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Turns out after Blue Harvest and Something³ Dark Side there was another Family Guy Star Wars parody called It's a Trap.
Unfortunately it's a lot less funny than the other two were.

In other news, I haven't managed to make my assembler program return (in dec) the value stored in a register (in hex). But then again, none of the others in my class has, and I'm the only one who's managed to write a loop that lets you input numbers with more than one digit in the first place.
Also, I'm not quite satisfied with how we were actually introduced to assembler. It was basically "Here's a 'Hello World' demo, now go write code that adds up two numbers". Granted, we were also given some documentation on assembler commands, but I'm used to a more structured introduction to a new programming language.
I'm not even convinced assembler is something you need for day to day tasks.

Anyway. School's out for the weekend. Tomorrow I'll go visit Chrischi and Wolfgang, Sunday will probably involve some more episodes of Castle (I'm rewatching since there aren't any new ones at the moment). Then Monday is back to work.
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Heute haben wir unsere Arbeiten zurückbekommen, Grundlagen Digitaltechnik und WiPo.
Hab beides perfekt gemeistert.

Bei Grundlagen Digitaltechnik gab's 6 Aufgaben mit je 20 Punkten plus eine Extra-Aufgabe mit 10 Punkten. Die 6x20 Punkte reichten für eine 1, ich hab 130, also alle Punkte die man machen konnte.

WiPo war ähnlich, 100 Punkte von 100 möglichen. Allerdings war WiPo auch nicht wirklich schwer. Wir wußten im Voraus, welche 4 (!) Seiten des ausgegebenen Textes drankamen, und in der Pause vor der Arbeit hatten wir eine Aufstellung der Aufgaben. War also relativ einfach, da gut abzuschneiden.

Außerdem hab' ich erfolgreich die Kinder Riegel zurückgebracht, die ich Samstag gekauft hatte. Die schmeckten ziemlich alt und vertrocknet. Also gab's Geld zurück.

Ach, und bei der Agentur für Arbeit war ich auch noch. Widerspruch abgeben.

So. Morgen wieder Schule, danach Firma. Mittwoch Schule, danach Firma. Donnerstag Schule, danach Sozialamt (Hartz-IV-Antrag abholen), dann Agentur für Arbeit (Kollegen bei der Präsentation der Firma und der Ausbildung zuschauen). Freitag Schule, aber nur kurz. 3 Doppelstunden. Dann Wochenende! Wheee! Samstag ist nix. Also wahrscheinlich werde ich das Übliche machen, Wäsche waschen und Wohnung saubermachen. Und Sonntag fahr' ich nach Europcar, die Chefin besuchen.

... und wenn ich mich vorhin nicht entschieden hätte, die Porcupine Tree DVD einzulegen, dann wär' ich jetzt schon lang im Bett ...
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The reason probably being that not a lot of stuff has happened since then.

I've been to school these past few days, which felt a little weird at first. I'm getting along fine with everyone though, and most of the lessons are quite interesting ...

In personal news, I turned 31 last Saturday. Woohoo and stuff. I've had Christian, Kristian and Alexandra over for tea in the afternoon, which was fun. I hadn't seen them for quite some time.
In the evening Steffi, Marius, and Bine visited. We played some Poker, and since Steffi had to work we all came along and spent a few hours at the Casino Travemünde. We had a few drinks (cocktails for me), Marius played some Poker, Bine tried Roulette. I decided against playing because I just don't have any money to spare.
Later we went back to my place and played some more ...

On Sunday I had the family over for lunch. I was a little exhausted though, since I've only had 5 hours of sleep.

Anyway, that was the weekend. Monday meant getting up early and going back to school.

Tomorrow and Thursday I'll go into work for a few hours after school, and Saturday I'll probably be at the Kieler Linux Tage, representing my company and pretending to be competent.

Next week will be more school, with a few tests and exams in between. On Saturday 9th there's a game of Risk scheduled with workmates, and starting on the 10th, I'll be back to working.

aaand since I'm very tired for some reason, I'm going to bed now ...
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When I got home today, it was uncomfortably warm in my apartment.
I wonder what it's like in here when it's actually hot outside.

Anyway, I meant to write about these past few days:

Saturday: I'd rented a car for a few days and visited Chrischi. First though, I drove to my parents to unpack. I'd planned to stay at their place for several days so I had several bags with me, mostly clothes.
Anyway, after a quick stop at my parents' I continued on to Chrischi. We ended up watching half of the first season of True Blood, a fun HBO TV series. It's a mixture of mystery, horror, comedy, romance and nakedness. Hard to classify really, but fun to watch anyway.

