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Currently watching Nightwish - End of an Era on DVD.
Five years on and I still don't get how anyone could've thought getting rid of Tarja would be a good idea.
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I have to admit I have yet to sit down and watch the DVD in its entirety. I've seen most of it, occasionally only listening instead of watching because I was busy washing the dishes or something.
Anyway, since we're talking about a concert DVD the music is the most important thing anyway, isn't it? And there's absolutely nothing to complain about here. Every band member, plus John Wesley, are brilliant musicians.
The setlist is interesting: The first half is all of the Fear of a Blank Planet album, followed by a short intermission and then not a "best of" part. A bold decision in my opinion, they could've played it save and just performed the usual fan favourites, such as The Sound of Muzak, Trains, or The Start of Something Beautiful. But we've already seen those on their previous DVD release, so we get some less well-known but fantastic songs instead.
Thank you for that, Porcupine Tree. Now, what's the significance of Halo being the only song that appears on both DVDs?

Now let's take a quick look at the video. I've been watching the Blue-Ray mostly (I'd bought a Blue-Ray drive for just this occasion), and only put in the DVD to compare the image quality of the two. The most notable difference between this release and the previous Arriving Somewhere ... one is that this one lacks those post-recording graphic effects that had infested the first DVD. To be quite honest, I believe those were only to cover up the less than ideal quality of the source material.
With this release we get images captured by HD cameras, and the only visual effects we have is the cameramen playing with focus and zoom. One reviewer on amazon pointed out that he'd wished for more long shots to better catch the entire band plus the video projections that run during the songs. He's right, that would've been nice, but then again, there's people out there who prefer to watch each individual musician play their instrument. Maybe some multi-angles could've been introduced here? (Seriously, among my collection of maybe 200 DVDs there's one that I know of that makes use of this feature).
If you're the kind of person who's only really satisfied after finding something to complain about, you'll be happy to find that one camera (front center) vibrated from the resonance of bass and drums and therefore gave off a slightly wiggly picture.

Anyway. The only complaint from me is that this release is a year overdue! This show was recorded in late 2008. Since then we've had a new album, and an entire tour dedicated to that new album. Now we all know Steven Wilson is both a perfectionist and a workaholic, but I feel his priorities were a little off when deciding to get other things done before this one.
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I'm already through season 1. Will start on season 2 tomorrow'ish ...
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I'm currently watching this concert DVD (Opeth @ Roundhouse). Now, would somebody please explain to me why the FSK rates this for ages 16+, while something like Grave of the Fireflies is rated ages 6+ ?!

I'm sure they can justify those rating with their regulations somehow, but why do regulations require turning off your brain in the first place?
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Wer nochmal behauptet, ich hätte zu viele DVDs ...

... der hat Recht ... )
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Porcupine Tree concert recordings I found ...

Nearfest (2001) )
Mhz TV Broadcast (2003) )
Rockpalast (2005) )
Arriving Somewhere (2005) )
Saarbrücken (2006) )
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Got a day off, and managed to get the things done I wanted to get done.
Washed some clothes, fixed my bike, bought batteries, got a package from the post office, sorted a huge pile of documents, bills, etc, cleaned my desk, added my latest CD and DVD purchases to my collection, and washed the dishes.

And I bought a nose hair trimmer o_O
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Let's see ... I'm writing down keywords so I don't forget what I want to write about ... d;

I had to work on Saturday, but since Steffi's plans for the weekend had changed recently I asked her if I could have the evening off. Unfortunately she had friends over, and I did have to work all day. So I couldn't see La Vela Puerca when they were in Lübeck. Pity. I do hope they'll be back soon. For some reason their music puts me in a good mood. In fact, I've been listening to their stuff over and over again all weekend at work. Pity I can't find any live recordings ...

Lots'a work
Kinda mentioned above, I worked all weekend, while it seems everyone else was out partying and getting drunk. Not that I envy them as such, they looked pretty hangover'ed ...

