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Words are hard.
Keep in mind I'm just a guy who enjoys music.

10 Alcest - Kodama: It's a typical Alcest album. I guess I wish they'd done things a bit different, it sounds a lot like the previous album IMO.
09 Airbag - Disconnected: If you liked previous Airbag albums, you'll like this one. Slow, subtle, melancholic, awesome guitar solos by Bjørn Riis.
08 Metamorphosis - The Turning Point: This was tough to even get a hold of, same as that other album, Dark, a few years ago. It was released just a few days ago and I had to import from .. Switzerland, I think. Dark'ish Progressive Rock, lots of heavy guitars.
07 The Pineapple Thief - Your Wilderness: Bit of a pleasant surprise, since I haven't really listened to Pineapple Thief all that much. Progressive Rock, slightly leaning towards Pop. Accessible.
06 The Aurora Project - World of Grey: Progmetal band from the Netherlands. Hmm. Their website says Progmetal anyway, I don't entirely agree. Though there certainly are heavy passages, and I love those. Album deals with current issues. War, media, internet activism. Reminds me of Mr Robot. Also, their new guitar player is doing a pretty good job.
05 Karibow - Holophinium: A band I wasn't at all aware of before this album. I don't know how I found out about them, might've been through In this list one of the more mellow bands. Progressive Rock, yes, but as Pineapple Thief, accessible IMO. Very enjoyable melodies though, and subtleties you don't immediately notice.
04 Dante - When We Were Beautiful Whoo German Progmetal. I love when rhythms get confusing, and they certainly do in Beautiful Again. Also, Top 1 Hottest Album Cover of 2016.
03 Antimatter - Welcome to the Machine: Well and here's entry number one that made me think I should've called the list music releases instead of albums. You know what? I don't care, it's my list dammit! Anyway. This is a single. It's got the titular track and two live recordings of older Antimatter tracks. More often than not I dislike covers of songs I love. This one is an exception, it's dark and slightly melancholic, typically Antimatter. It just feels right. Also, some electronics involved which usually isn't my kind of music. Again, Antimatter being an exception to that rule, since I'm quite fond of those older tracks that had a lot of them.
02 Ayreon - The Theater Equation: And here's the other one. I love Human Equation, I love that people worked to get this on stage, and I love that most of the original cast participated, even though none of them are actually actors. Mikael Åkerfeldt is missing. Not exactly a disappointment as such, since Anneke van Giersbergen is brilliant and having Fear sound so different from the album was a surprise. But still, I would'be loved to see / hear him on stage. Also, Mike Mills is awesome ... I actually had a hard time deciding whether to put this in the top spot. In the end I decided to go in this order just because this isn't actually an album. Strictly speaking.
01 Opeth - Sorceress: It's just another great album by Opeth. It is, again, different from the others, but I love how they keep doing new stuff. Some people disagree. I don't care ... Another reason I decided to place Sorceress first, the Opeth show I went to was Top 1 for me this year. Ahh, memories.

Here's a preview of next year's Top Ten:

01 Ayreon - Whatever the new album's called
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Stuff I've ordered lately and haven't yet received ...

Pre-orders I did some months ago:
Storm Corrosion (Special Edition CD+BluRay)
Yossi Sassi - Melting Clocks

Ordered these past few days:
For all we Know - s/t
Tune - Lucid Moments
Raven Sad - Layers of Stratosphere
Knight Area - Nine Paths
Pendragon - Concerto Maximo (DVD + 2CDs)
Pendragon - Passion (CD + DVD)
Pendragon - Window of Life +1
Arena - The Seventh Degree of Separation (CD + DVD)
Haken - Visions
Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love of Shared Disasters
Oddland - The Treachery of Senses
Soen - Cognitive
Frames - In Via
A Liquid Landscape - Nightingale Express
Sylvan - X-Rayed
Alias Eye - In Focus
Alias Eye - In Between
Alias Eye - A Different Point of You
Sylvan - Artificial Paradise
Anathema - A Natural Disaster
Anathema - A Fine Day to Exit
Anathema - Hindsight
Astra - The Black Chord
DeeExpus - The King of Number 33
Ancestors - In Dreams and Time
Prisma - You Name it

In other news, once I can't afford rent anymore and become homeless I hope to build a shelter out of jewel cases and digibooks.
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I've got a big list of music I want to listen to, but unfortunately the cable on my headphones is broken, and Fischer Amps have so far failed to deliver the proper replacement.
So now I'm stuck with using the crappy ones that came with the phone, or none at all, when going to work. I'm not quite sure which options is preferable.
Anyway, at first I thought the problem was here:

I used duct tape to stop the plastic from unravelling anymore, but as it turns out, the cable is actually broken here:

And it's also quite obvious why it's broken.
Now let's see if I can't get this fixed in such a way that it lasts for another few days.