Sunday: Slept at my parents', then drove to Lübeck to visit Steffi at work. She'd found out a few days earlier that she's going to be out of a job again in a few months. Europcar are finally going through with the re-organisation they'd planned to do for more than a year. You might recall that Steffi was originally coerced into transferring from Lübeck to Husum last year with this very re-org being the reason.
Anyway, her successor in Lübeck got the note a few days ago for both his positions in Lübeck and Kiel. Tough luck for him, he doesn't have the tiniest clue as to what to do now.
Where was I ... Right, I visited Steffi at work. We played some games, chatted, Bine came over to say hi, and a few hours later I drove back to my parents'.

Monday I had a job interview at ISA in Hamburg. I'd left my parents' place way early to make sure I'm not too late for this. I ended up finding a parking spot right in front of their main entrance though, so I waited in the car for about half an hour calming myself with a dose of ProgRock.
The interview ended up being surprisingly pleasant though. It was conducted by an IT guy, and a trainee was also present. I was asked about my motivation to change careers into IT, about my experience in the field, etc.
The interview lasted for about half an hour, which I later realised was quite short. But they do plan to do a one day internship with those applicants they're interested in, so that'll be a chance to get a more in-depth impression of me. If they even choose me. I sure hope they do, I'd really really like to start doing my apprenticeship with them.

Tuesday: Slept in, got up, packed my stuff and left my parents' in the early afternoon. I had another job interview, this time at SPI in Ahrensburg. This interview was a lot more intense. At first I thought that the interviewers were out to discourage and criticise me for some reason, but it guess they were just very well-prepared for the meeting and wanted to see how I'd deal with this sort of "interrogation".
The interview itself lasted for about 45 minutes, after which they asked me to fill in a personality test for them to get a more precise idea of what I'm like. They assured me that the answers I'd give wouldn't have an influence on their final decision as such. The test would just help them find out what kind of person I am and whether I'm actually well-suited for the position.
I'll probably get an answer, and results for the test, early next week.

Wednesday sucked. Without going into the specifics, I caused a huge problem for one of our big customers. Well, "caused" isn't quite true in fact. Nicole assured me today that none of it was actually my fault, that I did everything "right". Anyway, it bugs the hell out of me that I let a customer down like that, and I spent most of the night wondering how to do it differently if something like that ever happens again.
*shurgs* The problem is, I can't do it any differently. The only way to avoid something like that happening again is to stop serving customers altogether ...

And now, for some randomness ...
I keep wondering, how do people wearing their hair down keep it from being in their face all the time? Or in their mouth, in their food? Any suggestions?

If you check my profile you'll find that the past few months I've been listening mostly to the bands Votum and The Aurora Project. Both are absolutely brilliant and I highly recommend them to everyone, even though I'm pretty sure most of you have quite different musical tastes than me. Anyway, if anyone reading this likes Pink Floyd, Riverside, Porcupine Tree and / or Sylvan, check them out.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of Anesthetize (whew. At least I can write it. I'm still not quite sure how to properly pronounce it). According to the website, Porcupine Tree hope to send them out early May. If I had my way it'd be in the mail tomorrow.
Actually, scratch that. If it was then I'd end up getting just a note telling me to come pick it up at the post office on Monday, since it's both insured and too big for my mailbox anyway. If that were the case, I'd have to wait 2-3 days to get my hands on it, knowing full well that it's just sitting at the post office all weekend. Now that'd be sucky.

I ranted about one postage option you can offer on It's cheaper than other options, but requires the use of a Packstation. I'd offered that once, but the buyer didn't know what it even was, choosing that option for postage anyway.
Even though I said back then I wouldn't offer that option again, I did, hoping that I'd just had bad luck with that one customer.
But, of course, I didn't. Instead, it seems that people are unaware of the requirement to even choose a postage option at all. They just click through the whole procedure and leave it at whatever defaults to (and that appears to be whatever's the cheapest). So, in future I'll either not offer it at all, or make it more expensive so that ebay defaults to something else. Kinda beats the whole purpose of it being a cheap way to have stuff delivered of course.

I forget the last thing I wanted to write about ...
Feel free to educate me on the correct use of "I forget" vs "I forgot" btw. We Germans are kinda weird and never "forget" (Germans: Think about it, how often do you really use present tense "vergessen"?)

