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Jan. 2nd, 2016 12:00 pm
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This entry will contain spoilers for Edge of Tomorrow.

I was talking to Chrischi last year about a certain thing I like in fiction. That thing is Time. It's not time travel as such, because that suggests some sort of control over the destination (like in Doctor Who, or Back to the Future). I enjoy those movies / TV shows that are more along the lines of mysterious things happening to the protagonists that are potentially related to weird things happening to time.

Groundhog Day, of course. Guy relives day over and over again. He doesn't seem to have any control over it and doesn't know what to do about it either. As far as I remember we never find out what actually caused it either. For the most part this is a funny / romance movie of course, not much in the way of scary that I like for that premise.

Død Kalm (X-Files episode). Chrischi and me were watching this, which caused our discussion. In the end the viewer gets a sort of scientific explanation for the accelerated aging process the ship and everyone on it is subjected to, but until then the episode is scary as hell IMO. Keep in mind though that I remember watching this one as a kid too. It was scarier back then.

Timescape (TNG episode). I remember this one fondly from watching as a kid. The crew encounter pockets of temporal disturbances (areas with time running faster / slower). Before they figure out what's going on the effects of these were really quite scary.

Time and Effect (TNG episode). I found this one while trying to find the episode above. Typical Groundhog Day setting, but still I liked it very much back then.

Mystery Spot (Supernatural episode). I watched a lot of Supernatural last year I think, getting up to date to the (then) most recent seasons. Again this is a Groundhog Day setting (it is kinda popular it seems). Considering that Dean dies over and over again it's quite hilarious, but gets more serious towards the end.

The Langoliers. Is it even time travel? I watched this many years ago and loved the premise. Airplane passengers find themselves in an almost deserted airplane and manage to land at an airport, that's also missing people. The explanation at the end is not exactly time travel, nor is it a parallel universe. It's just people getting out of sync with their time and being literally late. The movie itself isn't rated all that high, but the idea behind it (I assume it's based on a book) is awesome.

11/22/63 (Stephen King novel). Now this novel is far from perfect for me because it doesn't focus enough of the scary weird stuff. Most of it is about that guy living his life in the past. But there were some very cool themes:
- The idea that time doesn't want to be changed and tries to prevent it. The graver the changes the protagonist attempts, the tougher are the obstacles "fate" puts in his way to stop him.
- The reset that happens when he travels back again. And in combination with that, the slightly crazy homeless person he encounters after going back, who does not reset but seems dimly aware of him coming back. And don't even get me started on that yellow card that guy has on his clothes. Wasn't it a slightly different shade of yellow the last time the protagonist saw him?? (and later still, BAM, it's black. What does it mean??).

Edge of Tomorrow. Chrischi gave me his BluRay of the movie after we talked about this. It's Groundhog Day all over again, but with Zerg rushes instead of groundhogs. Even though the concept isn't innovative anymore I still enjoy finding out what characters make of it. Sadly towards the end the movie abandons the concept to make a run-of-the-mill action sequence. Then reintroduces it at the end as a Deus ex machina to make everyone survive, because clearly you can't have a proper ending to an American AAA action movie with the main characters dead. Also I never quite got why the General insisted on him being on the front lines in the first place.

And, yeah that's it. There's some of my favourite implementations of "weird things happening to time" in fiction.
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Turns out after Blue Harvest and Something³ Dark Side there was another Family Guy Star Wars parody called It's a Trap.
Unfortunately it's a lot less funny than the other two were.

In other news, I haven't managed to make my assembler program return (in dec) the value stored in a register (in hex). But then again, none of the others in my class has, and I'm the only one who's managed to write a loop that lets you input numbers with more than one digit in the first place.
Also, I'm not quite satisfied with how we were actually introduced to assembler. It was basically "Here's a 'Hello World' demo, now go write code that adds up two numbers". Granted, we were also given some documentation on assembler commands, but I'm used to a more structured introduction to a new programming language.
I'm not even convinced assembler is something you need for day to day tasks.

Anyway. School's out for the weekend. Tomorrow I'll go visit Chrischi and Wolfgang, Sunday will probably involve some more episodes of Castle (I'm rewatching since there aren't any new ones at the moment). Then Monday is back to work.
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Screenshot from New Vegas ... )
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So, let's see ... Steffi has been her not thinking ahead self lately.
I'd invited Chrischi over for Saturday. Plan was, I work from 12.00 to 15.00, then he's over at around 16.00 for some DVDs, games, internet, music, and pizza.
But then Steffi asked me if I could work from 21.30 to midnight instead - Well, since she'd accepted to tend the bar at a club on Saturday, it wasn't so much her "asking" as such. Anyway, in the end I was at work from 20.30 with Chrischi. We (i.e. Steffi, Chrischi, Bine, Michi and me) had pizza, then Bine and Steffi left while Chrischi and me stayed, and spent the evening at work watching DVDs, instead of doing just that at home. I wasn't exactly happy with that. Anyway, Chrischi is having a week off towards the end of March, so we'll try to repeat the whole DVD evening soon, and this time around I'll go visit him, so I won't be in town, or anywhere near work.

