Dec. 3rd, 2010

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Turns out after Blue Harvest and Something³ Dark Side there was another Family Guy Star Wars parody called It's a Trap.
Unfortunately it's a lot less funny than the other two were.

In other news, I haven't managed to make my assembler program return (in dec) the value stored in a register (in hex). But then again, none of the others in my class has, and I'm the only one who's managed to write a loop that lets you input numbers with more than one digit in the first place.
Also, I'm not quite satisfied with how we were actually introduced to assembler. It was basically "Here's a 'Hello World' demo, now go write code that adds up two numbers". Granted, we were also given some documentation on assembler commands, but I'm used to a more structured introduction to a new programming language.
I'm not even convinced assembler is something you need for day to day tasks.

Anyway. School's out for the weekend. Tomorrow I'll go visit Chrischi and Wolfgang, Sunday will probably involve some more episodes of Castle (I'm rewatching since there aren't any new ones at the moment). Then Monday is back to work.


Dec. 3rd, 2010 08:09 pm
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Smart Wallets React To Spending By Shrinking

Mine would refuse to open, and crush the coins inside ...

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