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Totoro was on TV a few days ago (yay for arte and their Hommage to Miyazaki).
So I got into the mood to watch some more anime today. Laputa and Paprika.
I also listened to some of the OSTs I've collected over the years. Wolf's Rain, Bebop, .hack, Noir, Trigun, etc.
And I've browsed amazon. It appears that Wolf's Rain is being sold for 15 uk pounds now. I guess that's about 20€, including shipping and german VAT? Anyway, I recall paying 200€ for the entire show a few years back. Disappointing. That show deserves to be more expensive IMO.
I ordered Madlax from the uk shop. The price went down from over 60 to around 17 uk pounds, and it's sort of the successor to Noir, so I'm pretty sure that's not wasted money.

Anyway. Work tomorrow, bed now. G'night.
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... Totoro ist so ein schöner Film!! ^_^


Aug. 28th, 2007 12:41 am
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After finally having completed my list of chores for today, I sat down in the evening to watch Paprika.
I really liked the art work, and the story was ok. I feel it could've been better though. Basically it's about ... )

Oh well, I'm not complaining. The movie was fun, and I'm pretty sure I'll have the main theme stuck in my head for days to come ...
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One of my favourite anime series is Wolf's Rain. I bought the whole series on 8 DVDs last year, or possibly even the year before that, I don't quite remember. Interestingly, each DVD was released in 2 different versions, regular (transparent Amaray case) and (originally) slightly more expensive Digipack version. I bought the cheaper Amaray ones.
Now, each DVD came with a coupon. If you collected all of them and sent them in, you were promised a collector's edition box to put your DVDs in. It was basically a cardboard box to hold all 8 DVD cases.

Around October last year, I finally decided to send them in (I also had coupons for Noir cels, so I sent those along). I got the Noir cels a few days later, but no box. Around a month later, I sent them an e-Mail and asked about the delay, and was informed that all the coupons had been processed. So, no box for me then I thought.

Well, wrong. Because today, I had this in the mail ... )

Looks cool and all, except that I think this box is supposed to be used for the Digipack DVDs, not the Amaray ones. Because I'd have to remove the DVDs from the cases and put them in there, instead of just putting the cases in a box. So now I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have one set of DVDs, and 2 sets of cool cases to put them in. What to do, what to do?!
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Why the hell are amazon selling Samurai Champloo DVDs for 13.97€ each?! (everyone else is selling them for around 25€. And by everyone I mean ...)
I didn't even want to get that series until I saw an ad on TV just now. The animation looks cool, and according to some sources the dubbing is pretty good for a change.

And I can get the whole show for like 112€ now ...
hrmm ... Who knows how long amazon are going to keep those prices ...
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... and instead starts showing one of the most awesome Anime series I've ever seen. Better late than never, I guess.
I wouldn't recommend watching it on TV though. One episode per weeks sucks, you need to be able to see all of it within a few days ... That's what DVDs are for.
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I'm watching through my Wolf's Rain DVDs. Because, like, I can. I've got the whole show on DVD now after all.
(Please refrain from reminding me that the UK release comes on only 6 DVDs instead of 8, and therefore costs about half as much as my collection.)
(Darn, reminded myself now ...).

Anyway, I don't usually say that for anime shows, but the german dubbing rocks! And I think I've found out why, too: Experienced voice actors. Only two of the 8 most important characters are voiced by people I haven't heard of before. As to the others:
Kiba is voiced by the guy who does the german voice of Greg Sanders, CSI.
Tsume is done by Nick Stokes' german voice (CSI too).
Hige is done by JD's voice (Scrubs).
Quint's voice is that of Luthor, Sen (Smallville) and House, MD.
Hubb also does the main character from JAG.
And Cher's voice is the same as for 7 of 9 from Voyager, among others.

I'm up to the 6th DVD now. Past the recap episodes (aka The Boring Ones).
I also need to e-Mail the distributers I think. There were coupons included with the DVDs, one for each DVD. If you sent in all of them and some return postage, you were promised a neat box to put the DVDs in. I sent that stuff in more than a month ago, and still no box.
I also sent in the coupons for the Noir extras, and it took them a few days only to send those back to me ... |:

whoa FUCK!

Oct. 27th, 2006 12:18 am
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I finished watching Elfen Lied.
It's awesome.
And really fucked up in about seven different ways.

*orders DVDs*

I'm not surprised the first DVD has an FSK18 rating.
I am surprised however that the other three don't ...

It was also weird to find out about it by browsing DVDs at Pressezentrum. Most of the time I'm aware of stuff long before it's even released over here ...
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... yeah, what he said.
I watched my Jin Roh DVD this evening, and I liked it.
First time I watched it some years ago, I had a bit of trouble following it, since there's a lot of plot squeezed into one movie (afaik, it's a manga in its original form), but I think I got it this time.
Oh, and the dub is pretty well done. The main character sounds a lot like Nick Stokes, and I think I recognised the voice of Picard in one of the other characters.
The suits of armour the special unit has look real scary, and they got the sound of their guns just right too.
Little scary in places ... Very confusing too ...
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I spent the afternoon watching Gunslinger Girl. It's good, but I don't think I like it enough to buy the DVDs.
It's pretty irritating, sad, disturbing, sick, etc ... And about half of the show is used up to introduce the characters, which IMO is a little too much. It seems like filler for a thin plot ...


I much prefer Noir, which is way more intense ...


May. 8th, 2006 11:37 pm
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I love the Innocence soundtrack so much I just ordered it from amazon.
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First time on tv according to
So I really wonder why I've seen this before ... O_o

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