Anyway, we watched Hulk (the one with Edward Norton, good one), and then The Prestige. That one didn't sound all that interesting at first, but it's really really good, so go watch it if you get the chance.
Actually, just buy it on DVD, it's real cheap since it's not very popular. (by that I mean not a lot of people know this movie - IMDB users rate this as #83 of the top 250 movies of all time though).

I also bought <cough> three new computer games:
Mirror's Edge: This is basically a jump'n'run I guess. The concept was inspired by Parkour. Add to that a story of Totalitarianism and 1984, and you pretty much get this game.
Now, I'd been looking forward to this game. I was real curious about it, because I thought there was potential for a very good and innovative game, but also potential suction. Anyway, as it turns out, the developers did a very good job indeed. I'd say it's almost as innovative as Portal was back in the day (and sliced bread shortly before that).
The game has lots of puzzle aspects (as in, "how the hell do I get from point A to point B"), some of which quite difficult to figure out, others are easier by themselves but made difficult by the fact that guys with guns try to kill you, so you have to be quick about solving them.
Most of the opponents you encounter can, and should be avoided (you own character doesn't carry a gun). In some cases you have to get through one, or several though. In those cases you can try to knock them out by hitting them, or you can try to disarm them and then use their gun against other opponents (until the gun runs out of ammo).
Now, with all the different movements your character can perform, controlling her is a bit of an issue. It takes a few levels of gameplay before you really feel comfortable with controls, but then it's a lot of fun, so don't let the difficulties you have at the beginning dissuade you.
Next up, Dawn of War 2: I can't really say all that much about that yet. RTS of course, looks a lot like the first one, with better graphics of course. Gameplay differs too. If I remember correctly, there're no base building aspect anymore.
Anyway, I've only played one level so far. Looks promising.
And finally, Endwar: I haven't quite finished buying this one yet, so I can't really say, other than that it's an RTS and that it's got "Tom Clancy" in its full title.
The idea of voice controlling your units sounds very promising of course, but then we all know the state voice control is in - I can't stop imagining getting a friendly female voice mid-game saying "Sorry, I couldn't quite understand you. Who do you wish to attack?"
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... So, yesterday was fun. Other than what I wrote in that friends-only entry, Chrischi was over. We did some stuff on the internet, played a few games of Ra3beta (my DSL line went dead in between though, so we didn't really finish any of those games.).

Red Alert 3 beta - first impressions ... )

Back to Saturday. Chrischi and me watched Batman Begins on DVD (good movie, it just irks me that the microwave emitter the bad guys steal boils water in a mile radius around it, yet doesn't do any harm to people ...). Then we got some food, and went to the cinema to watch The Dark Knight. I liked it. I don't agree that it's the best thing since sliced bread, but it was good entertainment. Might have to watch it in english at some point. Might be interesting.
Right. And that's about it for Saturday.

As to Sunday: Woke up, showered, went to work, got back home, wrote this, went to sleep. Fascinating, innit?

Work ...

Jan. 28th, 2008 12:55 am
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... Today Steffi and me watched Over the Hedge and Rise of the Silver Surfer.
In related news, we didn't have much to do at work today.
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Pink Floyd - Animals cover
Simpsons Movie DVD Promo
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... I biked to McDonald's today, and they refused service to me at the driveIn ... As it turns out, I can only get food there after midnight, when the "restaurant" itself is closed.
Oh well. I'm just sad that I'm kinda slow-witted. The McGuy said that they'd only serve me at the driveIn after midnight. If I had been any quicker, I would've said "Ok, I'll wait". I mean, I was blocking the driveIn and it was 11.30pm ...

Anyway, since I had to go in to get my cheeseburger, I also grabbed a copy of their free entertainment magazine. There's a Dungeon Siege movie. Now, I've never played the game(s?), and I don't really know what to think of the movie ... It's a computer game made into a movie (bad), and it's done by Uwe Boll (even worse). But it does have Jason Stratham and Ray Liotta, both of who I kinda like as actors.
Of course the article I'm reading here doesn't help, since it's written by those McDonald's entertainment magazine guys. I've been browsing through those mags in the past, and as far as I can tell, they never actually write anything negative about anything. Ever. It's pretty much advertising disguised as reviews.

