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From the Porcupine Tree newsletter:
Anesthetize DVD
The long awaited DVD of the band’s performance in Tilburg is now ready in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. The tracklist for DVD/Blu Ray is as follows

1. Intro / 2. Fear of a Blank Planet /3. My Ashes / 4. Anesthetize / 5. Sentimental / 6.Way Out of Here / 7. Sleep Together / 8. What Happens Now? / 9. Normal / 10. Dark Matter/ Drown With Me / 12. Cheating the Polygraph / 13. Half-Light / 14. Sever / Wedding Nails / 16. Strip the Soul / Dot Three / 17. Sleep of No Dreaming / 18. Halo / Outro

Extras (on Blu-Ray only) 1. Way Out of Here (live film directed by Lasse Hoile) / 2. My Ashes (live film directed by Lasse Hoile) / 3. Wedding Nails (live film directed by Lasse Hoile) / 4. Strip the Soul / Dot Three (live film directed by Lasse Hoile).

Prodigal is the bonus track on the audio CDs.

Check out the pre-order page for more details.

You can take a look at the Anesthetize trailer here.
Yes yes YES! Whooo!
Dark Matter. They've got Dark Matter on it, I can't believe it. Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

The limited edition is limited to 2 copies per customer, I ordered two right away, didn't even check the price first. Pity I can't order a third one.
Trailer looks good too, a lot less of that graphical nonsense they did on the previous release (which Riverside then shamelessly copied for their DVD release) ...

*wanders off to find out how much blue ray dvd drives are these days*

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