Dec. 3rd, 2010 08:09 pm
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Smart Wallets React To Spending By Shrinking

Mine would refuse to open, and crush the coins inside ...
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Datenleck bei Onlinehändler: Banken sperren Kreditkarten
Gestohlen wurden die Daten vermutlich bei einem deutschen Onlineshop, den die Banken auf Rückfrage von heise Security jedoch aus rechtlichen Gründen nicht nennen wollten.
Genau, weil es wichtiger ist, einen Onlineshop vor der Veröffentlichung einer solchen Peinlichkeit zu bewahren als die Kunden dieses Onlineshops vor einem finanziellen Nachteil zu schützen.
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Concerts I'd go see if I had the money ...

Ray Wilson
Deep Purple + Marillion
Van Canto
Long Distance Calling
Wishbone Ash
Skunk Anansie
Within Temptation

Oh well, at least I'm seeing Sylvan and Gazpacho. Gazpacho in particular is a top priority, since I haven't seen them before.
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Froogle is a useful service and all ... as long as you're searching for the cheapest way to obtain one product.

Doesn't help me much though. I've decided to buy:
- D-Link DIR-655 WLAN router
- D-Link DWA-556 PCIe adapter (because PCIe is the only free slot left in my PC)

So, I can do a froogle search for the router to find the cheapest place to buy it, but the adapter might be more expensive, or unavailable, in that shop. So I'd have to froogle the adapter to find a shop selling that one cheap.
Since I'd end up buying from two different shops I also pay twice for shipping. Worst case, I end up paying more than if I'd ordered from a shop that offers both, but at a higher price.
So, why is it that froogle doesn't let me search for multiple products and displays shops that have all of them, combined?

BTW, some shops offer those two D-Link products bundled, so I get sort of a proper result. But still, froogle should be able to do that IMO.

day off!

Jul. 17th, 2010 03:54 pm
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According to my time sheet, I've had 26 consecutive work days. Those include Saturdays and Sundays, which I call "almost a day off" because they're only 4 and 2 hours, respectively.

Anyway, since it's been a month since I took my wallet out of the vest I wear at work, I of course entirely forgot to take it with me for grocery shopping today. I only noticed when I tried to pay.

Oops, I guess.

Anyway, other than visiting the store twice today, I had breakfast, and then cleaned my place and washed some clothes. That's what I usually do on weekends. I'm mostly done now, so I guess the remainder of the day will be spent listening to music, watching some TV, and playing Fallout 3 which I re-installed a few days ago.

I've started using twitter btw. Does that mean I'm twitting, or twittering, now? Anyway, I'm @ http://twitter.com/inanedirk so please make me feel important and add me d;
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I've got a new Nzxt Sentry (the old one died, remember?) ... And I've put it up on eBay. Let's face it, it's a nice little toy to add to your computer, but you don't really actually need it do you?
It displays the current time, but turns itself off when the computer is powered down, so there's no point to it really, since I can just as well check the time via the task bar.
Also, it displays cpu and hdd temperatures. That gets boring after a while though, nothing much ever happens in that respect anyway. The CPU temp goes up to about 42°c max under full load. That's less than deadly for the CPU and if the fan ever died I'd surely notice.
After what happened to the last Sentry, I wouldn't hook up any fans to it anymore either.

So I'm selling it. Should be worth around 25€ since it's new and unused.
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Totoro was on TV a few days ago (yay for arte and their Hommage to Miyazaki).
So I got into the mood to watch some more anime today. Laputa and Paprika.
I also listened to some of the OSTs I've collected over the years. Wolf's Rain, Bebop, .hack, Noir, Trigun, etc.
And I've browsed amazon. It appears that Wolf's Rain is being sold for 15 uk pounds now. I guess that's about 20€, including shipping and german VAT? Anyway, I recall paying 200€ for the entire show a few years back. Disappointing. That show deserves to be more expensive IMO.
I ordered Madlax from the uk shop. The price went down from over 60 to around 17 uk pounds, and it's sort of the successor to Noir, so I'm pretty sure that's not wasted money.