Also, list of music I wanna listen to:
  • Avalanch - Malefic Time Apocalypse
  • Soen - Cognitive
  • Alcest - Les Voyages de L'Âme
  • Lis Er Stille - Nous
  • Knight Area - Nine Paths
  • Discipline - To Shatter all Accord
  • Arena - The Seventh Degree of Seperation
  • Ambeon - Fate of a Dreamer
  • Animals as Leaders - Weightless
  • Agalloch - Whitedivisiongrey
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Machinae Supremacy have released a video of their recent live show today (in case you're wondering: yes, they're releasing through TPB. I'm surprised their label allowed it.).

When I first started listening to them in ... 2004 I think it was ('s timeline tool doesn't go that far back) I enjoyed their music a lot. It was a fun mix of happy metal and nostalgia inducing SID sounds that reminded me of all my favourite computer games I played as a kid (Gianna Sisters, Bubble Bobble etc).
Since then they've released several albums, evolving their music more and more away from those SID sounds, and more towards main stream metal.
And now I'm watching that show of theirs from earlier this year, and nostalgia strikes me again. This time the music doesn't remind me of those games I played as a child, but of the joy I felt when I used to listen to it several years ago.
What makes me a little sad is that they don't have a keyboarder on stage. It's two guitars, bass, and drums. Those nostalgia sounds, in those cases that they play these older songs at all, come from a tape. They're playback. Which to me suggests that "pure metal" is the direction they've decided to take, and to stick with.

Oh well. On a positive note, they're doing several of my all time favourites on that show: Gianna Sisters, Player One, Attack Music, Winterstorm. And though the SID stuff is coming from tape, at least you can hear it loud and clear. The mixing is just right.

[edit] Oh right, not a single JNG song, wtf?!
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Gestern waren Chrischi, Moni und ich also beim Iron Maiden Konzert. Iron Maiden sind so eine mainstreamige, kultige Metal-Band, die muß man einfach mal gesehen haben, fanden wir beide.

Die Vorband Rise to Remain haben wir uns nicht angeschaut, wir hatten im Vorbeigehen einige Töne gehört, die uns alle nicht wirklich ansprach.

Kurz nach 21.00 lief dann endlich Doctor, Doctor von U.F.O., bekanntermaßen das Konzert-Intro auf dieser Tour. Die Setlist war dann auch kein Geheimnis, bißchen 'was Neues, paar alte Klassiker.

Das größte Manko war eigentlich der Ton. Es war einfach zu laut, und während der Lieder störte ein konstantes Dröhnen / Rauschen. Das ist ziemlich schade, denn ich habe selten eine solch gute Stimmung bei einem Konzert erlebt. Trotz der übertriebenen Lautstärke waren Sänger und Musik nicht mehr zu hören wenn die Fans losjubelten. Und das ist bei Iron Maiden Konzerten häufig der Fall, da der Sänger das Publikum in vielen Stücken dazu animiert. Das kennt man ja bereits aus den vielen existierenden Live-Mitschnitten, und obwohl die Animation immer die gleiche ist, bringt sie doch unheimlich Spaß, wenn man selbst dabei ist.
Das gleiche gilt für die Bühnenshow. Bei The Evil that Men do tauchte diese schaurig-schöne Eddie-Figur auf der Bühne auf, und zum Ende lugte dann noch ein riesiger Eddie hinter der Bühne vor und erinnerte mich stark an den Endgegner in Mass Effect 2. Herrlich!

Mein Fazit: Gerne wieder, aber nächstes Mal nehme ich meine Ohrstöpsel mit und wir sichern uns Plätze auf dem Rang, wo Gerüchten zufolge der Sound wesentlich besser gewesen sein soll.
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Eben hab' ich auf ARD eine komische Werbung für den Eurovision Song Contest gesehen. Da erzählt ein Vater seiner kleinen Tochter eine Gute-Nacht-Geschichte, und im Hintergrund läuft eine Spieluhr.
Was die Spieluhr spielt? Die ersten 34 Sekunden von Mélodie aus dem Anime Noir.

