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When you visit Earth in Mass Effect 2, it tells you that the length of a day is 23.9 Earth hours.
That reminds me a lot of a comedy show I used to watch as a kid. In a news programme parody, they announced that Michael Jackson, surprisingly, only came second in a Michael Jackson lookalike contest.
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... Visiting my former teacher and seeing folks from way back in primary school today was quite fun! Yay.
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Sisters of Mercy concert in Hamburg next year.
When I was around 15, I didn't listen to anything other than them.
I don't really identify with their music anymore, but I'm going to go anyway, if only to watch cute goth girls.
I'm pretty sure it'll be fun.
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.. and you find something quite a few years old, forgot you still had it.

Now, there's one of two things you'll most likely think:
1. I can't believe I ever used that!
2. I can't believe I ever stopped using that!

Well, guess ... )
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Tomb Raider ... )

Außerdem gefunden: Monkey Island 1 & 2, Day of the Tentacle, Fatal Racing, Slipstream 5000, Indy 4, Descent 2 ... Schade, dass ich den ganzen Mist nicht zum Laufen bringe, alles Dos-Spiele. Ich hab vorhin mit dem Gedanken gespielt, mir irgendeinen billigen, alten Rechner mit Dos hinzustellen. Aber ich denke, Grafik- und Soundtreiber für Dos zu finden wäre der reinste Horror ...
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Bei den ganzen Zoo-Serien im Moment fiel mir gerade mal wieder was ein ...
Letztens gab's mal die Tier-Doku "Puma, Luchs und Co.".

Ich weiß noch, wie ich als Kind immer gedacht hab: "Puma und Luchs kenn' ich, aber was ist eigentlich ein Co?"
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Und das beste ist, ich kann mich an das alles noch erinnern. Das komplette Spiel.

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