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Four years ago they started releasing CSI on DVD. In Germany that meant paying around 30-35€ for half a season.
And what are they doing now?

Right. Re-releasing the whole series. And now you get the whole of season 1 for less than what half a season cost 4 years ago.

I'd like to congratulate the distributor on finding a new way to seriously piss off their customers ...
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Yesterday I went to bed early because of a headache.
Around midnight I took an aspirin, which thankfully I had not forgotten to buy a few weeks ago.

And this morning my headache was gone, whooo.
I was woken by a neighbour drilling a single hole at 8.30am. The credits were already running in my current dream though, so I didn't miss much in that respect.
I don't actually remember much of my dreams last night anyway, all I do remember is that I dreamed some weird things ...

And today ... Nothing much really. Bought breakfast and some rolls for dinner at work. One of them was a leftover from yesterday, which is slightly annoying. But I'm not going back to the store to complain about a 15c roll.

According to my calendar, I first met [ profile] brokendreams_ online three years ago today (:
And it's Gil Grissom's 50th birthday today too. I guess you need to be a CSI freak to know that though ...


Jul. 14th, 2006 11:56 pm
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my collection is complete once again ... )

In other news, Chrischi was here today. We had food and ice cream and watched DVDs. The Machinist is a very good movie!
I want to buy it on DVD ...

I'm going to bed now. Work all weekend. o:
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Anyway, good news:
  1. I'm finally up-to-date with my CSI Las Vegas DVD boxes again ...
  2. I'm further in Morrowind than I ever was before. I'm meeting with Vivec right now ...
  3. Oh, and I'm starting work for Steffi on Tuesday. That's not my dream job or anything, but apparently she considers me to be reliable and independent, and stuff, which is good for my ego (I currently keep it in a matchbox. Right next to the matches) ... Anyway, that's the money issue taken care of for now, I guess, since she intends to pay me about the same that I've earned at the airport ...
  4. Another few days of me being lazy. Tomorrow I intend to do nothing at all, followed by playing some more Morrowind. Then Saturday, Chrischi is coming over (woot), Sunday I'm meeting my parents for dinner, Monday is a holiday (I need to remember to do food shopping for a long weekend), and Tuesday I'll start workey things again ...

omg! cute!

Apr. 25th, 2006 08:46 am
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Okay, so yesterday, after paying europcar city station a short visit, I took a train to Hamburg.
Once there I met Chrischi, his colleague, and her brother. We had lunch at McDonald's, then went to the cinema.
Took a while, met with some friend of Annette's and her brother there, and shortly before 8pm we went in and secured seats for ourselves.
Quick intro from some Vox representatives, then the movie started.

In case you're wondering, we watched CSI - Grave Danger. That's the season 5 finale, the double episode that Tarantino had written / directed / whatever.
And it's one of my favourite episodes too! d;

Anyway, that was the Germany premiere of that episode, it'll be on TV in about 4 weeks I think. Possibly in a more TV-friendly cut too ... *shurgs*
There's also a rumour that this double episode will be released on DVD seperately. Like, FSK18 version on separate DVD, FSK16 version in boxed 5.2 set.

The cinema even had themed decoration for the evening. CSI airwaves chewing gum for everyone, the mirrors in the bath rooms had an image of Nick in his transparent coffin, and on the toilet doors were instructions for controlled breathing in panic situations.
Oh, and scented room spray! ... )

And if you're wondering about the subject line, that refers to Chrischi's colleague. (:
I actually noticed her at the McDonald's counter before Chrischi introduced us - I think I actually stared at her a little, because she's got some beautiful tattoos on both her arms.
And very long, blond hair. rrr!


Feb. 12th, 2006 08:44 pm
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CSI LV Verarsche bei Charlie's Angels.
Die eine sieht sogar irgendwie wie Grissom aus, so ein bißchen ...


Feb. 8th, 2006 08:30 pm
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Das warten hat ein Ende?
Der CSI Soundtrack?
Jetzt überall?
Ist das ein neuer, oder der, der seit Monaten bei mir im Schrank steht?
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"Wir sind hier, weil ... ?"
"... weil es hier die besten Calamari gibt."
"Und Du weißt das, weil ... ?"
"... weil ich hier gern Calamari esse."
"Nein. Manchmal trinke ich auch ein Bier dazu."


Aug. 23rd, 2005 02:53 pm
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Woohooo, I'm done with all my CSI DVDs!
*grabs scrubs DVDs*
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Gil Grissom jagt Dr Lecter! Zu Musik von Pink Floyd!
Und der Bösewicht in diesem Film hat in einer CSI-Folge mal einen Magier gespielt.


Aug. 20th, 2005 10:32 pm
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... and I'm watching an episode of CSI where Greg drinks from a purple can. It's purple all over. No slogan, or anything.
And I can't help but think that someone forgot to edit some Coke or Pepsi design into that scene ... d;
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Gil Grissom is 49 today!

I'm not a CSI geek btw ...

hmmm ...

Aug. 12th, 2005 01:43 am
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That's strange.
According to the booklet, there's supposed to be the video of The Who - Who are you on this CSI DVD.
As a bonus feature. But there's isn't.

Oh well, off to BED!

mehr CSI

Aug. 11th, 2005 01:02 am
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"Wo warst Du?"
- "Ich kann nicht überall gleichzeitig sein, und Menschen klonen ist verboten."
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"Werden Sie pro Wort bezahlt?"


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