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I managed to cut myself on a piece of broken glass at work today. Nothing too bad I guess, the cut went a little deep though, and is about 3cm long. Coworker disinfected it and put a bandage on it, which I removed about 8 hours later only to find that it still bled a little. In fact, I just removed the second bandage I got and replaced it with a simple band aid which now has a red spot.
I made a picture but decided against posting it. It's a little yucky.

Anyway. In less red, and more happy news, my Reality Dream CD arrived today. The fact that I'm happily paying more than 100€ for a limited edition 2 CD set should tell you something about how awesome I think Riverside are. The downside of course is, that most of the money doesn't go to the band, instead staying with some guy who's ripping off fans by selling one of those limited edition CDs after the other, overpriced. On the other hand, that's the only chance I've got to get a hold of it at all, being sold out and all (they were limited to 1000 copies and were only sold during the tour late last year).

In yet more news, it appears that my move has been postponed and will most likely occur late this year, maybe even early next year. Our plan is to open a new office around mid-june, which Steffi will work at, while I'm staying at the current office for another 4-6 months before moving to the new office (I know I'm being a little vague here, but I intend to keep this entry public). Steffi also suggested that there might be a change in my contract coming up, but no definite plans there yet. We'll see about that ...

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