Anyway. Work tomorrow, bed now. G'night.
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From the Porcupine Tree newsletter:
Anesthetize DVD
The long awaited DVD of the band’s performance in Tilburg is now ready in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. The tracklist for DVD/Blu Ray is as follows

1. Intro / 2. Fear of a Blank Planet /3. My Ashes / 4. Anesthetize / 5. Sentimental / 6.Way Out of Here / 7. Sleep Together / 8. What Happens Now? / 9. Normal / 10. Dark Matter/ Drown With Me / 12. Cheating the Polygraph / 13. Half-Light / 14. Sever / Wedding Nails / 16. Strip the Soul / Dot Three / 17. Sleep of No Dreaming / 18. Halo / Outro

Extras (on Blu-Ray only) 1. Way Out of Here (live film directed by Lasse Hoile) / 2. My Ashes (live film directed by Lasse Hoile) / 3. Wedding Nails (live film directed by Lasse Hoile) / 4. Strip the Soul / Dot Three (live film directed by Lasse Hoile).

Prodigal is the bonus track on the audio CDs.

Check out the pre-order page for more details.

You can take a look at the Anesthetize trailer here.
Yes yes YES! Whooo!
Dark Matter. They've got Dark Matter on it, I can't believe it. Can't wait can't wait can't wait.

The limited edition is limited to 2 copies per customer, I ordered two right away, didn't even check the price first. Pity I can't order a third one.
Trailer looks good too, a lot less of that graphical nonsense they did on the previous release (which Riverside then shamelessly copied for their DVD release) ...

*wanders off to find out how much blue ray dvd drives are these days*
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Have I mentioned I have to pay 240€ extra for electricity for the past three months?
Not happy.
I see the most potential for saving power in my computer which I kept running in "high performance" mode all the time, and never turned it off.
Internet says that current computers with their power management features are capable to go to sleep and then wake up when a recording in Media Center starts. I'm going to attempt that.

Btw, shows set to record: Simpsons, FlashForward (haven't seen this yet), In Treatment, Burn Notice, Rockpalast, c't tv, hitec, Castle.
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Ich verkaufe im Moment einige Bücher aus meiner Schul-/Studienzeit:

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of current English - Wörterbuch passend für Englisch-Leistungskurs
Meyberg, Vachenauer: Höhere Mathematik 1
Marshall McLuhan: Understanding Media Lesenswert. War wichtig für's erste Semester Medieninformatik
Bronstein, Semendjajew, Musiol und Mühlig: Taschenbuch der Mathematik Das Nachschlagewerk für Mathematik schlechthin.

Bitte kaufen! d;
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Preis bei Bestellung: EUR 64,95
Preis bei Versand: EUR 64,90
Günstigster Preis bis Erscheinungsdatum: EUR 64,90
Menge: 1
Gesamte Ersparnis: EUR 0,05
Also bekomm' ich quasi noch Geld raus!!
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Ich mußte eben in meinem e-Mail Postfach nach Bestell-Bestätigungen suchen, weil ich mich einfach nicht mehr erinnern konnte, ob ich diverse Bestellungen abgeschickt hatte oder nicht.
Hab ich, wie's scheint.
Firefly / Serenity (die Serie, auf DVD), 'ne neue Jeans, und 'n paar Schuhe ... Viel teuer zwar, aber brauche ich.
Na ja, bis auf die DVD Box, aber die ist vergleichsweise günstig (;

Und mein Foto hab ich auch bezahlt, bzw. angewiesen ...
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... um eine Quittung zu bitten.

Jedenfalls habe ich jetzt die Tage Post von meinem Internet Provider aus Lübeck erhalten. Ich möge doch bitte 50€ Abnutzungsgebühr für die bereitgestellten Geräte bezahlen.
Auf meine Rückfrage, ob die noch ganz bei Trost seien, bekam ich die Antwort dass ich die Geräte nach Kündigung des Vertrages nicht zurückgegeben habe.
Hab' ich aber.
Und was für ein Glück dass ich mit das schriftlich hab' geben lassen, dass ich die dagelassen hab'. Auf der Packung hatte ich sogar einen Klebezettel mit meiner Kundennummer hinterlaseen, und trotzdem haben die die verschlust.

Von der Hansestadt Lübeck hab' ich eine Zahlungsaufforderung erhalten, 103.50€ für zu schnell Fahren. Da kann ich mich leider nicht rauswinden. ):

Und in meinem Wohnzimmer ist gerade ein großer Wasserfleck an der Wand aufgetaucht. Das finde ich nicht schön ... ):

Oh noes!

Sep. 21st, 2009 03:44 pm
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I got mail today, apparently I have to pay back my student loans.

