, there's nothing new really.

- Last weekend was quiet at work. I would've preferred having some more customers. At least I got some stuff done for Steffi's tax accountants.
- I'm a little dissatisfied with the job the people at the bike shop did, so I'm going to return there yet again today or tomorrow.
- Concerts coming up next Friday and Saturday. Friday will be Opeth in Hamburg, Saturday Farin Urlaub in Hannover. Should be fun.
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40-Jähriger stirbt nach Sturz vom Fahrrad
war auf nassem Laub ausgerutscht.
Ohje, nicht mal angefahren oder so, einfach nur auf nassem Laub ausgerutscht. Es wird wirklich höchste Zeit, dass ich mir meine Winterreifen draufziehe. Nicht dass mir sowas auch noch passiert.
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I took my new bike for a ride today. Round about 22km, 1 hour.

And after several years of passing it all the time, I finally stopped and took a picture of this ... )
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... und das ist mein Fahrrad mit plattem Hinterreifen.
Das ging ja mal schnell.
Bin noch nicht mal mit gefahren, und schon ist der Schlauch hin ... ):

Positiv hingegen ist, dass der Vorderreifen scheinbar die Luft hält ...

Besser ...

Jun. 10th, 2008 03:53 pm
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Neues Fahrrad, mit wesentlich weniger Rahmenbruch ...
Für's alte hab ich beim Händler übrigens noch 100€ bekommen ...
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Ich hab kein Geld für sowas!!!

gerissener Rahmen an meinem Fahrrad
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... yesterday I was flashed going 60 where 50 was allowed.
And today the chain on my bike broke halfway to work.

Guess which pissed me off more ?

My boss has been her usual selfless self and let me have her Multivan for a few days.
So I can visit the bike shop tomorrow to have them fix the chain, and also the concert on Saturday.
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Got a day off, and managed to get the things done I wanted to get done.
Washed some clothes, fixed my bike, bought batteries, got a package from the post office, sorted a huge pile of documents, bills, etc, cleaned my desk, added my latest CD and DVD purchases to my collection, and washed the dishes.

And I bought a nose hair trimmer o_O

grmml ...

Nov. 24th, 2007 03:16 pm
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... Every time I think I've replaced everything there is on my bike, something new comes up.
This time it's the snow tires. I noticed a bulge on one of them yesterday, and the other one looked a little worn even when I installed them a few weeks ago.
So I visited the bike shop today yet again. I tried calling them several times this morning to find out when they close on Saturdays (I also dreamed I was calling them, so I don't know how often I actually really tried calling them ...). Anyway, On 1.20pm I finally got a hold of them, they close at 2pm. So I quickly got up, washed, got dressed, and biked to the shop to buy new tires.

80€ ):
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... I biked to McDonald's today, and they refused service to me at the driveIn ... As it turns out, I can only get food there after midnight, when the "restaurant" itself is closed.
Oh well. I'm just sad that I'm kinda slow-witted. The McGuy said that they'd only serve me at the driveIn after midnight. If I had been any quicker, I would've said "Ok, I'll wait". I mean, I was blocking the driveIn and it was 11.30pm ...

Anyway, since I had to go in to get my cheeseburger, I also grabbed a copy of their free entertainment magazine. There's a Dungeon Siege movie. Now, I've never played the game(s?), and I don't really know what to think of the movie ... It's a computer game made into a movie (bad), and it's done by Uwe Boll (even worse). But it does have Jason Stratham and Ray Liotta, both of who I kinda like as actors.
Of course the article I'm reading here doesn't help, since it's written by those McDonald's entertainment magazine guys. I've been browsing through those mags in the past, and as far as I can tell, they never actually write anything negative about anything. Ever. It's pretty much advertising disguised as reviews.

Ooh, another positive review: Totoro DVD. Awwwwww (: I loved that movie.