Kann mir bitte jemand sagen, wo diese Melodie im Original herkommt? Ich bezweifle nämlich, dass die ARD sich bei Noir bedient haben.
Den Verweis auf Tchaikovsky habe ich übrigens gesehen, aber in seinem Autumn Song kann ich diese Melodie beim besten Willen nicht raushören ...
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"Forgotten Land" - Official promo song from the game "The Witcher 2: Assasins of Kings"
Riverside is proud to announce a collaboration with CD Projekt RED, authors of the eagerly awaited RPG The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The band's song "Forgotten Land" will help to promote the game which will be in stores on May 17.
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... There was a time when I livejournaled several times a day.

These days a month passes between entries. I blame twitter and friendface facebook; find me there for more frequent, and just as inane, posts and updates.

(Rest assured though, that I'm still reading my friends list every day.)

Anyway, I'll try writing about the past month then.

I came up with a word to describe one of my coworker's fondness of a certain hot beverage. The word is coffetish.
I came up with it while cleaning the Senseo I bought used off the very same coworker. I also discovered that you can easily make a decent cup of tea filling eco pads with loose tea. (Is loose tea even the proper term? It seems to do the trick for google image search). Now if only there was an easy way to open tea bags and get that stuff out?

Lets see, work has been a little exhausting. I've spent most time installing a certain software suite for a customer, and trying to figure out how to get two seperate databases converted into a single one for that same software suite. The complexity of that task frightens me a little, since we're still not quite done with it.
Once we're finally through with that, I'll take about 3 days off as compensation for the extra time I invested in the project.

School is fun mostly. As it turns out, those semesters studying computer science ten years ago weren't completely in vain. Even though I'm a little rusty on the particulars, I still recall basics like structured programming, recursion, encapsulation etc. And having a simple microprocessor to run programs, use input switches and output LEDs is a lot more fun than the academic approach back at university. One disadvantage though, the hardware is rather old and unreliable, so you end up trying to find errors in your code when it's just a switch acting up.
Anyway, those basics make it easier for me to understand new stuff like
int x=(P1&0x0C)>>2; /* P1 being the box o' switches you can see in the pictures ... */
We're also learning about business management, economics, processes etc. That's one subject I'm not really interested in, but the teacher we've got makes up for that by being very enthusiastic about the topic.
Of course we've also got an english lesson every week. That's kind of a no-brainer for me.

What else?
This past Wednesday, Chrischi, Moni and me went to see Gazpacho. Loved it. Awesome band. I'm having a hard time describing their music actually. I guess their music is commonly labelled progressive rock or art rock. Which I guess is right, but as with most cases, doesn't do them justice. Their music is very relaxing, soothing, dreamy. Check out Dream of Stone on youtube for example (Part I, Part II). It's 20 minutes of beautiful music.
Also, setlist. They've been changing the setlist for each concert, so I consider myself lucky that ours had The Walk, Tick Tock and Dream of Stone.

Erm. And that's it for now I think. *nods*

Number One!

Jan. 5th, 2011 09:21 pm
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There's a (new?) TV show called Number One! It's about music.
I'm currently watching an episode on biggest / greatest / bestest concerts.

Live Aid was on it of course, and (happy me) Roger Waters' 1990 The Wall show.
Soooo. I guess someone decided that The Wall doesn't have enough good material by itself, so they added some other background music to the piece. Namely bits of High Hopes.
Granted, it's Pink Floyd too, but The Wall show was by Roger Waters and done in 1990, while High Hopes, being from The Division Bell album, is by the rest of the band, and from 1994ish.
Don't get me wrong, I love High Hopes. It just doesn't fit here.

Anyway, you want to know about the other shows they portrait?
Some come back tour by Kylie Minogue, that Johnny Cash show in prison, Udo Lindenberg's 1983 show in Eastern Berlin, Robbie Williams, etc.
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I really like the piano intro to this song, even though the rest of it is rather silly.

Funnily enough, this very intro was just used in a TV show I'm watching, and I immediately recognised it even though the last time I heard it was about half my life ago ...
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Weekend has been fun.
Sylvan concert on Friday with Moni and Chrischi. Lots of older stuff was played, songs I'd never heard before. Good ones. Bought three CDs, Deliverance Re-Issue among them. Deliverance was their first album, and has been unavailable for some time. The Re-Issue is not officially on sale yet.