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First, and most importantly though:

Congratulations James on getting married. I'm very happy for you (:
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... I had to read back a few entries to find out about what I'd actually posted so far.

Let's see, as to work, I'm employed again. Not much of a "Whoooo" though. Pay's a lot less than before, work hours can be summarised as "lots", and I'm not all that motivated (which is related mostly to the pay thing). Still better than Hartz-IV, which I applied for two about months ago, and which I might actually be getting for the month of March (the first month being employed again - doesn't make any sense, but that's German bureaucracy for you).

I've applied for an apprenticeship (something along the lines of software engineer) at several companies and had my first interview a few days ago at Secra. That was interesting, informative, and downright fun actually. A few years ago I would've gone into such a thing nervous as hell, but it seems I've changed a lot since then. I feel that I've actually accomplished something in my life (just not on paper yet). Sure, my current job is nothing spectacularly difficult, but I've pretty much taught it myself in the past 7 years, and I'm still learning something new every other day. With that in mind I feel a lot more confident going into such a (job) interview than I used to. And in fact, most things the two interviewers thought might be scary about the apprenticeship aren't actually - they're motivating and encouraging.
Oh, they're requiring a 1 - 2 week internship of their apprentice to be, and their offices are about a 2 hour drive from my place. And I was jobless when I applied. So that internship might be a bit of a problem to realise, which is a petty really. Of course I don't know whether I've even left a good enough impression for them to consider me. Oh well, we'll see ...

In other news, I've been playing the c&c beta some more, it's actually quite fun. The ranking system rewards you for playing, which keeps you going.
On the other hand though, I've been playing for a few days only. I'd estimate no more than about 30 - 40 hours all in all. In that time I've managed to reach the highest GDI level, and I'm at level 14 or 15 now with NOD. Once you reach level 20 I don't see much motivation to keep playing. The last few games playing NOD I didn't even bother to change tactics even when new tech became available to me. I just kept building a few attack bikes and buggies for the sole purpose of bugging the enemies and collecting tiberium until I reached tier II tech, built stealth tanks and did hit and runs on enemy crawlers. (tehehe, buggies to bug, and "hid and run" with stealth tanks!). Anyway, I don't really see the long term motivation here, so I think I'll pass.
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Boah bin ich fertig.
Die letzte Nacht war mit ca. 3 Stunden Schlaf viel zu kurz. Aufstehen um 4.30, zu Bine, in den 7.5-Tonner gesprungen, und auf nach Berlin. Ca. 10.30 dort angekommen, ausgeladen, und alles in den 2ten Stock getragen. Gegen 12.00 wieder los, Tankstelle und Abgabe-Station suchen, LKW abgeben und PKW anmieten, zurück zu Bines neuer Wohnung, verabschiedet, und zurück nach Lübeck gefahren.
Hier schnell in die Dusche und gleich wieder los, zur Arbeit.

Hier sitze ich nun. In ca. einer halben Stunde ist Feierabend, und ich hoffe, dass nicht kurz vor Mitternacht noch der Trapo mit den 8-9 Autos vorfährt um die hier abzuladen. Weil dann wär's Essig mit pünktlich Feierabend ...
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Oh, and I look like Ron Jeremy apparently ...


Mar. 13th, 2009 07:51 am
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It's past 8am now. I'm not usually awake at this time of the day.
What's more, I haven't been to bed yet.

But I'm about to go to bed.

Some quick notes ...

We've been to Steffi's place after work a few times in the past few days. Bine is moving to Berlin soon, so we're spending lots of time with her for as long as it's possible.

I tried SingStar and did quite ok. Well, at least I did well enough to realise that I'm not making a total fool out of myself trying. I actually beat Steffi by a few points on my first attempt.

Got a cold. ):

Cleaned the bike a little yesterday before work. Biking feels a lot better again now, but the front brakes are still irritating as hell, they give out a constant screeching sound while biking around 20km/h+.

Oh. Bine is renting a 7.5t truck for her move. Guess who's going to drive it to Berlin?

No work for me today, so I'll probably go to bed now and sleep till Saturday. G'night.
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Da hab ich doch tatsächlich meine eigene Wette verloren.
Der Anruf kam nämlich nicht zwischen 16.00 und 17.00, sondern erst um 18.15.
Außerdem rief Dominik an, allerdings in Steffis Auftrag.