Anyway, back to McDonald's food. When I was a kid, my mother always told me to wash my hands before lunch / dinner. I still do that today, of course.
But with McDonald's food, I always have a real bad urge to wash my hands after eating too ... o_O Quality food, eh?

bike fixey

Oct. 12th, 2007 01:23 am
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My plan for Thursday was:

clean kitchen
wash clothes
clean / fix bike
more food

And I managed to do everything. As to my bike, I'd wanted to change to snow tires, which I did. I also wanted to put some oil on the bowden wires to make the gear levers work smoothly (with the winter coming up, it's better to have them oily instead of rusty from my experience) (btw, german speakers: did you know it's actually "Bowdenzug" and not "Bautenzug"? I didn't.). Anyway, one of them was seriously stuck (yeah, rust), and when I finally managed to get it a little loose I found that it's starting to break too. So I decided to get those replaced. I had to change the rear tire and reattach it, and once that was done I biked to the bike shop to get that done (I'm way too lazy to replace those wires myself. Doable, yes, but it'd sure take me hours, and it's such a hassle to set them just right for the levers to work properly). Anyway, I can collect my bike tomorrow in time to get to work with it. (The train drivers are on strike, so I really wouldn' know how to get to work if I hadn't my bike d;) ...

In the evening I ordered chinese food. I'm pretty sure they changed something about the ingredients for the sweet-sour sauce they use. My stomach doesn't disagree with it as much as it used to ...

I watched some of the Nightwish concert DVD. I like them more with each day. They must be Pink Floyd fans, which makes them even more likeable. Doing a cover of High Hopes live, and playing Phantom of the Opera (whose most prominent musical theme, as we all know, was blatantly stolen from Pink Floyd's Echoes ...). I'm looking forward to seeing them in concert. Of course, with a new singer, it's interesting to see how it'll turn out. Oh, and I'm going to demand my money back if they don't play Ghost Love Score. That's one really awesome song ...

I also watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I liked it a lot. It was fun watching someone discover they can go back in time, and then see what they actually do with this ability ...

What would you do if you could jump back in time?

Toll ...

Aug. 9th, 2007 05:11 pm
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Anfang letzter Woche hatte ich beim Fahrradladen ein paar Teile für mein Fahrrad bestellt. Letzten Freitag hatte ich einen Termin dort, um diese Teile einbauen zu lassen.
Wegen Krankheit hatte ich dann aber den Termin abgesagt. Und heute bin ich hin, um entweder einen neuen Termin zu vereinbaren, oder mein Fahrrad gleich dort zu lassen, damit die das morgen machen können.
Das war aber nix, denn heute hat sich ergeben, dass eines der bestellten Teile noch gar nicht angekommen ist!

Tolle Wurst.

Na ja, wenigstens hatte ich meinen Besuch dort zeitlich so gelegt, dass ich auf dem Weg zurück meine Amazon-Sendung aus der Packstation abholen konnte. Dass war etwas Glückssache gewesen, weil ich noch keine Benachrichtigung bekommen hatte, als ich los bin. Aber auf der Fahrt hin zum Fahrradladen hatte ich schon den DHL Transporter vor der Packstation stehen sehen, und als ich im Fahrradladen war, kam dann auch die Nachricht, dass die Sendung angekommen wäre.

Box o' DVDs ... )

I think it's the first time I got a two page invoice from amazon too ...
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Just got back from the bike shop. Asked about prices:
For getting the rear suspension renewed (50€ for parts, around 10€ for the work involved).
For new brakes (around 20€ including getting them installed) (Yeah I know I could do that myself, but I hate installing new brakes on a bike).
A new stand (mine broke about 2 weeks ago) (30€).
Front suspension (there's nothing you can actually fix with my current one. I'll need to get a new one eventually, costs at the very least 80€).

I ordered the stand and the rear suspension parts. Should be there on Friday. I'll wait some more to get the front suspension done though, just way too expensive for now.

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