On Saturday some of my coworkers came over for an evening of gaming. We started off with a few rounds of Fluxx, followed by a single round of Risk which took about 5 hours. We ordered pizza for dinner and finished with a few rounds of Wizard.

And today I tidied up, washed some clothes, watched a few episodes of Simpsons and the latest Burn Notice, and played some New Vegas. I've finished a few quests and I'm not entirely sure what to do next ...

Oh, and I bought a used Senseo HD 7810 off one of my coworkers. I don't drink coffee myself, but for 5€ it was a bargain - and I can now offer a decent cup of coffee to people visiting me.
That is, once I buy some ammo for it.
It also does tea and cocoa, but I guess I won't try those. First of all, if you prepare different things in it, the tastes will interfere with each other. To avoid that I'd have to thoroughly clean it every time. Also, preparing a cup of tea with tea bags and boiling water, or a cup of cocoa is well within my abilities. Coffee is not though.


Dec. 2nd, 2010 10:12 pm
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Three Different Ones )
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The guitar at the beginning of Bad Religion's The Resist Stance sounds exactly like the guitar during Porcupine Tree's Coma Divine version of Not beautiful Anymore.
Just felt like sharing this.

Also, weekend!
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Vorgestern war's die Porcupine DVD, die mich vom Schlafengehen abgehalten hat, heute ist's Peter Gabriels Growing Up Live. Ich hab meine Ultimate Ears an den Rechner angestöpselt um die Nachbarn nicht zu stören. Außerdem hab' ich endlich mal die -12db auf -26db Filter in die UEs gesteckt. Fühlt sich gleich anders an ...
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Currently watching Nightwish - End of an Era on DVD.
Five years on and I still don't get how anyone could've thought getting rid of Tarja would be a good idea.
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Concerts I'd go see if I had the money ...

Ray Wilson
Deep Purple + Marillion
Van Canto
Long Distance Calling
Wishbone Ash
Skunk Anansie
Within Temptation

Oh well, at least I'm seeing Sylvan and Gazpacho. Gazpacho in particular is a top priority, since I haven't seen them before.


Oct. 26th, 2010 08:30 pm
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I just discovered a new band I like.
I'm trying hard to stop myself from just ordering everything from here.

Also, yahoo sucks. And their newsletter / groups thing in particular. Took me ages to sign up to the band's newsletter / group in order to access a download.
Echoes (Pink Floyd cover) played live. Woot! Though I have to admit, the track length is only 20 minutes which seems rather short for an Echoes cover ... o_O

(sounds like: No-Man, Blackfield, Spock's Beard, Porcupine Tree)

quickie ..

Oct. 18th, 2010 06:48 am
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The new job is mostly fun so far. I get to fiddle with computers d:

Chrischi was over yesterday. We had croques, watched The Uninvited and Sherlock Holmes, played some StarCraft II, and listened to some music.

Also, I installed Cyanogenmod on my Nexus. That involved resetting the phone and losing all data and apps, but I knew that in advance so I made backups.
So, what's different? Instead of having a static five home screens with a 4x4 grid to customise with widgets, apps etc, you can now adjust the number of home screens, change which is the default one, and change the number of rows and coloumns, etc.
Cyanogenmod also has native flac support, wheee! And it supports the various coloured LEDs under the trackball instead of just the white one, like original FroYo.
There's plenty of other stuff too, not all of which I've discovered, I guess.

Tomorrow I'll have to get up early. We're supposed to be at a customer's in Hamburg at 9am.

As for the rest of today ... Fallout 3 possibly. I wish I could get Fallout 1/2/Tactics to work.

Ooooh. I never hit post on this did I?

omg prog!

Oct. 7th, 2010 09:20 pm
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via Oceansize's Twitter:
Bochum tonight. Steven Wilson is mortified to learn of my distain for prog and is threatening to make me a mixtape.
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Yes, we know that some of our own videos have been somewhat absurdly removed from our own website by WMG, working on getting it resolved
Well. I'd like to see the vid of Bonnie the Cat again, since it contains my favourite characters from Porcupine Tree music videos ...

[edit] Oops, turns out it's still available on ...

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