I ordered a new backpack a few days ago. It was in the mail on Saturday.
Well, not so much the backpack. More like, a backpack. Definitely not the one I ordered anyway. Now I need to ask about returning it. I'd ordered via amazon, marketplace kinda seller, so I kinda have to e-Mail them and ask what to do ...

Even though pricey, I just ordered two pairs of new shows too. I don't think my old ones will last much longer, and I wouldn't want to suddenly stand around somewhere barefoot with my shoes moved to my backpack with a note saying "decayed beyond being usable" ...

R8 ftw
I need more rich friends. A customer told me today that she and a few friends pooled their money to rent someone an Audi R8 for a week as a birthday present. Note that said customer is several years younger than I am. Where the hell do you get that kind of money?!

Clockwork Orange is on TV. And just half a year after I bought the DVD too. Mrf. Could've got it for free if I'd just waited a little longer ... d;
Anyway, turns out, it's a Kubrick movie. Didn't know that ...

random imdb fun
Did you know that the guy who played the bodyguard in the 5th episode of the Hitch Hiker's TV series also had a part in Star Wars? Find out here! ...

Anyway, tired and cold feet. I'm going to bed now ...
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... I biked to McDonald's today, and they refused service to me at the driveIn ... As it turns out, I can only get food there after midnight, when the "restaurant" itself is closed.
Oh well. I'm just sad that I'm kinda slow-witted. The McGuy said that they'd only serve me at the driveIn after midnight. If I had been any quicker, I would've said "Ok, I'll wait". I mean, I was blocking the driveIn and it was 11.30pm ...

Anyway, since I had to go in to get my cheeseburger, I also grabbed a copy of their free entertainment magazine. There's a Dungeon Siege movie. Now, I've never played the game(s?), and I don't really know what to think of the movie ... It's a computer game made into a movie (bad), and it's done by Uwe Boll (even worse). But it does have Jason Stratham and Ray Liotta, both of who I kinda like as actors.
Of course the article I'm reading here doesn't help, since it's written by those McDonald's entertainment magazine guys. I've been browsing through those mags in the past, and as far as I can tell, they never actually write anything negative about anything. Ever. It's pretty much advertising disguised as reviews.

Ooh, another positive review: Totoro DVD. Awwwwww (: I loved that movie.

Anyway, back to McDonald's food. When I was a kid, my mother always told me to wash my hands before lunch / dinner. I still do that today, of course.
But with McDonald's food, I always have a real bad urge to wash my hands after eating too ... o_O Quality food, eh?
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... I watched my copy of The Dead Zone.
It's very, very scary. There's a scene that shows Christopher Walken smiling. I'll have nightmares of that ...

Anyway, the movie is pretty good in my opinion. Of course it doesn't really stand a chance against the book. Too many details left out.
But, good movie.
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... So, today I rented a car and drove to Schwarzenbek.
First I visited my parents, had lunch with them, and checked on their computer and set up bluetooth functionality between my mother's mobile phone, and the car radio.
Then I drove to Chrischi's place. We chatted for a bit before leaving for Hamburg.

Once there Chrischi informed me of some special cheap CDs Saturn was selling, so we checked that out. In the end I bought a Nightwish CD or two ...
(namely Angels fall First, Oceanborn, Wishmaster, Century Child, Once (Special Edition, includes Nemo Single), Highest Hopes)
And of course I got the new Meat Loaf DVD, 3 Bats Live.

Oh, we also went to see Gotthard at the Docks. Fun. Lots of it. Good music!

bike fixey

Oct. 12th, 2007 01:23 am
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My plan for Thursday was:

clean kitchen
wash clothes
clean / fix bike
more food

And I managed to do everything. As to my bike, I'd wanted to change to snow tires, which I did. I also wanted to put some oil on the bowden wires to make the gear levers work smoothly (with the winter coming up, it's better to have them oily instead of rusty from my experience) (btw, german speakers: did you know it's actually "Bowdenzug" and not "Bautenzug"? I didn't.). Anyway, one of them was seriously stuck (yeah, rust), and when I finally managed to get it a little loose I found that it's starting to break too. So I decided to get those replaced. I had to change the rear tire and reattach it, and once that was done I biked to the bike shop to get that done (I'm way too lazy to replace those wires myself. Doable, yes, but it'd sure take me hours, and it's such a hassle to set them just right for the levers to work properly). Anyway, I can collect my bike tomorrow in time to get to work with it. (The train drivers are on strike, so I really wouldn' know how to get to work if I hadn't my bike d;) ...