So according to the letter I have to return around 76€ until April 2010.
Guess it seems like a good thing now that I didn't actually get that much in loans back then d;
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Ahh fuck it.
I was going to be patient, but the I found (and pre-ordered) this.
I really wanted to get Chrischi into Doctor Who, but he won't watch anything in english. And I refuse to wait for series 3 and 4 to be released in german. After all, how long am I supposed to wait for that to happen? Another few years? It's not even certain they'll bother to do them at all, since the Doctor is nowhere to be found on german TV anyway.

Since I'm here anyway, I guess I could update.
The Incident was released Friday and is due for release across Europe on Monday. I've been listening to it nonstop for the past few weeks, and I love it. Can't wait to finally hold it in my hands. I've pre-ordered to limited edition a few months ago, I hope they're shipping soon.
I also finally got Fragments in the mail on Friday, which means it took 7 days to be delivered. I should've stayed with amazon.de I guess, I get their stuff within a day mostly.
Anyway, like it so far. Have only listened to it once or twice though, since I haven't had much time this weekend to just listen to music.
I've also got all the concert tickets for this year. There's about 4 events I decided not to go to. I have to teach myself not to go to each and every concert that I'd like to go to. That's just way too expensive.
Anyway, still 5 events coming up: 3x Porcupine Tree, Sylvan, and Riverside. That's as close to perfection as it gets for me. Well, another Riverside concert nearby would be nice, but other than that ...

So, what else is new?
As to work, nothing much. Still working every day, it's quite exhausting, especially the weekends. 12 hour work, followed by about 6 hours of sleep, followed by 15 hours of work.
And yet I'm sitting at the PC writing LJ instead of bed ... d;
I've been in Husum for a day last week, working there. The work atmosphere is very different from the current environment. I'm looking forward to start working there a lot.
I've visited my soon to be apartment too, but I think I might've mentioned that already in a previous entry.

Oh, I bought two games from amazon.de a few days ago: Mirror's Edge, and Prince of Persia. Two games well worth their money.
I also tried to 'demo' of Batman - Arkham Asylum. Don't like it much though. I very much doubt that I'll be getting that one ...
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Bertelsmann schreibt 333 Millionen Euro in roten Zahlen
Warum drucken die ihre Bilanzen nicht einfach auf einem Schwarz-Weiß-Drucker?
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Just got e-Mail from otto.de. Even though I ordered two copies of Win7, I'm only getting one. Good thing I did order from more than one place it turns out ...


Jul. 16th, 2009 11:54 am
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Aus irgendeinem Grund hat mir die Hansestadt Lübeck 15€ überwiesen, mit dem Vermerk UEBERZAHLG. BUssGELD.
Keine Ahnung warum. Ich weiß nicht mal mehr wann ich das letzte Mal überhaupt Bußgeld an die gezahlt hab o_O
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So, the 50€ preorder started on 09:02am at amazon.de
Predictably, I couldn't finish the order because their secure server went down.
On 09:12am I could get into the server again, only to be told that it's sold out.


[edit] Even though the preorder started at midnight on amazon.co.uk, there're still copies available there. Bit more pricey, but still a lot less than what they'll be selling it for on release. So I'm grabbing two copies from over there. One for me, one for Chrischi.
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I managed to cut myself on a piece of broken glass at work today. Nothing too bad I guess, the cut went a little deep though, and is about 3cm long. Coworker disinfected it and put a bandage on it, which I removed about 8 hours later only to find that it still bled a little. In fact, I just removed the second bandage I got and replaced it with a simple band aid which now has a red spot.
I made a picture but decided against posting it. It's a little yucky.

Anyway. In less red, and more happy news, my Reality Dream CD arrived today. The fact that I'm happily paying more than 100€ for a limited edition 2 CD set should tell you something about how awesome I think Riverside are. The downside of course is, that most of the money doesn't go to the band, instead staying with some guy who's ripping off fans by selling one of those limited edition CDs after the other, overpriced. On the other hand, that's the only chance I've got to get a hold of it at all, being sold out and all (they were limited to 1000 copies and were only sold during the tour late last year).

In yet more news, it appears that my move has been postponed and will most likely occur late this year, maybe even early next year. Our plan is to open a new office around mid-june, which Steffi will work at, while I'm staying at the current office for another 4-6 months before moving to the new office (I know I'm being a little vague here, but I intend to keep this entry public). Steffi also suggested that there might be a change in my contract coming up, but no definite plans there yet. We'll see about that ...

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