Do de do.
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I picked up a very hungover Steffi around 1pm, followed by Sven, then we drove to work so I could collect my bike.
Before heading home I remembered that the new Farin Urlaub single was released today. I'd planned to bike to Pressezentrum and spend all the cash I had in my wallet (~ 50€) on that single, and whatever Porcupine Tree CDs I'd find.
While waiting for a traffic light to turn green, it occured to me that I was right next to Saturn. That's basically on my way home anyway, while Pressezentrum is in the city. So I decided to go there instead. Went in, took a look at the mp3 players (The Sansa E280 is up to 120€ again from their sale a few months ago, when they sold it for 70€), then headed for the PorcTree CDs. I found 3 overpriced CDs, one of which I already have. So I didn't even bother to grab the Farin Urlaub single, and instead decided to go to Pressezentrum after all.
Once there though, it turned out that they're still redecorating, or something. Half the store is closed, and the rest is small, crowded, and not a lot of stuff is actually available. I couldn't find the single at all, and the PorcTree CDs were the same that Saturn had, for the same high price. Oh, and the latest EP (that's basically four tracks that didn't make it onto the album), for the price of a full album ...
Yeah. So I didn't leave any money there either.
Desperate, I tried Karstadt, but unsurprisingly, their media sections sucks big time. Not a single Porcupine Tree CD, and the only Farin Urlaub single I could find was Nichimgriff. The one released today was unavailable.
Well, at least I remembered to buy a pack of amarays which I'd meant to do for several months.

Now I'm back home, and kinda waiting for Steffi to call.
And I want PorcTree CDs dammit!

Something I noticed on the way home ... Lots of empty shops lately. There used to be a baby shop in my street (which, as it turns out, never sold any actual babies, just used clothes, toys etc for babies). That's empty and available for rent now. Same goes for the flower shop next to the super market. They're not closed yet, but there's a sign saying that it's for rent too.
And the second hand CD / vinyl shop in the city is gone too ):

Eieiei ...

Jan. 9th, 2009 05:30 am
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... bin gerade wieder zur Tür 'rein. Hab Bine nach Hause gebracht, und Steffi, und irgendso einen Typen, den die beiden aufgegabelt haben.
Hat 'n bißchen gedauert, so mit zwei Zwischenstops, um "frische Luft zu schnappen" ...

So. Jetzt ins Bett, um 12:30 soll ich bei Steffi sein, vorher noch duschen, also ca. 11.00 aufstehen. YaY!
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Also, der Plan sieht so aus. Steffi und Bine sind im Parkhaus, wenn sie anrufen fahr' ich da hin (Steffis Auto hab' ich hier), hole die beiden ab, und fahr' sie nach Hause.
Dann fahr' ich morgen gegen Mittag Steffi wieder abholen, in den Laden, da nehm' ich mein Fahrrad und fahr nach Hause, weil Steffi fährt ihre Schwester in Hamburg besuchen.
Laut Dienstplan hab' ich morgen Abend Bereitschaft, Steffi hat Dienst.

Nun meine Wette: Ich wette, dass Steffi mich morgen zwischen 16:00 und 17:00 anruft und bittet, in den Laden zu fahren, weil sie nicht rechtzeitig zu Dienstantritt da sein wird.
Mal sehen ob ich Recht hab' ... d;

Nicht dass es mir was ausmachen würde wenn's so wäre - zu Hause wird mir eh schnell langweilig, und ich hab auch nicht mehr wirklich was hier zu erledigen ...
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Well, not really.

As to my actual life outside my apartment, it's been fun the past few days.
On my birthday, I drove to Hamburg to visit Christian and Alexandra, and their kid Kristian. Christian and Alexandra had asked me to be the kid's godfather, which I of course accepted. So I thought I'd go over and meet the little guy. Later that day I went to my work place, taking along some food or everyone.

The weekend I spent at work pretty much. And instead of going home at midnight on Sunday, Steffi and me stayed and played Rummikub until around 3am. Yesterday was similar. We played Risk until 4.30am ^_^
Lots of fun, though the dice hated me.
Let's see what we'll be doing today then d;

My internet connection has been pretty bad lately. For the past month I kept getting disconnects due to the DSL modem losing sync. I've called my ISP about it several times, but they've been hesitant in doing anything about it because I'm using a non-standard setup involving a so-called "router", and they believe that it might be the router causing it. I disagree, since the router is kinda on the wrong side of the modem to have any influence on the actual DSL connection. My opinion anyway. So, even though I've had the Red Alert 3 beta for a few weeks, I didn't play more than maybe a dozen games, half of which ended with a DSL desync on my side. (Beta's closed now, so I guess I can uninstall it ...).
I've just ordered a new router, same I got for my parents. It replaces both the current router and the modem, so if there's still any trouble afterwards, I can pretty safely say it's beyond my control and therefore the ISP's task to fix.
Anyway, it's bad for games, but the desync only lasts a few seconds, so it's not too bad for day to day internet usage, or else I already would've run amok in my ISP's offices. Sometimes the router fails to reconnect though, and I have to reset both router and modem for them to start working again. Which of course I can't do while I'm out. Sux ):