In the evening I ordered chinese food. I'm pretty sure they changed something about the ingredients for the sweet-sour sauce they use. My stomach doesn't disagree with it as much as it used to ...

I watched some of the Nightwish concert DVD. I like them more with each day. They must be Pink Floyd fans, which makes them even more likeable. Doing a cover of High Hopes live, and playing Phantom of the Opera (whose most prominent musical theme, as we all know, was blatantly stolen from Pink Floyd's Echoes ...). I'm looking forward to seeing them in concert. Of course, with a new singer, it's interesting to see how it'll turn out. Oh, and I'm going to demand my money back if they don't play Ghost Love Score. That's one really awesome song ...

I also watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I liked it a lot. It was fun watching someone discover they can go back in time, and then see what they actually do with this ability ...

What would you do if you could jump back in time?
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Thanks for everyone's messages I got today (:

As to what I did today ...
My parents called and came over, we went shopping (a new mobile phone for my mother, DVDs for me) and ate at Maredo (you get a 25% discount on your birthday). Some friends and relatives called. Or tried to, since I had my phone muted while I was out with my parents.
I was given some money that'll go into my vacation / new computer fund. I also got chocolate and a book ("Black for Remembrance", sounds interesting, never heard of it though). And the City of Lübeck is apparently giving me a new street (they're *finally* redoing the street outside. Noisy as hell all day, but it'll be good once it's done). And I also got mail from the tax office today. I'm getting a refund (: (yay, moneys!)

DVDs I bought are 28 Days Later, and Dire Straits and Iron Maiden concert DVDs that I think were bootlegged or recorded from TV ... *shurgs* The video isn't very good, but sound is good enough for me ...
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On Wednesday I had a day off. Visited Chrischi. We had pizza, and watched lots of NCIS episodes.

On Thursday, I had another day off. Chrischi visited here, we went and watched Room 1408 at the movies (good movie imo btw). Then we went to play some pool. We also watched bits of the new Gilmour-DVD Chrischi got yesterday. I'm pretty sure that'll soon be one of my absolute favourite concert DVDs (mine's in the mail, should arrive today or tomorrow). Decent quality audio and video, very nice lights show. It seems to be everything I hoped the Pulse DVD to be. And, of course, they played Echoes on those shows. ECHOES! Whoa ...
Also, Thursday was my tattoo's 7th anniversary. Yay to that.

Today is yet another free day for me. I intend to buy food, iron some clothes, and spawn camp the Packstation for my Gilmour DVD ...

omg woot!

Aug. 31st, 2007 12:44 am
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And it's only 27€ too. That's a little more than 1€ for every minute of Echoes he's playing on that!!!

I'm not sure he agrees on the spelling of his last name though ...
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Read errors while you're in the middle of watching a DVD.
So this is the first time I'm returning something to Amazon.
Let's see how that goes ...

[edit] I'm impressed by amazon's policy - they sent out a replacement before I even posted the broken DVD. And if my complaint is justified, they'll return the money I spent for posting it too ...


Aug. 28th, 2007 12:41 am
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After finally having completed my list of chores for today, I sat down in the evening to watch Paprika.
I really liked the art work, and the story was ok. I feel it could've been better though. Basically it's about ... )

Oh well, I'm not complaining. The movie was fun, and I'm pretty sure I'll have the main theme stuck in my head for days to come ...

whoa ...

Aug. 24th, 2007 12:29 am
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I just watched Pan's Labyrinth. Very very good movie. Very sad, cruel, dark. Also, very good soundtrack.

I had all lights off and the window slightly open while watching. So now I have this crawling around the room ... )

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