Ooh, another positive review: Totoro DVD. Awwwwww (: I loved that movie.

Anyway, back to McDonald's food. When I was a kid, my mother always told me to wash my hands before lunch / dinner. I still do that today, of course.
But with McDonald's food, I always have a real bad urge to wash my hands after eating too ... o_O Quality food, eh?
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... Totoro ist so ein schöner Film!! ^_^
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... I watched my copy of The Dead Zone.
It's very, very scary. There's a scene that shows Christopher Walken smiling. I'll have nightmares of that ...

Anyway, the movie is pretty good in my opinion. Of course it doesn't really stand a chance against the book. Too many details left out.
But, good movie.

bike fixey

Oct. 12th, 2007 01:23 am
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My plan for Thursday was:

clean kitchen
wash clothes
clean / fix bike
more food

And I managed to do everything. As to my bike, I'd wanted to change to snow tires, which I did. I also wanted to put some oil on the bowden wires to make the gear levers work smoothly (with the winter coming up, it's better to have them oily instead of rusty from my experience) (btw, german speakers: did you know it's actually "Bowdenzug" and not "Bautenzug"? I didn't.). Anyway, one of them was seriously stuck (yeah, rust), and when I finally managed to get it a little loose I found that it's starting to break too. So I decided to get those replaced. I had to change the rear tire and reattach it, and once that was done I biked to the bike shop to get that done (I'm way too lazy to replace those wires myself. Doable, yes, but it'd sure take me hours, and it's such a hassle to set them just right for the levers to work properly). Anyway, I can collect my bike tomorrow in time to get to work with it. (The train drivers are on strike, so I really wouldn' know how to get to work if I hadn't my bike d;) ...

In the evening I ordered chinese food. I'm pretty sure they changed something about the ingredients for the sweet-sour sauce they use. My stomach doesn't disagree with it as much as it used to ...

I watched some of the Nightwish concert DVD. I like them more with each day. They must be Pink Floyd fans, which makes them even more likeable. Doing a cover of High Hopes live, and playing Phantom of the Opera (whose most prominent musical theme, as we all know, was blatantly stolen from Pink Floyd's Echoes ...). I'm looking forward to seeing them in concert. Of course, with a new singer, it's interesting to see how it'll turn out. Oh, and I'm going to demand my money back if they don't play Ghost Love Score. That's one really awesome song ...

I also watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I liked it a lot. It was fun watching someone discover they can go back in time, and then see what they actually do with this ability ...

What would you do if you could jump back in time?
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movie related questionnaire ... )

And I just noticed ... I lost my ticket for 1408. Well, not exactly lost, since I haven't thrown it out or anything. But I have no idea where it is ... ):
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On Wednesday I had a day off. Visited Chrischi. We had pizza, and watched lots of NCIS episodes.

On Thursday, I had another day off. Chrischi visited here, we went and watched Room 1408 at the movies (good movie imo btw). Then we went to play some pool. We also watched bits of the new Gilmour-DVD Chrischi got yesterday. I'm pretty sure that'll soon be one of my absolute favourite concert DVDs (mine's in the mail, should arrive today or tomorrow). Decent quality audio and video, very nice lights show. It seems to be everything I hoped the Pulse DVD to be. And, of course, they played Echoes on those shows. ECHOES! Whoa ...
Also, Thursday was my tattoo's 7th anniversary. Yay to that.

Today is yet another free day for me. I intend to buy food, iron some clothes, and spawn camp the Packstation for my Gilmour DVD ...
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Read errors while you're in the middle of watching a DVD.
So this is the first time I'm returning something to Amazon.
Let's see how that goes ...

[edit] I'm impressed by amazon's policy - they sent out a replacement before I even posted the broken DVD. And if my complaint is justified, they'll return the money I spent for posting it too ...


Aug. 28th, 2007 12:41 am
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After finally having completed my list of chores for today, I sat down in the evening to watch Paprika.
I really liked the art work, and the story was ok. I feel it could've been better though. Basically it's about ... )

Oh well, I'm not complaining. The movie was fun, and I'm pretty sure I'll have the main theme stuck in my head for days to come ...

whoa ...

Aug. 24th, 2007 12:29 am
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I just watched Pan's Labyrinth. Very very good movie. Very sad, cruel, dark. Also, very good soundtrack.

I had all lights off and the window slightly open while watching. So now I have this crawling around the room ... )

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... how exactly are Nevada, Ohio, Kentucky and Maine neighbouring Springfield?
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... I really like the crashed ambulance @ Springfield Gorge ...
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Memento was on TV just now.
And since it was on at a time most people have better things to do than watching TV, it was almost without ad breaks too.

I love that movie.

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