Finally, I created my first .torrent and uploaded it to The Pirate Bay. And there's even a few people downloading ... (:
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... So, yesterday was fun. Other than what I wrote in that friends-only entry, Chrischi was over. We did some stuff on the internet, played a few games of Ra3beta (my DSL line went dead in between though, so we didn't really finish any of those games.).

Red Alert 3 beta - first impressions ... )

Back to Saturday. Chrischi and me watched Batman Begins on DVD (good movie, it just irks me that the microwave emitter the bad guys steal boils water in a mile radius around it, yet doesn't do any harm to people ...). Then we got some food, and went to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight. I liked it. I don't agree that it's the best thing since sliced bread, but it was good entertainment. Might have to watch it in english at some point. Might be interesting.
Right. And that's about it for Saturday.

As to Sunday: Woke up, showered, went to work, got back home, wrote this, went to sleep. Fascinating, innit?
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okay let's see.
I'll start with Saturday, which I spent the first half of cleaning my place, washing dishes, etc. The usual crap I hate doing.
In the evening some friends came over. Christian & Alexandra and Schwesterchen & Stefan. I'd invited Chrischi too of course, but he was running late and called to ask about the Billard place I'd planned to go to. We decided to meet him there.
So, we talked for a bit, then decided to order pizza. Pizza arrived, we ate, yummy d:
Then a bit later we drove to the Billard place, or, more precisely, to the MuK, which is the closest place to easily find parking.
Then we started playing, Chrischi showed up a minute into the first game, then we played lots more.
At midnight a Birthday song started playing (my sister had seen to that), and I got some presents, "Happy Birthday"'s, and an SMS (:
Some time after midnight, Christian & Alexandra left, then yet another bit later, Sonja & Stefan. Chrischi and me played another 3 or 4 games, then we left too and went to my place again.
Btw, the music at the billard place rocked! Several Mark Knopfler / Dire Straits tracks, and Pink Floyd, Status Quo, Queen, etc.
Anyway, back home we did some internet things here, I packed a few things, then we both drove to Schwarzenbek. We arrived at around 4am, and I slept at my parents' place.

Was woken up at around 9am, Lara & Lena were visiting my parents' too, and were noisy d;
They're still both really cute, they're still scared of me, and Lena has a fever. O:
Anyway, did all sorts of things at my parents', then people showed up at around 3pm for coffee and cake. Yummy, Nutella cake!!!
Got more presents, and stuff.
Then later, everybody left, and my father drove me back to Lübeck.
Back here, I cleaned the mess we'd left the previous day, washed the dishes etc.

I SMSed Steffi at the airport and asked her to e-Mail me the new work schedule thing. She called a while later because e-Mail didn't work, so she told me when I'd have to be back at work (i.e. Tuesday). Then a bit later I got an SMS from her "Happy Birthday"'ing me. (:

So. Today. At some point this morning I jokingly thought to myself I should make some "New Year's Resolutions", since I've just started a new year, and stuff. Decided, again jokingly, always to get up before 10am. Which I then did. Got up at 9am, checked for e-Mails, replied to a few, then went back to bed and slept till shortly before 1pm.

I made myself some very yummy food today. Then I cleaned the kitchen again. Yuck. I hate cleaning it. But it always gets so messy when I prepare proper food (i.e. not deep-frozen pizza). Oh well.

Mag, I recall reading about some families issues recently. I hope you had a pleasant birthday anyway. Happy (belated) Birthday.
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Someone named "Obi-Wan Threepwood" is downloading from me on eMule.
made me giggle quite a bit.
Not that I ever upload anything. At all. Ever. Or anything.

In other news, I visited Alexandra & Christian today.
They've had some friends over for the evening. Was a lot of fun, very good food, lots of chatting. (:
Got back late, got the last bus from the ZOB home. Wheee.
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Damit hab ich ja gar nicht gerechnet. (:
Ich hab grad 'ne Postkarte bekommen, von [ profile] brokendreams_, aus Madrid.
Wheee (:
danke danke danke Nina!!! (:

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